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The New Form of Light Is a Luminous Line

Isabella Prisco
·4 minuto per la lettura
Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Davide Groppi
Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Davide Groppi

From ELLE Decor

With the evocative and functional power of light, even a simple line can define the space around it with bold character. Standing out in the residential realm as a thin and subtle graphic gesture, new lamps from industry leaders demonstrate the infinite expressive possibilities of subtlety. Light and airy, luminous solutions make their mark with a notably reduced thickness, entering homes and offices to great effect. Articulated especially as floor lamps, the latest models marry well with small spaces in the name of verticality: resting on contained bases and occasionally nested in the walls, thin lights exploit the orthogonal dimension, falling straight to the floor or pushing up towards the ceiling.

Axolight - Float

Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Axolight
Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Axolight

As a table, floor, wall, or suspension light, the versatility of the battery powered Float lamp by Axolight rotates around the thin design of its support. Designed for various uses and functional both indoors and outdoors, the enlightened solution created by Mario Alessiani is realized in aluminum and steel. Equipped with a soft touch system for turning on and regulating the light, Float is chargeable with a normal USB charger.

Foscarini - Twiggy Wood

Photo credit: Massimo Gardone studio Azimut
Photo credit: Massimo Gardone studio Azimut

Known for its light and arched line, Twiggy by Foscarini renews itself by rereading tradition with a daring approach: for its 15th anniversary, the lamp designed by Marc Sadler earns itself a singular pair of two different materials, lending the piece a new, unique character. The diffusor in oak is combined with a flexible stem in carbon fiber, marking the horizon occupied by a thin, supple line. Along with an aesthetic renewal, there’s also a decisive technical update. With Twiggy Wood, the light group — which houses a new LED board specially designed by the company — was redesigned in a completely closed single body with reduced height to allow for a greater reflection of light, exalting the inside of the lampshade.

Davide Groppi - Origine

Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Davide Groppi
Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Davide Groppi

“For the first time in our history, we have imagined a light that is able to evoke life. A sweet, embracing light, that starts from the ground and reaches the sky.” It’s Origine, a delicate floor lamp designed by Davided Groppi and Giorgio Rava. Available also in an outdoor version, it sculpts and highlights any space with an indirect light that’s deliberately non-invasive, graphic and fascinating.

Catellani&Smith - U. F Up

Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Catellani & Smith
Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Catellani & Smith

U. F UP is a floor lamp with simple, almost essential forms. Presented this year by Catellani&Smith, it’s distinguished by a semi-cylindrical screen whose interior is covered with gold leaf, housing the light source. It’s there that something magic happens: the silhouette of a dancing figure appears at the center of the “U”, giving form and name to the piece. The profile in steel is equipped with a magnet inside, allowing it to be moved across the metallic sheet inside the screen.

Vibia - Flat

Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Vibia
Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Vibia

Ichiro Iwasaki signs off on the Flat family of lamps for Vibia. Subtle in both identity and form, the floor lamp welcomes a series of functions in which material and light are fused in a single object: the Japanese designer has in fact presented various planes of light, which as they ascend, are transformed in self-illuminating supports. Available in two versions, either big or small, with one or two flat surfaces, this floor lamp reveals itself to be a pragmatic and poetic surface and light.

Midj - Japan

Photo credit: Emanuele Tortora
Photo credit: Emanuele Tortora

Midj makes its entrance into the world of accessories with four collections of lamps for the home and office. Japan is the result of a collaboration between Davide Bozzini, of Opaca Lab, and Nicola Tonin, of Tosca Design. Contemporary finishes and linear forms are the expression of a concept linked to the culture of Japan, stripping everything superfluous to arrive at an essential light. The Oriental imaginary is represented in a steel lampshade recalling the conical form of the traditional straw hat, while the chrome stem recalls the hair pins used by women to tie their hair.

Panzeri - Kips

Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Panzeri
Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Panzeri

A line of light stretching just 6 millimeters wide is the luminous trail left by Kips, a piece designed by Enzo Panzeri and studied for installation in plasterboard walls and ceiling panels. The ultra-thin recessed aluminum profile housing an LED strip in white opaque silicone offers the possibility to realize multiple compositions. Combining linear and curved modules, continuous configurations can be creatively integrated in any interior design project.