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    $BIDU conversation
    UBS just double upgraded China Stocks. Great news for $BIDU $BZUN $BABA
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    $TME conversation
    $tme $baba $momo $jd can we trust these Chinese . The answer is Yes!!
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    Amateur short is slowly losing their narrative and negative sentiment. It’s not our fault amateur short sold short at a PE of 15. CNBC told him it was un-investable.

    Amateur short goes shorts $BABA but goes long fintwit darlings at 300 x earnings. Fintwit experts can’t even tell you what a company does, but it’s a good buy at sky high valuations
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    $BIDU conversation
    $BABA & $BIDU
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    Steven Romick adds 4.9 million $BABA shares in Q3 an increase of 730%. While reducing holdings in many American companies.

    The amateur shorts have been warned.
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    $BABA conversation
    Stop selling $BABA
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    Let me ask you a question, who on this board would short $AMZN at $860/ share? that is not a typo, at $860/ share it is a PE of 15. The same PE that $BABA was trading at $138/ share.

    The answer to this question is an amateur short would. All because CNBC told him too. CNBC is no better than a crooked salesman’s trying to take money out of your pocket and transfer it to his. However the amateur short keeps these guys in business.

    The amateur short will short a quality company at 15 times earnings while growing at 20-30% a year. Only for the reasons that CNBC told them to and their inability to calculate simple valuation metrics has put them in a tough spot today.

    1. Cover their position
    2. Have 3 sleepless nights - Friday, Saturday, Sunday

    Sleep while standing up amateur short.

    The amateur short was warned.
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    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    keep moving in the right direction. $BABA $WIMI $BIDU
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    $BABA conversation
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    Amateur short never learns. Sells all their margin at opening bell.

    Be supportive to amateur short. Buy him 240 pack of diapers from Costco.

    When amateur short is wearing diaper tell him green on a red day, the $BABA rally is just beginning.

    The amateur short was warned.
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    I still can’t believe amateur shorts wasted their whole sleepless weekend bashing only to watch 9988 rip 8% on mega volume and $BABA pre market +5%

    They were warned
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    $ROKU conversation
    Currently I am a full time investor. I am looking at $ROKU for a $120,000 investment at market close today. I have another big holding $VZ. It looks like a amazing opportunity. My strategy incorporates Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis. I shorted a tiny amount in the market a little while ago. I suggest for any new investor don't over complicated stuff. I am making a quick buck flowing Warren Buffet with $BABA thats all you have to do.
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    $BABA conversation
    lol this $BABA conversation only had shorts talk non-sense two weeks ago

    now i dont find any of them lol ... another year at moms basement shorts ?
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    Dragon Dawn
    $NIO conversation

    Sell everything of US equity and buy into Chinese equities, e.g. $NIO, $Didi, $Baba as safe haven. Only Chinese market will rise when US's crashes since those tickers consumers are 95% located in China. Remember 4000 swap stations in China and 400M didi riders in China. As a proof, all western economies have negative growth in during Covid peak but China has 3% positive growth is proof enough.
    Don't worry. There's a simple way to play defense.
    Don't worry. There's a simple way to play defense.
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    NVIDIA $NVDA higher market cap than Alibaba $BABA

    $NVDA has a $7 Billion Income
    $BABA has a $22 Billion income ✅

    $NVDA has a Debt ratio of 0.56
    $BABA has a Debt ratio of 0.15 ✅

    $NVDA trades 74x above earnings
    $BABA trades 17x above ✅

    $NVDA YoY rev 26%
    $BABA YoY rev 46% ✅
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    $^IXIC conversation
    A Carmaker $TSLA Market Value is 100% Greater than $BABA now! What Fraudulent Country the US is!
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    It is very nice that robinhood has allowed new market participants such as Sherman. Without their fractional shares and commission free trading amateur Sherman would not be able to play. He will be ok, even if $BABA does go to $500 one day Sherman will only lose his lunch money. He can make that back quickly by mowing lawns or $2/ post from the boiler room.
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    $BABA conversation
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    The Truth
    $9988.HK conversation
    It's interesting to me how many people conflate Alipay and $BABA. Alipay is actually a piece of Ant Financial. Alibaba owns a 33% stake in Ant Financial. Over the last year, Alibaba's core ecommerce business unrelated to Ant Financial has actually strengthened because regulation has improved its moat and has brought down Tencent's ability to wall off itself, $JD and $PDD.

    Further, the cloud business is in its infancy, the AI and investment pieces inside Alibaba are often hidden, and rapid international expansion is going unnoticed.

    The company has been fined and regulation has passed, balance sheet is super strong, and no detrimental ties to Evergrande $3333.HK $EGRNY $EGRNF.

    There are major tailwinds: Ridiculously expensive US market, Wealth Management Connect opening HK's market to the mainland, a likely shift from real estate investment into other sectors, growing Chinese middle class and overall GDP.

    Patient investors will be rewarded.
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    $CVE conversation
    This is so FREAKING insane, Oil up over $2 premarket. I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep last night!! I have waited my whole LIFE to have this happen and now it's playing out right before my eyes! Making $$$$ has never been this much FUN!!!!

    #BTE, #TVE, #NVA, #SU, #BP, #CJ, #PSK, #CVE, #ATH, #BABA