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A. O. Smith Corporation (AOS)

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  • J
    $BLGO conversation
    There is so much happening at Biolargo that I made an entire long DD post just on the clean water endeavors I shared the link on stocktwits.
    "DD Biolargo $BLGO - Clean Water endeavors only"
    Please upvote, comment, award and share if you like the post! It helps me a lot to become eligible for bigger groups/discussions.
    Go BioLargo!

    #pennystocks #dd #OTC #Invest #Biolargo #pinksheet #water #cleanwater #PFAS #AOS #AEC
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    Just added 17k shares.
    Regarding Sunshine:
    As far as I understand they have ordered 10k worth of product which is actually not enough to cover the site for a whole month- so BLGO is expecting higher ordering numbers in the future - while republic is still saving an estimated 30-40k $ a month because of CupriDyne's price point- cheaper than previous product. Sounds like a Win- Win & I love it.
    (Info from shareholder meeting- they did not specifically mention the Sunshine site but referred to the pics)

    2) my friend who attended the meeting just gave me 2 Cupridyne sample sprays 2 days ago.
    After extensive testing - don't ask ;).
    THat stuff is magic - and BLGO is at the very very beginning of taking over that market.
    Soon first revenue will be reported - also potential happening of CLyra FDA submission and $AOS presentation in the next weeks.
    Better get those cheap shares!!!
  • M
    $AOS conversation
    #AOS Looking better to the upside after some consolidation. Bullish indication in MACD, Stochastic oscillator and RSI, according to stoxline. Looking for breakout at 61.44 for a run up to 71.76.
  • J
    A. O. Smith Corporation
    about ready to double down on this stock. hoping it drops below $50
  • J
    $AOS conversation
    Why was AOS dropped 6% Friday last week? the split? acquisition? too close to high end? cash in?
  • W
    $AOS conversation
    Okay Board time to split what are you waiting for?????
  • C
    $AOS conversation
    Someone thinking AOS by USD 70 in three months?
  • J
    A. O. Smith Corporation
    another solid quarter
  • S
    $AOS conversation
    Nice report. Knew we would head down no matter what after the big run-up we had. Looking to add more on weakness and hoping for $40-42
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    $UBER conversation
    Jeffrey23 minutes ago
    T is the BEST stock on ANY market,
    while uber is the WORST stock on any market
    $aos $wll $chk $tlrd $akrx
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    $AOS conversation
    U.S. housing beginning to pullback and so will this stock price. China will not offset the decline.