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New Cordless Lamps Shine Both Indoors and Out, Bringing Light Wherever They Go

Isabella Prisco
·4 minuto per la lettura
Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Santa & Cole
Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Santa & Cole

From ELLE Decor

Without cords, they know no bounds: the newest nomadic lamps liberate light wherever they travel, illuminating both desks and outdoor spaces alike. The frontier of mobile models — a focus in the world of lighting design for some years now — continues to entice creatives with a series of interesting additions allowing us to explore numerous technical and aesthetic possibilities. Cordless, or void of cables and no longer tied to traditional electrical outlets, these models are versatile and often considered for outdoor spaces thanks to batteries and the latest LED. Defined by compact forms and light volumes, they’re studied to be easily transported, just like the old oil models, which are moved by hand with hooks and handles. From designs that trace the profiles of small metropolitan lamps to models that look to Chinese lanterns, the newest additions are a perfect combination between creativity and efficiency. Let’s take a closer look.

Matter.Made - Arca Portable

Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Matter.Made
Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Matter.Made

Designed by Philippe Malouin for Matter.Made, the Arca line is enriched with a new nomadic articulation. Arca Portable is equipped with a lithium battery offering from 6 to 30 hours of use, depending on the four settings used: night, atmosphere, reading or activity. Ready to travel, the stem can be dismantled and holds a small sphere in opal glass with an LED light.

Martinelli Luce - Boleto

Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Martinelli Luce
Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Martinelli Luce

Essential, light and, most importantly, cordless. This is Boleto, a table lamp designed by Emiliana Martinelli for Martinelli Luce. With a rechargeable battery, the indoor version of the similar outdoor solution is distinguished by its compact dimensions — the luminous body, which recalls a small mushroom, rises above a sleek and slender stem. Studied especially for restaurants, it flaunts a structure in aluminum painted in white, black and corten.

Stellar Works - Mūn Lighting

Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Oeo Studio
Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Oeo Studio

Mūn Lighting Collection, the family of lamps signed off by Oeo Studio for Stellar Works, combines the sensibility of Asian design with a timeless aesthetic as the synthesis of form and function. Inspired by analog technologies and the poetry of rituals, the studio founded in Copenhagen in 2003 by Thomas Lykke and Anne-Marie Buemann has designed a colorful collection inspired by the traditional Japanese name for “moon”, including a table lamp, two floor lamps and a rechargeable lantern that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Artemide - Bontà

Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Artemide
Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Artemide

“It reveals its secrets when you bring it to the table – you see the magic of this lamp when it combines with food.” These are the words of Davide Oldani, the renowned chef who, together with Artemide, has conceived of Bontà, a portable lamp that interacts with elements at the table. Its body in white opaline glass diffuses the light to create a soft atmosphere while welcoming a small glass bowl above to hold small additions to the meal. “Simplicity is at the heart of my philosophy when it comes to setting a table. This lamp isn’t a decorative element. Instead, it reveals its multiple functions through use: it creates an atmosphere, supports and enhances food and can be combined with various types of containers.”

Marset - Chispa

Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Marset
Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Marset

Thriving both outdoors and indoors, Chispa is a new portable lamp designed by Joan Gaspar for Marset that’s rechargeable and cordless. Inspired by garage lighting, it offers three adjustable intensities. Warm and enveloping, it’s available in orange, blue, green, and a special version in black with copper details designed in collaboration with the CUPRA car brand. Chispa evokes creativity and ingenuity, the spark of light and combustion.

Santa & Cole - Cestita Alubat

Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Santa & Cole
Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Santa & Cole

Cestita Alubat is the latest addition to the Cesta family of lamps, a collection designed by Miguel Milá and born in 1962 from Santa & Cole (also pictured in opening). 2020, however, has brought to life this original in&out light: a light structure in aluminum encasing the light source like a plastic balloon. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, it’s distinguished for a marked sobriety flaunting three light intensities — full, standard or low — making this the perfect partner for outdoor adventures or relaxation at home.

Lodes - Easy Peasy

Photo credit: Studio Italia Design
Photo credit: Studio Italia Design

With a sculptural line recalling the forms of a bell, Easy Peasy is the new set of portable and rechargeable table lamps designed by Luca Nichetto for the Venetian company Lodes. Composed of two rounded elements — a body and a knob — it’s realized in blown glass and metal, and made available in four different color combinations (Chestnut, Flamingo, Lagoon and Kelp). On the upper part, a rounded knob stand out, allowing the lamp to be turned off and on or to dim the intensity and warmth of the light.