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Best Stocks to Buy Now for February 2022

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But for those who stay strong, history shows that quality outlier assets – the best of the best – usually recover and rise with time.

See, the best outlier stocks have 3 traits: strong fundamentals, great technicals, and a history of Big Money activity in the shares. Outlier stocks see a lot of Big Money buying. Oftentimes, that can be institutional activity. We’ll go over what that looks like in a bit.

At MAPsignals, we believe Big Money trading can alert you to the forward fundamental picture of a stock. And we want the odds on our side when looking for the highest quality stocks.

Using the MAPsignals database to evaluate thousands of stocks and filter for just the best (i.e., stable, profitable companies with low debt and growing sales), we identified five we see as long-term candidates. They are AMD, EPAM, MASI, RGEN, & TER.

Up first is Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD), which is a computer chip and graphics card maker.

Even though great stocks can be volatile, like AMD this year, these companies are worthy of attention. Check out AMD:

  • 1-month performance (-6.3%)

  • Historical Big Money signals

Just to show you what our Big Money signal looks like, have a look at the top buy signals AMD has made the past few years in the chart below. Blue bars are showing it was likely being bought by a Big Money player according to MAPsignals.

When you see a lot of them, like AMD did in 2019 and 2020 (when it was less than 1/2 its current price), I call it the stairway to heaven:


But, what about fundamentals? As you can see, AMD’s sales and earnings have been strong:

  • 1-year sales growth rate (+45.0%)

  • 3-year earnings growth rate (+405.6%)

Next up is EPAM Systems, Inc. (EPAM), which is a technology company focused on automation software.

Check out these technicals for EPAM:

  • 1-month performance (-17.9%)

  • Recent Big Money signals

Let’s look long-term. These are the top buy signals EPAM Systems has made since 2014. The Big Money seems to have found a gem:


Let’s dive deeper. As you can see, EPAM Systems has had rock-solid growth:

  • 3-year sales growth rate (+22.5%)

  • 3-year earnings growth rate (+83.2%)

Another name we like is Masimo Corporation (MASI), which provides noninvasive health monitoring and hospital automation solutions.

Strong candidates for growth usually have Big Money buying the shares. Masimo has that. Also, the stock has slid recently:

  • 1-month performance (-12.9%)

  • Historical Big Money signals

Below are the Big Money signals Masimo has made since 2016. That’s the JUICE!


Now let’s look under the hood. Masimo’s sales and earnings growth is impressive. I expect more in the coming years:

  • 3-year sales growth rate (+12.9%)

  • 3-year earnings growth rate (+21.3%)

Number four on the list is Repligen Corporation (RGEN), which develops processing technologies for biological drug manufacturing.

Here are the technicals important to me:

  • 1-month performance (-4.3%)

  • Historical Big Money signals

Below are the Big Money signals for RGEN since 2014:


Let’s examine a bit more. Repligen has been growing nicely:

  • 1-year sales growth rate (+35.5%)

  • 3-year earnings growth rate (+41.8%)

Our last growth candidate is Teradyne, Inc. (TER), which is a top semiconductor industry supplier.

Check out these technicals:

  • 1-month performance (-27.1%)

  • Historical Big Money signals

Teradyne is beaten down right now, but it’s still a high-quality stock, as it’s made the Top 20 report many times since 2016:


Now look under the hood. The company has been growing quite well:

  • 3-year sales growth rate (+21.3%)

  • 3-year earnings growth rate (+39.0%)

The Bottom Line

AMD, EPAM, MASI, RGEN, & TER represent top stocks to buy now for February 2022. Strong fundamentals and historical Big Money buy signals make these stocks worthy of extra attention, despite them being down recently (it could be a sale for long-term investors).

To learn more about MAPsignals’ Big Money process please visit:

Disclosure: the author holds long positions in TER in managed accounts.

Investment Research Disclaimer

This article was originally posted on FX Empire


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