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Sharp or Round? A Head to Head Challenge Between End Tables Is an Unresolved Bet Between Opposing Geometries

Isabella Prisco
·2 minuto per la lettura
Photo credit: Andrea Ferrari
Photo credit: Andrea Ferrari

From ELLE Decor

Used as simple surfaces and containers for small objects, end tables present new surprises each year with their expressive evolutions. With sharp shapes designed for compact atmospheres, they recount the infinite possibilities of new geometries. While dining tables and large upholstered seats enjoy the asymmetric principles of irregularity, smaller accents focus their energy on precise accuracy. Perfect cubes and cylinders reveal solids traced by designers outlining straight lines, finely joined at the angles, and continuous circumferences that evolve without beginning or end. The result unites the refinement of volumes to that of their materials, all without forgetting a necessary pragmatism. For a closer look, we examine two recent models in a head to head comparison: the new Plissè nightstand by Baxter and the original family of Solid tables by Minotti.

Photo credit: Andrea Ferrari
Photo credit: Andrea Ferrari

A more minute articulation of the already famous sideboard, the Plissè nightstand from Baxter reinterprets the soft forms of the design presented in 2017 by Draga & Aurel in a new geometric, yet perfectly round representation. The side table conceived mainly for the bedroom is a mini monolith with circular lines creating order and organization. The designer couple of Draga Obradovic and Aurel K. Basedow present this original piece to flank the bed with a frontal drawer and door clad in leather, embellished with handles and a base in hand-brushed burnished metal. The top, meanwhile, comes in a back-lacquered black glass, with interiors hiding an added shelf in extra-light smoked glass.

Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Minotti
Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Minotti

Sculptural and full just like a parallelepiped, Solid by Minotti is the perfect example of a dense and compact geometry. Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, the collection of small tables expresses all the rigor of straight and sharp lines. Revealing great versatility through the essentiality of their forms, squared elements with a cubist inspiration enrich both residences and hospitality spaces with a decisive and bold personality. Variations that make up the new family of furnishings presented by the brand in 2020 also reserve multiple occasions for use: the different units can be be paired alongside a dining table as extra seating or annexed surface space, not to mention as containers when flanking the bed as a traditional nightstand.

Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Minotti
Photo credit: Courtesy Photo Minotti