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Asana, Inc. (ASAN)

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    Asana $ASAN just reported earnings posting numbers of

    EPS of -$0.30 beating expectations of -$0.36
    Rev of $120.65M beating expectations of $115.05M
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    $ASAN conversation
    I shorted $ASAN in around $110 and covered my short for $19 a few days ago.
    Am I happy?
    Yes, made really good money
    But, Sad too, because so many people lost money on Justin's scheme.
    I warned people about ASAN several times on this message board, but the hype was blinding the truth.
    ASANA has been in business since 2008 (~14 years). Still does not make money. Spends more than one dollar for every dollar they make on advertising and this company has no IP ( intellectual property). If you think I am wrong, please name one.
    The founders are woke idiots who got rich because they happen to be in the right place, at the right time, and meet a real genius (Mark Z)
    I have no position in $ASAN now, but for God's sake don't buy the hype. They raised lots of money and now they are burning it. When the money runs out, the only thing they have to sell is their user lists or raise more money.
    And competition in this segment is brutal. So invest wisely and hopefully make money.
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    All growth stocks across the board the past 2 weeks, mostly are down 15-25%. Not just SE. $AFRM $TDOC $ZM $LC $NET $ASAN
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    $PUBM conversation
    Not going to see positive momentum when the CEO dumps stock options the minute they are awarded. Especially with the stock sitting at $52 wk low. I like the fundamentals & mgmt but makes me somwehat cautious on adding again at these levels. $ASAN CEO Moskovitz is literally plowing his own money back in the company and the stock has moved accordingly
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    After reporting earnings growth and profitability, $GPRO has quietly turned into a value stock while maintaining its growth prospects. With a meager 4.6 PE ratio, it’s a cheap way to tap into the growing cash flow stream.

    Compare with the recent disasters of $DOCU and $ASAN. Investors are losing patience with companies that never reached profitability and now face decelerating revenue growth too.
  • E
    $EBIX this is a great opportunity to average down or enter... short squeeze will be epic! This company didn’t have a good quarter or a good year.. they have already 5 years constant growth! It’s insane! PE is 10 which is unheard of... plus dividends. Say thank you for once in a life time opportunity $TRIT $FROG $ASAN $SUMO
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    Prosperous Bohunk
    Meanwhile, over at $ASAN. 😎
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    $PTON conversation
    $PTON $ASAN $Z $FSLY $ZM $LMND The end of covid stocks..
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    Prosperous Bohunk
    I started a small position of 30
    Shares in Asana today. Anyone else? $NVDA $ASAN
  • C
    Chuck Carson
    Argh what a terrible week. I appreciate the positive posts. I’m up only 13% now which is less than others I own but I’m hanging in there .
    $Asan $INMD $ SIG $OLN $AFRM
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    $ASAN conversation
    Are you still waiting, praying, and begging this dog to go up?

    Soon $ASAN will be under $19. Mark my words!
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    $ASAN conversation
    I will be a buyer again when $ASAN drops to $15.
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    $ASAN conversation
    If you are holding $ASAN and do not sell it today, you will sell it to me for $19 in a couple of weeks :)
    Who was the genius on this board who said this stock will climb to $50 todaY?
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    $CLOV 700M revenue and 3B market cap

    $ASAN 200M revenue and 20+ market cap

    Either clov is undervalue af or asan is overvalued af…
  • S
    $CLOV 700M revenue with good growth and only 3.5 B market cap and companies like $ASAN 200M revenue and 20B market cap. Shorts wanna tell me why you are shorting Clov? Are you playing with 🔥?