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From the Armchair to Coffee Tables, New Outdoor Furniture is Structured Around Linearity

Isabella Prisco
·4 minuto per la lettura
Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Varaschin
Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Varaschin

From ELLE Decor

In the open air, geometry is an exact rule: furnishings presented this past year by leading brands in the outdoor sector revealed themselves as compositions of perfectly straight lines. Between parallels and perpendicular weaves, they are defined by sharply cut seats and backrests. While the tight weaving of mostly synthetic materials recalls the warp and weft of textiles, the arrangement of aluminum bars and beams references the construction of railings and balconies. The result comes as sculptural outdoor furnishings that remain light in volume, capable of moving into gardens and terraces like thin architectures to be lived and, of course, to use in both residential and contract spaces.

Roda - Thea

Photo credit: Andrea Ferrari
Photo credit: Andrea Ferrari

“Our vision for the Thea collection was to create inviting, contemporary outdoor seating inspired by lines and shapes found in nature. The result offers plush, cocoon-like comfort within a sleek aluminum frame.” It’s with this that Adam D. Tihany presents the Thea Lounge collection designed for Roda, a family of furnishings with a vocation for contract environments that’s also perfect for open-air residences. The piece owes its name to the Calathea, a plant in South America noted for its beauty and distinctly streaked leaves.

Varaschin - Emma Cross

Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Varaschin
Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Varaschin

The new Emma Cross armchairs by Varaschin unite a light and refined design with the relaxing pleasantness of a piece conceived to live outdoors in complete comfort. Designed by Monica Armani, the collection is inspired by the corolla of a flower and the collar of a shirt: the hand weaving uses a band of special padded acrylic tape, embellished by an elegant central embroidery placed over the lining, creating a dynamic effect of textures and colors.

Talenti - Argo

Photo credit: Giordano Mocchegiani
Photo credit: Giordano Mocchegiani

The Argo collection, designed by studio Ps+a Palomba Serafini Associati for Talenti, was born with the intent to embellish outdoor spaces with sober and refined forms, supported by innovative materials capable of standing up to the elements. Its name is linked to the mythological wooden boat that led Jason and the Argonauts between the Greek Islands in search of the legendary gold fleece. Born from the weaving of diverse techniques, it pairs artisanal woodworking with aluminum and textiles.

Ethimo - Venexia

Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Ethimo
Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Ethimo

“The elegance of the urban furniture of the late nineteenth century relives in a project that combines timeless charm and modern functionality.” This is the Venexia collection, the latest from Ethimo designed by Luca Nichetto. To distinguish the family of furnishings conceived by the Venetian designer is the particular structure in aluminum that visually recalls antique railings. Marking the sofa and armchair, it envelops the generous rounded forms of the seat, welcoming plush waterproof cushions realized in recycled materials.

Living Divani - Islands Low Table

Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Living Divani
Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Living Divani

Known for fusing the past with the contemporary, and industry with craftsmanship, American designer Stephen Burks re-examines a project for Living Divani presented in 2019, giving life to the new family of Islands Low Tables, available for both indoors and outdoors. The top, whose outdoor version is realized in Purenit, rests on a perimeter of pirouetting slats, transforming the side table into a practical container.

Potocco - Ola

Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Potocco
Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Potocco

Presented for the first time in 2019, the Ola family of furnishings for outdoors is expanded with a lounge chair, two-seat sofa, and stools. The Potocco collection by RadiceOrlandini is linked to imagery of the sea, and particularly to waves: organic and sinuous forms weave through the space to create light and shadows reinterpreted in the enveloping backrest of the seats. Woven by hand in Fly bands, it folds in three dimensions to welcome the body and guarantee perfect comfort.

Emu - Cannolè

Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Emu
Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Emu

The Cannolè seating system, designed by Anton Cristell and Emanuel Gargano for Emu, features an entirely welded structure composed of galvanized steel tubes. The overarching leitmotif of the collection then is a particular design that punctuates the chair in a series of thin parallel beams. The structure of the modular sofas (pictured in opening) and of the relaxing chair welcome a series of cushions realized in polyurethane rubber, to which a layer of polyester fiber resin is added, all wrapped up in an internal waterproof polyamide pillowcase.

Nardi - Sipario

Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Nardi
Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Nardi

Distinguished by an elegant, large mesh design, Sipario is the new partition for outdoor atmospheres in recycled and recyclable plastic from Nardi. Designed by Raffaello Galiotto, it can be accessorized with self-watering flower vases, and comes as a modular system that, depending on the position of its single elements, gives body to diverse configurations and optical effects. Presented by the company as a second project born from the internal industrial program Regeneration, Sipario is the result of a process of reusing and recycling plastic.