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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (005930.KS)

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    $005930.KS conversation
    interesting short video about virtual reality systems:
    60 Seconds: 2016 - Start Of The Cyber Age?
    With the launch of fully functioning Virtual Reality systems these days, 2016 might become “year zero” of the “Cyber Age”. We will have a quick look at the V...
  • K
    Kahoona Mon!
    $005930.KS conversation
    Never buy Samdung...
  • N
    No Short
    Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
    exploding profits for exploding POS phone amazing....
  • b
    S8 sales will help, just don't need another battery problem. If it goes well, Samsung should get its customers back (Those who got burned by the recall or the phone) who had to get a non Samsung phone after that note 7 problem. For Samsung, LG, Apple, and Google it should be a great year for phones and stock.
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    Big Mama
    $005930.KS conversation
    TV sales will fall by 30% to 40% in the coming months in US. Also TV price competition will bring down the prices of 4K TV's 55 inches to higher in to a reasonable range and possible down by 30% to 60% from the current valuations.