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    $M conversation
    There is a foot traffic "mall" like retailer that 100% relies on the traveler, both business and tourism. $DUFRY.

    Few businesses are as correlated with the travel industry as Dufry, a travel retail company that runs duty-free shops in airports and owns the Hudson chain of convenience stores inside travel hubs. Shares of Dufry, which is based in Switzerland, are still down 33% from a year ago, even as the company has made a number of moves that should prepare it to capitalize on a recovery. Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba took a 6% stake in the company last year and formed a joint-venture with Dufry. The deal will allow Dufry to develop a travel retail business in China, which has become the world's fastest-growing travel market.
    $spy $aapl $ccl $aal $ual $gme
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    $CRM conversation
    In my opinion this sell off in FAANG and other big tech has overshoot to the downside. The 10-Yr Bond is still very low despite the fact it came up a lot % wise. It's up from 0.5, which is very very low.
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    $AAPL conversation
    "Not taking risks is the biggest risk in market". So don't get panicked after this volatility in $aapl price. Stay long!!!!!!!!!
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    SNOOPY the Great!
    $NIO conversation
    I bought some $ABNB today before the ER and surprised that numbers came in strong with great guidance. Bought 50 shares at $185. It maybe a shift from big tech like $aapl and $amzn. BUt NIO and $tsla is for long.
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    Stimulus package is about to pass!!!

    Vaccines by J&J is a big winner...

    Surge in Spring Break getaways...

    A ton of pilots haves been called back to duties...

    TravelWar is among us...


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    Excellent opportunity to buy tech stocks
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    I believe $AAPL is worth $250 +

    Folks, it’s all free cash flow derived from operating income. It’s not asset sales, it’s not unrealized marked-to-market gains on the balance sheet, it’s not bolt-on acquisitions; it’s a high margin, free-cash-flow-generating machine with exceptional governance.

    The cash flow statement tells you everything you need to know. Shout out to the folks that appreciate the perfection of the business vs. the appreciation of the share price.
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    It’s all up hill from here to December... Fast recovery is the name of the game... Airlines are the most essential industry in the entire world... Airlines are the backbone of the entertainment industry... Airlines are ten times cleaner than your car... Traffic gridlock will be a nightmare... Virus is being contained... Testing availability is everywhere... People are demanding to get out and travel... The TravelWar is amongst us..........


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    $AAPL conversation
    15 minutes before the close, I sold April covered calls in QS and used to money to buy calls in $AAPL, $MSFT, $CRM, $DIS on the weekly in case we get a reversal tomorrow. Little play for fun with free cash from the covered call.
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    $PLTR conversation
    Most of the stocks today fallen by 5-15% today including $tsla $amzn and $aapl. So no worries, it is going to go back to $30 when the market turn to normal. Take a break...
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    $TSLA conversation
    $AAPL announced building EV with Foxconn/Fisker - EV w Siri will be much better than $TSLA's model cars.
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    Great day to pick up some more BABA and $AAPL! Many others on sale but I’m liking those 2 today - I did complete the BABA trade but hoping AAPL comes down to $125 first!!
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    I’m pretty new to investing. I usually put $150 a week in. Should I buy a few shares of this, or buy something like $AAPL since their stock is pretty cheap right now + they will have some events coming up in March/June
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    In my opinion, $TSLA will be bigger than $AAPL in less than 10 years.
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    Alex Mountain
    I think, soon $AAPL price will be reach to 182$! I’m in long too!
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    Fisker Inc.
    $FSR + Foxconn + $AAPL = Winners 🏆
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    $AAPL conversation
    25 FEBRUARY 2021
    Ark invest sold $AAPL $BABA $SNAP $AMZN $CRM
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    Samsung’s phone hardware is clearly superior to that of iPhones. However, I still prefer iPhones over Android devices because I just cannot trust an OS developed by $GOOG. Long term — $AAPL stock may rise in 2021.
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    $ROKU conversation
    Yep, that vast international market has not been tapped...not even a bit. The ad based TV programming and streaming should be very attractive and a huge revenue generator for $ROKU $TSLA $QQQ $AAPL $NFLX $MSFT