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    $AAPL conversation
    Next AAPL $AMZN type disruptor? ACRX Cash Cow coming, note ACRX disrupting the Standard of Care for 100 years! ACRX 1,000% upside by year-end! "The standard of care for perioperative opioid administration has not been disrupted for over 100 years."
    POSITIVE theme continues, with five (5) more Phase 4 studies pending from Cleveland Clinic, etc.
    Thu, May 13, 2021
    AcelRx's Dsuvia Shows Reduction In Postoperative Opioids Compared To Control Grou
    Aug. 19, 2020
    AcelRx Pharmaceuticals Announces Publication of Clinical Data on Reduced Opioid Use and Reduced Time in the Postanesthesia Care Unit (PACU) Following Preoperative Administration of DSUVIA®
    - No Cognitive Impairment.
    - No Respiratory Depression.
    - 1 DSUVIA works on 100 pound patient or 300 pound patient, no dose adjustment.
    - DSUVIA reduced time in the PACU.
    - DSUVIA significant cost savings in the PACU.
    - DSUVIA is Good Opioid Stewardship.
    "Reduced Opioid Use and Reduced Time in the Postanesthesia Care Unit Following Preoperative Administration of Sublingual Sufentanil in an Ambulatory Surgery Setting" by Christian Tvetenstrand, MD and Michael Wolff, MD, in the Journal of Clinical Anesthesia and Pain Management.
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    MY $AMZN Technical Analysis:

    As of May 1, 2021 ...

    In September of 2018, a consolidation started and lasted for 19 entire months. When $AMZN finally broke out, it went on a $1,926 run higher for 6 months from $1,626 to $3,552 per share (more than “doubling”). The high volume in March of 2020 confirmed the upward breakout.

    The current consolidation started in September of 2020 and has lasted for only 8 months to present day. When $AMZN breached resistance at $3,400.00 on increasing volume last week, it confirmed the “break out” from a bullish technical pattern called an Ascending Triangle: aka: Bull Flag/Rising Wedge. The length of the breakout = $1,926; therefore, the Price Target = $1,926 + $3,400 (breakout level) = $5,326.00 per share.

    NOTE #1: My above Technical Analysis reveals an $AMZN Price Target of $5,326 per share (considering Technical View only);

    NOTE #2: My Fundamental Analysis reveals a “double” of the $AMZN share price — fueled by rapid Net Income Margin Expansion —> to give $AMZN a share price of $6,800 per share in the next 5 to 6 months (based upon counting Monthly Candlesticks) from present day.

    Past performance is not indicative of future results, but past performance, e.g. — Length of the Breakout & Timeframe, give us clues to potential Price Targets referenced above.

    NOTE #3: In my opinion, $AMZN is fundamentally strengthening and executing very well. I believe this company should be an “anchor” holding for any investor with an investment objective of “growth”.

    Do your own due diligence research before buying or selling anything.

    INVEST & HOLD $AMZN 💪 ... It’s ALWAYS DAY #1 —> as evidenced by AMAZON investing $45+ Billion into their businesses during the past 4 Quarters to fuel future growth! ... GO BIG —> GO $AMZN 👍
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    ⭐️ After the prior consolidation, the $AMZN share price “doubled” in 6 months from $1,750 to $3,500 per share. Flash forward to the present, $AMZN has been consolidating for the past 8 months. Now —> Let’s take a different angle of view: The Fundamentals have strengthened in a big way —> Let’s drill down on the Net Income... From $10.56 Billion in Q1-2020 to $21.33 Billion in Q4-2020, the TTM Net Income is set to MORE THAN “DOUBLE” (writing in “All Caps” to yell this out). Therefore, the Technicals ✅ and the Fundamentals ✅ are aligned for a “DOUBLE” of the current share price. I will be “conservative” and give a Price Target of $5,000+ ... but, we could potentially see $AMZN race up to $6,800+ before a begin yet another consolidation trading range. STRONG BUY on $AMZN moving into the Q1-2021 Earnings Report to be released after the market closes on Thursday, April 29th.
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    $CLNE conversation
    $CLNE $AMZN #rng #cleanenergy deal has $1.5 billion value potential
    can almost double its market cap for 20%
    stake. I say that’s a good deal
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    ⭐️ My deep dive analysis reveals a very solid $AMZN 1-1/2 Year Price Target of $6,800.00 Per Share —> based upon Net Income (ttm) “doubling” again to $40+ Billion in 1-1/2 years. This $40+ Billion Net Income number will be achieved based upon the increasing Net Profit Margin % —> fueled by the “higher margin” Advertising Business Segment which grew by 73% YoY in Q1-2021 and AWS Cloud Services which grew by 32%. In summary, $AMZN is fast benefiting from the higher profit margin mix from Advertising & AWS Segments. Based upon the Massive Distribution Infrastructure & Air/Road Delivery Logistics Moat that AMAZON has built out, I see $AMZN easily hitting my Price Target of $6,800.00 Per Share within 1-1/2 Years. Do your own due diligence research before buying or selling anything. INVEST & HOLD $AMZN ✅
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    $WPRT conversation
    Washington state has approved the LCFS system, that was strongly supported by $amzn

    The program can easily become federal, $CLNE can benefit a lot from it
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    $SNAP conversation
    Nice pre-market action for you guys and $amzn. Imagine the green train will roll again today and shorts (if remaining) will slip on their 'ol comfy shoe of despair and disappointment.

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    $PSFE conversation
    💵💵💵💰🚀PSFE is grossly overlooked this news is MASSIVE. Multi year agreement with AMAZON $AMZN The list of partnerships goes on and on, ER 5/11. 🚀🚀
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    I am glad that $AMZN fell much harder after the WSJ article. Earlier in the year, I had predicted that Amazon’s best days were behind it and I don’t see its stock gain a whole lot in 2021.

    Microsoft is a solid company. I don’t know how the stock will perform in the short term, but in my opinion, there’s a significant growth potential in its cloud and AI business.
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    $NGA conversation
    $LEV puts and shorts are irate. They never expected the largest EV facility news in US along with ticker change. Could get quite interesting. Plants almost complete. Upgrades rolling in at 23 and 26. Keep them coming. $AMZN $CHPT $TSLA $BLNK
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    BULLISH on $AMZN —> BUY & HOLD for the Long Term Massive Growth Worldwide!

    1. AMAZON Market Share is expanding rapidly —> An Analyst said today he sees Prime Subscribers DOUBLING from 200 Million to 400 Million;

    2. Competition —> NOBODY has a powerful delivery & logistics network to compete “head-on” with AMAZON on 1-Day or now Same Day Shipping;

    3. AMAZON Guided Higher for Q2-2021 than Analysts had estimated — proving that the E-Commerce Gains are sticking;

    4. AMAZON has successfully reinvested in its businesses to deliver the massive growth we are seeing “now”. If a Dividend were to be paid out, then growth would likely be slowed down — because of less CapEx to fuel future growth;

    5. AMAZON does not need to do a Share Buyback Program to “artificially” prop-up the shares; in contrast, AMAZON continues to invest in its businesses to continue delivering the massive growth we are seeing “now”;

    6. I do agree with you on the ‘Stock Split”. I believe AMAZON Management has NOT listened to investors as they should have —> many of whom want to see the share price lowered significantly as a result of a “Stock Split” —> because the shares are perceived as being “expensive”. I advocate a 10:1 “Stock Split”.

    LONG & STRONG 💪 on $AMZN —> PS: The Margin Expansion is very exciting for long term investors! ... As AWS & Advertising become a larger part of the total revenue mix, the Net Margin Percentage will increase. Also, as Worldwide Shipping costs continue to drop on bringing truck & air delivery fleets “in-house” (internally), AMAZON will continue to have Net Margin Expansion.
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    $AMZN conversation
    Companies like $AMZN, $BABA, $WMT are going to have to turn to companies like $RKFL in the very near future, as the rise of Cryptocurrency is upon us. The ability to use Cryptocurrency for what it's suppose to be used for, currency is just the ground breaking technology driving RKFL forward. Only 24 million shares outstanding, you'll be watching news on it soon, but by then that will be hedge funds and other companies trying to make profit on you. Right now it currently sits at $3.30.
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    $ALF works with $NVDA $AMZN $GOOGL
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    Folks, I just crunched the numbers and reviewed the chart —> $AMZN is heading up to $5,000.00+. This BREAKOUT MOVE HIGHER will be earnings driven —> INVEST & HOLD $AMZN for the Next Decade!
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    $AMZN price target raised at JPMorgan, Barclays, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, Piper Sandler, Mizuho, UBS, KeyCorp, Susquehanna, JMP Securities, BMO, Raymond James, Jefferies, Stifel Nicolaus, Evercore & Canaccord ($4000-$5500)
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    $CLOV conversation
    Can you shorties tell all your physician buddies @clover health to order the at home test kit for covid 19 from $PRPO through $AMZN?...
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    ⭐️ BULLISH TREND in STATISTICS on $AMZN from 2017 —> Present Day:

    Number of Employees: 566,000 —> 1,300,000 (Proof of a Major Expansion); ✅

    PE Ratio: 190.16 —> 66.08 ($AMZN is trading at a “Bargain Price”); ✅

    Return on Equity Ratio: 10.95% —> 31.91% ($AMZN Net Income increasing versus the Shareholder Base); ✅

    Return on Invested Capital Ratio: 4.62% —> 16.96% ($AMZN CapEx getting results); ✅

    GROSS MARGIN: 37.07% —> 42.50% ($AMZN has lower Cost of Goods Sold); ✅

    OPERATING MARGIN: 2.43% —> 8.20% ($AMZN is realizing “Economies-of-Scale” benefits); ✅

    EBITDA MARGIN: 7.60% —> 15.12% ($AMZN is realizing “Economies-of-Scale” benefits); ✅

    NET MARGIN: 1.71% —> 7.47% ($AMZN is realizing “Economies-of-Scale” benefits). ✅

    ⭐️ After many years of investing in their business, AMAZON is now realizing increasing returns on their capital expenditures.

    INVEST & HOLD $AMZN 💪 ... ... PS: My deep dive DD research indicates all of the above bullish trends will continue to EXPAND the NET MARGIN bottom line! ... Very Bullish !!!
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    ⭐️ WOW —> In just 3 Years, I project that AMAZON’s Total Net Sales OTHER INCOME (Advertising Revenues) will be HIGHER than Total Net Sales derived from AWS !!! ... Advertising grew at a 73% YoY in Q1-2021. Important to note: Advertising is a very “high profit margin” business for AMAZON.

    OTHER INCOME (Advertising) Net Sales grew at 73% to $6.905 Billion. In just 3 years, projecting a 70% growth rate in the OTHER INCOME (Advertising) Net Sales, the Total Amount of OTHER INCOME (Advertising) Net Sales could grow to be $33.924 Billion.

    If Total AWS Net Sales were to grow at a 30% rate for the next 3 years, then the Total AWS Net Sales would be $29.666 Billion.

    Therefore, in only 3 years, at the above projected growth rates, the Total OTHER INCOME (Advertising) Net Sales of $33.924 Billion ✅ will be HIGHER than the Total AWS Net Sales of $29.666 Billion ✅

    ⭐️ FURTHERMORE —> I project that AMAZON’s Net Profit Margin Percentage will expand from 5.53% upward to 10% ✅ within the next 5 years.

    At a 10% Net Profit Margin, $AMZN will be busting through $6,800 per share like a hot knife through butter —> on the way up to $10,000+ per share (based upon today’s PE of about 83). Do your own due diligence research before buying or selling anything. GO BIG —> INVEST & HOLD $AMZN 👍
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    Following this Q1-2021 AMAZON Earnings Report —> I will be shocked if $AMZN doesn’t print New Highs TOMORROW.... In 1-1/2 Years —> My Price Target is $6,800.00+ per share. This was a BLOWOUT EXCELLENT Quarter with a strong forward guidance outlook! ... INVEST & HOLD $AMZN 👍
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    $SNAP conversation
    Hey Daniel. If the past three years is any indicator, you will be correct. Leaders lead $msft $amzn and of course snap.

    Continued good fortune to you.