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Boston Properties, Inc. (BXP)

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    $BXP has a lot of properties in it it’s pipeline, most of which are pre-leased. Collections have remained above 95%. Based on comments made during the last call they have been able to renew leases at higher rates and without cutting out of leases office space. Honestly, I think this stock remains undervalued. A lot of companies are already pulling workers back into offices so I strongly believe it will bounce back.
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    Initiated by Barclays Overweight USD 134
    Maintains Piper Sandler Overweight USD 135 » USD 140
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    Property values around the Reston Town Center are plummeting while surrounding areas are selling like hot cakes. BXP is the new Enron. You can't run a business like this very long and get away with it.
    End of free parking is the last straw for some Reston residents
    Frustrated by traffic and changes related to Metro’s Silver Line, community members are fighting back against parking fees at Reston Town Center.
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    $BXP conversation
    Everything that was here was spam, so I've flagged it and it's gone – which means if you came to read something actually about Boston Properties, you're in luck. I held BXP shares for several years but sold them recently when I saw firsthand evidence of what I think is poor management at the Reston Town Center. Reston is about 20 miles outside Washington DC – a "planned community" suburb where there's never been paid parking of any kind because space has never been (and still isn't) at a premium. Soon a Metro line will serve the Town Center area, and Boston Properties has used that cover to justify implementing paid parking at Reston Town Center. Mind you, the nearby Tysons Corner area – closer to DC – has FOUR Metro stops and NO paid parking. At RTC, they installed expensive and far-too-complicated equipment requiring drivers to use a confusing and intrusive cellphone app, to know in advance which color-coded parking lot to select for which stores/restaurants and to write down their own license plate number so that if the car is lost it can be found by looking through footage of scanned plates in the garages. The "enhanced parking experience" also includes green and red lights above spaces to show which are open and which are not – in case your own eyes can't tell you as much. BXP claimed all this was necessary because their surveys told them people were having trouble finding places to park. As someone who has frequented Reston Town Center for more than two decades, I'm sure their surveys – if they even existed – were self-serving at best: I have NEVER had trouble finding a parking space. Confronted last summer with an outraged community of customers and RTC businesses, BXP backed off its planned introduction of the system. But they went live with it this month and Reston social media is full of locals vowing to shop and eat elsewhere on weekdays/nights. There are plenty of good alternatives where parking is free. It's unfortunate this will hurt many fine businesses at Town Center. Some have already left and others have indicated they will. BXP got this very, very, wrong and I think it will cost them dearly. That – and the fact that I didn't want to benefit from thoughtless, unnecessary greed – is why I sold my shares.
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    What Boston Properties is doing to the Reston Town Center (RTC) is disgusting. They have implemented a paid parking scheme and are rapidly turning one of the most vibrant centers in the area into a ghost town. The scheme can only be described as "unwarranted and complicated". With customers practically having to consult with legal counsel if they want to park their car. On top of that, those who do venture into RTC and attempt to use the system have found it rife with error. In fact, One man was recently erroneously charged $1000 for one hour of parking. After correcting the error, which took an act of Congress, Boston Properties still charged the man $3.00 for the parking session. This is par for the course for Boston Properties business in RTC. The parking was suppose to resolve commuters rom parking in garages but BXP has actually started selling spaces to commuters instead of resolving the issue and has driven away area customers of retail and restaurants and ruined the atmosphere, now there are usually literally thousands of spaces that sit empty after the office workers leave for the day. By the way, the office workers spaces is how they are distorting their statistics to investors who aren't familiar with the community.
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    $BXP conversation
    Now one of the largest tenants at Reston Town Center is considering moving its HQ out.
    Report: Leidos Considering Leaving Town Center for Reston Metro Plaza
    The Washington Business Journal reports contracting firm Leidos, currently headquartered at Reston Town Center, may be looking for a new home.