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Adobe Inc. (ADBE)

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  • J
    $WIMI conversation
    Patience is a virtue. And the key to be rich too! $WIMI $ADBE $BA
  • T
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    Dont worry folks. These prices are a gift. Enjoy the cheap shares while they last,you wish you didnt sell $WIMI $ADBE
  • T
    $BIGC conversation
    One of the talking heads on CNBC mentioned that $ADBE may acquire $SHOP should it continue to fall further.

    Why would they do that when Big Commerce is a much better alternative at less than 1/20th the cost? Furthermore, Adobe doesn't care for the small-time merchants Shopify has.

  • S
    Adobe Inc.
    What is going on. When will it return. $ADBE $SQ $WIMI
  • J
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    I was hoping to see some gains today $WIMI $SHOP $ADBE
  • E
    Eagle One
    $AMD conversation
    I would like to pose a question to true long investors - apart from AMD which other stock is currently as close and powerful, past and present holding?

    I had $SHOP (Bought @ $95 three years ago, sold @ $625 this April) and currently own $ADBE (Bought @$132 - three years ago).
  • C
    $ADBE wait for the good news when they do a buyback and stock split possibly
  • J
    $ADBE conversation
    Not sure why JPMorgan downgrade just before the earning release of $ADBE from Overweight to Neutral :(
  • C
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    $ADBE $WIMI $CRWD hedgies your problem will never go away! we will hodl longer than you can afford too!
  • J
    $ADBE conversation
    Same happened recently for $DOCU after earnings next day it was up more than $30. Hope the same will happen tomorrow with $ADBE
  • N
    I called the bottom of the 2008-9 financial crisis the day after it happened. I’ll tentatively call this one, the selloff is over. Almost all signs point north now. Unlike 2009, though, we do have some big problems brewing (indictments, impeachment), but it was trade that was really scaring the markets and things are now looking very good on that front. Trump just has to make nice now that he’s won, rather than gloat. Kind comments toward president Xi, etc, about a constructive trade relationship, will cement this rally.
    I’m betting on big gains.
  • M
    It’s aall about the stock making HIGHER HIGHS SND LOWER LOWS...
    And that what $AMD ‘s chart displays !

    Aside from $AMD gaining traction in many areas and paying Down debt at quite a nice pace ... all looks good with $AMD moving FWD, into the MARCH CONF. and it’s upcoming EPS...

    It reminds me of buying $ADBE around 290$ - SUMMER 2019- , a month prior to its EPS 2019, which were disappoint...
    watched my CALL options hit 0.20$ , when $ADBE , was around 270$....around THANKSGIVING 2019....
    And... with a chart of higher highs n lower lows and momentum building ... just 3 months $ADBE is now at all time highs, after a return to positive EPS and guidance and positive catalysts going FWD...

  • B
    Boba Fett
    $ADBE $MSFT $AAPL $GOOG you can never go wrong with these stocks, don’t mind the short term turbulence, buy the dip and thank me later.
  • J
    $AMZN conversation
    Finally people start to realize $AMZN $MSFT $ADBE are undervalued
  • D
    $DMRC conversation
    Anyone here think that any of the usually rumored strategic partners that are desperate for new revenue streams might be eyeing $DMRC? How about $ADBE after the hit they took Wednesday??? I'd rather avoid a strategic at this point if it's not necessary, but certainly understand it might be the best option if we need to lengthen the runway. To me, shorts aren't the issue, they are just an opportunity to supercharge the stock when things start rolling. At the end of the day, if we need cash, I view that as a good thing and I trust RM will do it in the most advantageous manner possible....I mean he doesn't have anything to lose right??? LOL
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    Tell No Lies 🎃
    $AAPL conversation
    Let’s consider something for a second, ok? The Fed literally has all the power to either tank the market tomorrow or drive it up and none of are certain what they will say. That is the fact! The other fact is that inflation at 40 year highs and it’s the Fed who has the authority to get inflation under control using their tools that usually POP BUBBLES.

    The reality is that ALL OF US playing this stock market is at the complete mercy of the Fed whether you are a bull or bear and nobody knows exactly how the short to mid term future will shake out!


  • S
    All the $FB $GOOG $SNAP UCC creators use $ADBE to edit their videos.
  • m
    $EURUSD=X conversation
    $ADBE stock annual report available from SEC thoughts/analysis?
    Form 10-K filed by ADOBE INC. with the security and exchange commission.
    Form 10-K filed by ADOBE INC. with the security and exchange commission.
  • B
    Alphabet Inc.
    Just remember, the faster the fall, the quicker the bounce back! Great time to pick up the hard hit like $GOOG, $AMZN, $MSFT, $NVDA, $SHOP, $ADBE, $ASML, $PYPL, $LRCX, $KLAC.