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  • M
    $SQM conversation
    $AMZN Amazon plans to have 100,000 electric delivery vehicles on the road by 2030
    Amazon's electric delivery vehicles are now making deliveries in Los Angeles. Amazon plans to expand the vehicles to as many as 15 additional cities in 2021.
  • a
    $AAPL conversation
    fangg may start to get bids this week.its the saftey play and apple and amazon are really beaten down.alphabet is up quite a bit this year and fb is barely down compared to apple and is worrisome because stores reopening means less amazon traffic.Apple is down because of money shift into value,its only a blip for apple,the rotation from apple to value will reverse soon.alphabet never got a good rise in pandemic and is making up ground now,alphabet still has 10-20% upside.facebook is maxed now and wont gain much this year,10% will fall 20% now that people will cancel and disney is kid king.parents that need to chose will pick disney.
    $fb $appl $amzn $goog $googl
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    Henry The Real
    $ASXC conversation
    During the Dotcom bubble after many share split $AMZN share price decreased by more than 30%.
    Those who invested in 1999 and sold in 2000 got burnt a lot.
    First lesson : « Patience is key. »

    Later on those who shorted $AMZN as well $TSLA got burnt.
    Second lesson : »Never bet against the future »
  • j
    jimmy duece
    $AMWL conversation
    $AMZN $KOSS $AMC AMWL is the next wallstreetbets favorite
  • A
    This is painful, my portfolio has been wiped 25% in a matter of a couple weeks with great stocks. Hoping for a better day on Monday, Longs. We will recover , buy when the market is fearful ! $APPL $TSLA $AVGO $AMZN $MSFT $NVDA $PYPL $SQ $BABA
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    Mr INT’L
    If the rumors are true someone has vision/foresight for the upcoming post Covid world!

    $AMC $IMAX & $AMZN would be crazy not to utilize the #Moviepass brand and #HMNY data.

    #Moviepass started a movement in 2019’ “THE SUMMER OF MOVIEPASS “
  • C
    This is about the time that people go from fear to massive opportunism at the carnage of buying opps. We lived thru much higher rates and tech was fine $sq $pypl $dm $amZn $aapl
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    NIO Limited
    Do you think that it'll work to turn off the stock market off and on again to make it go up?

    $nio $tsla $aapl $amzn $pltr $arkk
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    $SE conversation
    Absolutely crushed it. They are it hyper growth mode when profit is irrelevant. Sales and revenue growth is all that matters, New revenue channels from fintech are exciting. Remember when $AMZN was growing gangbusters and losing money Q after Q and all the analysts started to doubt their ability to turn a profit, and then Bezos flipped the switch. I do, and I didn't own enough of it. Don't miss the party.
  • M
    Earnings will only be better from here on out... Doesn’t take a genius to see that one coming...

    Buy the Airlines!!!

  • b
    $AAPL conversation
    Apple and Yahoo Finance working so hard tonight to show people that rising treasury yields doesn't mean inflation because biden's dog Janet Yellen said so. A whopping 1 paragraph FRONT page article from reuters. They're hoping enough of you linger around so that whales can cash out. Yahoo was the original wall street bets that pumped Cathie Wood's thesis on Tesla and they would censor every post on their forums. Big tech got you guys good and apple with yahoo finance did a great job steering information. I guess it doesn't matter how dirty the money is. As long as you make it.

    $fb $amzn $goog $nflx $msft $ba $zm $ual $ccl $dal
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    AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc.
    $AMC- $AMC raised $2.2billion
    -WANDA only sold 2 million shares, still has 44million.
    -1000+ theatres
    -11000+ screens
    -13 theatres in NYC (Opening up soon)
    -50 people per screen.
    -Mask required

    $amc $gme $nio $gevo $bngo $fb $nok $bb $amzn $koss
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    $FLT.V conversation
    This company deserves a deal with $amzn
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    $AAPL conversation
    You know what I think is going to happen. Nasdaq is going to pullback to $10926 level.

    $msft $goog $fb $amzn $nflx
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    $DG conversation
    $DG purchases are typically the "hey, I need a quick set of jumper cables... loaf of bread... pack of bottled water... but I don't feel like driving all the way to $TGT or $WMT". The "big city" guys don't understand the Dollar General shopper -- they're not competing with $AMZN in any way whatsoever compared to the likes of Walmart and Target. I'm not afraid of Walmart's numbers... to some extent, I can see Dollar General doing even better in a down economy. This is a good company with a great future. It owns rural America and the forgotten side of the city.
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    As if everyone forgot about the epic week last week???

    You all haven’t seen anything yet...

    Remember when it tanked down because of the fear in the beginning of the pandemic??? Was that nothing???

    Billy Bong Bong===

    If it can drop like a ball... It can bounce like a ball... That the way of the Wall.....

    Buy the Airlines!!!

    Follow Mr. Pocket by hitting the follow button.......

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    $FROG conversation
    I dont think there is one stock in the market that isn't making anyone say ouch right now.... what a lousy downturn the s&p has taken this past week has been so harsh for longs. But the thing to remember is how fast frog can leap from 50- 70 and thats what we have to keep up hope for. Unless $APPL $TSLA $MSFT $AMZN and all our other big name stocks start moving this downer will continue. The great news is that these are all incredible companies and this red will not continue. All we can do is hold or buy some dips until the Market regains some regularity. If your reading this then It could always be worse.

    One thing I cannot allow myself to do is sell any of my precious stocks at a loss... Not with these diamond hands ......Ups and downs are apart of the game if we made it this far through this red storm then we can survive a bit more until it turns around in our favor and lets all hope it will be soon. Diamond hands all day every day !!!
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    Bears are partying when i see clear and strong signs of climax selling in week 3-4 of this sell off the last several days. This is bullish if you are an investor who wanted speculation out of this market. Many many small and mid caps down 50-60% and many big tech down 15-30%. We dreamed of this many many months ago to be able to buy into pure fear again $aapl $amzn $sq $ostk $nflz $googl $nndm
  • G
    $NIO conversation
    we all gonna need this from the start...come and get some now....make the slides painless...
    $tsla, $arkG, $qs, $afrm, $msft, $amzn...come put some on now!
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    Lots of people shell shocked
    In cash gonna be left behind when this reversal turns into an up 7% week starting today $spy $aapl $clsk $amZn $nndm