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Apple Inc. (AAPL)

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    Considering warren buffets portfolio is half of $AAPL we can all sleep in peace holding this gem
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    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    Bloomberg has reported that the digital environment is going to grow to 800 million by 2025 and will multiply to 2.5 trillion by 2030. With that in mind, it's no surprise that companies, especially the tech-savvy ones, are seeing value in the metaverse. $AAPL $WIMI
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    $MSFT conversation
    Next up is $AAPL, then I'll shut off the computer for a quarter and drink whisky.
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    In $AAPL we trust
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    $AAPL conversation
    $AAPL super bullish on this
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    ToughBuilt Industries, Inc.
    The squeeze is on, we're at bottom. Bulls are about to take this and run. Let's roll. $nsav fam $hcmc $mmex $sponf $aapl $msft $tsla $low
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    $RIVN conversation
    Expecting more shorts toast covering before the weekend $RIVN $AMZN $GOOGL $AAPL
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    $MSFT conversation
    MSFT and $AAPL are valued and disciplined stocks!
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    Apple Inc.
    To $AAPL critics: What recession?
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    Tom Collie
    I am extremely fond of this stock.

    For example, it has produced higher ROIC than $ORLY $AAPL $MSFT $GOOG $AMZN $NVR for the last 5 consecutive years.

    This firm is worth a minimum of $3,500. EPS growth is completely non-linear at this point. The earnings power of $AZO is spectacular given its robust FCF and desire to consolidate ownership.

    The leverage at play is extraordinary. I am pleased with $AZO’s willingness to go hard on the buyback when the price is right.
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    U.S. Dollar so strong Forex headwinds gonna be tough $AAPL $MSFT. Forward PE’s 25+. Too much current debt and long term debt
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    After $AAPL an unexpected beat, market sentiment will flip 👀
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    $AAPL conversation
    $AAPL looking good !!
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    $WIMI conversation
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    $QQQ conversation
    News: Schumer's office says he plans to hold vote on big tech antitrust bill
    ....anti-trust legislation against big tech players
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    $WIMI conversation
    huge upside potential here. Follow the longs.
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    $XOM conversation
    Hey Sleepy Joe...
    So, it's okay for $AAPL to make $20B profit a quarter, but not okay for XOM to make $16B this quarter? The party of hypocrisy!
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    Venus Acquisition Corporation
    $AAPL $VENA $TSLA higher highs and higher lows on the daily keep it going , this is the way
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    Apple Inc.
    Don't rush to react. $AAPL $VENA
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    $AAPL conversation
    $AAPL - I'm out
    Today will be the end of run-up for AAPL.
    It had been a good up week.
    Good luck to staying longer but watchoooout.