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    $GLNCY conversation
    Regarding our limited sanctions on Russia, we are being lied to by our government and our complicit and/or incompetent media. Americans have been taught over and over again, until they finally just believed it, that Russia is no more than "a gas station masquerading as a country" (John McCain). Over and over again, we are fed that lie. We are incessantly told that all Russia produces is oil and gas.

    In the current environment where governments all over the world are being pressured to sanction Russia, this old lie has become very convenient here in the United States. It allows the administration and Congress to act as if they are already doing everything they possibly can with the energy sanctions. Our government and the complicit and/or incompetent media conveniently don't tell the public that Russia is a commodity powerhouse producing many, many commodities other than oil that make the world go around and even feed people. When you add up all the non-energy commodities Russia exports, they all add up to a massive amount (if not quite as large as the energy exports, they are not all that far behind). But our government doesn't want us to know about that. They would prefer that we believe they are already doing everything they possibly can. Well guess what? They aren't. What they could certainly be doing is sanctioning all Russian commodities, not just energy.

    Of course, our government doesn't want to do that because of the horrible economic shock it would have on our country, perhaps making the re-election of many currently in power seem a little less likely. The only reason the U.S. could so easily sanction Russian energy is because we hardly ever imported much of the stuff. It was a drop in the bucket. But the fact is that Russia is also a major global exporter of wheat, fertilizer, nickel, aluminum, copper, steel, platinum group metals (especially palladium -- 40% comes from Russia), cobalt, vanadium, and many, many other things necessary for industry (including U.S. industry). If and when the media ever become more informed and/or less complicit, perhaps they will finally tell a largely uninformed public that there is a whole whole lot more we could be sanctioning. And considering the recent atrocities displayed all over our television channels, perhaps once Americans find out that our government has hardly done anything sanctions so far compared to what they could or should be doing... perhaps then they might just pressure our government to do a whole lot more.

    Below are just a few of the many stocks that would rally hard if sanctions on Russian commodities ever expand from just oil and gas:

    $GLNCY (copper, nickel, cobalt, zinc, lead, coal) $NHYDY (low-carbon, hydropower-produced aluminum) $SQM (fertilizer, iodine, lithium) $PALL (physical palladium ETF) $SMMYY (nickel, cobalt) $AA (aluminum) $FCX (copper) $MOS (fertilizer)
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    $NHYDY conversation
    Did anybody catch that Fast Money segment today on aluminum and Tesla, in particular? It was about Tesla having to stick for now with its Russian supplier (Rusal) of aluminum and Elon Musk's personal challenge for a duel with Vladimir Putin. The segment's focus was the difficulty Tesla and automakers in general are having sourcing enough base metals like aluminum and nickel outside of Russia, which of course is a major producing country of those base metals.

    I found it ridiculous when Melissa was searching around the panel for how to play this story with a trade and Guy and the others were concentrating on what levels (or not) to buy Tesla at instead of even mentioning the glaringly obvious play here: BUY THE NON-RUSSIAN GLOBAL BASE METAL SUPPLY! Indeed, I though it was fairly awful and quite shocking that the panel did not take this obvious opportunity to make the bullish case for base metal mining stocks outside of Russia. Especially when they were down across the board today even more than the automakers and can be bought at steep discounts here compared to just last week. Especially disappointing was Guy who is an Alcoa bull but only seems to want to make the call for it after it is already run up on any given day or week. Alcoa is down currently I believe 15% from when Guy told people to buy it just a week ago. And he doesn't even bother to mention it during this very aluminum-specific segment today???? What a total clown.

    At least the guest analyst during the segment mentioned how Norsk Hydro of Norway is supplying automakers with aluminum. (Norsk Hydro is the Norwegian major global aluminum producer that uses its wholly-owned hydroelectric power plants for the power to produce its low-carbon aluminum). Also, Karen did matter-of-factly speculate that maybe Glencore (major global producer of nickel, copper, cobalt, and other metals) could possibly come to the rescue of one or more of these automakers... It was nice that that Norsk Hydro and Glencore were at least mentioned in the segment, especially considering that they happen to be my top two favorites in the base metal space.

    But again, it was extremely disappointing that not Guy or anyone else in the segment made the obvious case for Alcoa, the domestic and global major aluminum company that I happen to also be very bullish on and hold a sizeable position in. Especially when you can get it this afternoon at such a nice discount from when Guy pitched it just a week ago! And especially when the very subject of the entire segment was aluminum. Just ridiculous!

    I will try to post the link to the segment in the comments below...

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    $CPE conversation
    is it time to sell and invest in $AA

    moving from oil to metals?
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    $GLNCY conversation
    Copper, nickel, zinc, and lead are all sitting at all-time or at least decade+ highs and are rising almost daily. Nickel has been making especially large moves each day on the Russia crisis (Russia is a major producer). Iron is poised to start rallying again (and has already started doing so) upon the closing of the Olympics and the resumption of steel production in China. And as for coal, any global mining companies lucky enough not to have sold off their coal assets have been raking in cash hand over fist on these historic prices this winter. The Russia (energy) crisis only makes the bullish case for coal even more compelling. Glencore is a major global producer of all the above commodities. The flatness of its stock price over recent days, in my humble opinion, is an oversight by the market which cannot last for long. There is no reason whatsoever why the stock shouldn't promptly catch up to the moves in the underlying commodities.

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    Investor Racing
    Alcoa Corporation
    $AA $ 50/55 per share
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    $AA conversation
    $AA hold the line, profit taking coming!
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    $CPE conversation
    I am an optimist. I am looking at a total loss of a 55 Oct 15 Call if there is not a quick total rally. I am down 90% on this one. So I just Sold a 42 Put for the same expiration. It worked for $AA and I made 10$ from what would have been a 100% loss. The premium offsets the expected loss. We will see. The worst outcome is I keep the premium (Wash on the options) and I have 100 CPE shares @42.
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    narendra m
    $AA conversation
    $AA today also it went down without much negative news before earnings. It went to bottom of 28.16 and bounced back. Wait for regular market and watch tomorrow.. Should cross $31
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    $NOK conversation
    A very simple explanation regarding brokerage houses.

    1. free trades = more trades roll in and out of positions.
    2. trading on apps via cell phones. this is the ultimate betting app.
    3. clearing trades. clearing houses must increase capital requirements, more volume = more cash needed.
    4. changing margin requirements.......eliminates (helps) a whole bunch of under water margin calls.
    5. traders are trading stock prices, not fundamentals like valuations (funny)

    when a company like $nok traded well over a billion shares several times, it just takes some time to re group, but they will get it fixed.........and some folks will get hurt.
    none of this is new, just look at year 1999....rinse and repeat.
    $gme $aa $bb $koss
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    $AA conversation
    The new Finance page is bad
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    $AA conversation
    Anyone else hates the new Yahoo finance site or is it just me?
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    $AA conversation
    $AA 5-star analyst Curt Woodworth from Credit Suisse maintained a Buy on Alcoa.
    Price Target $13.00
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    $AA conversation
    1 for 3 reverse split in the making prior to the split. Will have no effect on the market cap. This should be BAD news for the
    shorts. Float will be drastically reduced. Should enhance shareholder value. All very interesting and made possible by the
    briilliant Klaus K.
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    $AA conversation
    Added more shares this morning. Reverse split will be positive for stock. Then split on November 1 will be a further boost.
    Looks like Wall Street is finally waking up to this. Stock reacting positively.
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    Mr. Handsome
    $AA conversation
    Can someone explian why Alcoa wants to do a 3 for 1 reverse split of the stock? To me, that makes little sense other than to reduce the number of shares out. Does that really help the bottom line and appreciation of the stock? I dont think so. I held on to citi shares in 2008/09 when the biggest CEO idiot ever , pandit took control of citi and did a 10 for 1 reverse split. The stock languished for almost 8 years and still have not recovered. I hope this does not happen to Alcoa.
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    $AA conversation
    Just got billed $20 in my Scottrade account for this reverse split. Reorganization fee charge. Anyone else? How about other brokerage firms?
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    $AA conversation
    I speak for me when I say Arconic is cheap now. wait until they report next earning. I maybe too optimistic here but it has to happen or the CEO will be in trouble. Next earning will tell the tail.
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    $AA conversation
    11/17 Wolfe Research initiates coverage of $AA Alcoa - Aluminum Company of America with an Outperform rating and 63$ a share.
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    $AA conversation
    What happened to the AA dividend?
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    $AA conversation
    Count me in as another that absolutely dislikes this new format. Go back to the way it was. Please