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Asana, Inc. (ASAN)

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    All growth stocks across the board the past 2 weeks, mostly are down 15-25%. Not just SE. $AFRM $TDOC $ZM $LC $NET $ASAN
  • P
    Prosperous Bohunk
    Meanwhile, over at $ASAN. 😎
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    $ASAN conversation
    Wow I nearly bought $ASAN in my Alpha Tournament portfolio - thank god I didn't lmao
  • C
    Chuck Carson
    Argh what a terrible week. I appreciate the positive posts. I’m up only 13% now which is less than others I own but I’m hanging in there .
    $Asan $INMD $ SIG $OLN $AFRM
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    $MDB conversation
    Hypertrash really taking it on the chin today.. and that's why you should buy quality stocks that aren't trading at absurd multiples with negative earnings.
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    $PUBM conversation
    Not going to see positive momentum when the CEO dumps stock options the minute they are awarded. Especially with the stock sitting at $52 wk low. I like the fundamentals & mgmt but makes me somwehat cautious on adding again at these levels. $ASAN CEO Moskovitz is literally plowing his own money back in the company and the stock has moved accordingly
  • P
    Prosperous Bohunk
    I started a small position of 30
    Shares in Asana today. Anyone else? $NVDA $ASAN
  • S
    $CLOV 700M revenue and 3B market cap

    $ASAN 200M revenue and 20+ market cap

    Either clov is undervalue af or asan is overvalued af…
  • S
    $CLOV 700M revenue with good growth and only 3.5 B market cap and companies like $ASAN 200M revenue and 20B market cap. Shorts wanna tell me why you are shorting Clov? Are you playing with 🔥?
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    $ZM conversation
    It is true, after crashing over 56% from peak, Zoom is not as overvalued as something else such as bitcoin, $GME, $AMC, $SNOW, $SHOP, $TEAM, $SNAP, $DDOG, $ASAN, $CRWD, $ZS, $MDB, $OKTA, etc. However, for realistic investing purpose, it is foolish to compare Zoom to those things. When valuation for these extremely speculative bets is imploded, these bets could easily tank 90% or more, and even if Zoom tanks 70%, it is still a foolish bet nonetheless.
    Going forward, Zoom is only projected by stock analysts to grow annual revenue by 17.6% next year, and zero growth on annual EPS. If the future reality is slow growth or worse, the P/E ratio could easily reset to 15 or lower, and trigger a crash of over 80%.
    Any opposing opinions out there think for sure Zoom would continue peak pandemic type of hyper growth for many many many years to come, and further think that the stock analysts are all wrong ??? Please provide your thesis in details.
  • E
    $EBIX this is a great opportunity to average down or enter... short squeeze will be epic! This company didn’t have a good quarter or a good year.. they have already 5 years constant growth! It’s insane! PE is 10 which is unheard of... plus dividends. Say thank you for once in a life time opportunity $TRIT $FROG $ASAN $SUMO
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    $ASAN conversation
    Maintains Morgan Stanley Equal-Weight USD 34 » USD 37
    Target Raised by KeyBanc Overweight USD 40 » USD 48
    Target Raised by Piper Sandler Overweight USD 45 » USD 52
    Maintains JMP Securities Market Outperform USD 40 » USD 50
    Maintains RBC Capital Outperform USD 39 » USD 45
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    $ASAN conversation
    Maintains Oppenheimer Holdings Outperform USD 77 » USD 85
    Target Raised by RBC Capital Neutral » Sector Perform USD 70 » USD 75
    Target Raised by Robert W Baird Outperform USD 50 » USD 90
    Maintains KeyBanc Overweight USD 75 » USD 85
    Maintains Piper Sandler Overweight USD 52 » USD 85
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    $ASAN conversation
    Article on Stocktwits about top 3 stocks to avoid. $ASAN stats don't look good...
    Tried to post link but wouldn't upload.
  • m
    Reason why went so down?