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Capital One Financial Corporation (COF)

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  • C
    American Express Company
    $AXP, $COF, and $DFS are all winners. This dip will rebound to normal figures by Wed.
  • W
    Wall St.
    $CRWD conversation
    $COF - Capital one financial. was broken into, They definitely should work with $CRWD So many financial institutions. this baby just crawling before it starts walking and then running ))) it is an infancy stage.
  • C
    Morgan Stanley
    I own the financials.. $GS $C $JEF $COF $BK $BLK ...adding when I can to all of them. $MS is quickly becoming my favorite horse in the race. Additionally, I'll be holding $GBTC $ETHE $MARA $MSTR $RIOT ...probably....forever. gl2a.
  • n
    $AAPL conversation
    I sold all my 400 shares of #COF @$89 and bought 300 AAPL shares@$133 for long term, now #COF moved to @$117 and AAPL struck @$135 .. straight 10k loss in just few days
  • A
    $ECPG conversation
    ECPG (Encore Capital Group) has a P/E of 4.5, Fwd P/E of 3.45. The market cap is $1B, but the EV is over $4B. It's been making money, it's projected to make over $2/share when it reports on Feb 24th. Why is the short interest 11%? What am I missing with this stock (other than it doesn't pay a dividend)?
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    Capital One Financial Corporation
    what a great run the past 2 months. let's hope $cof keeps going up and over $100!
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    $COF conversation
    Holding a core $COF position through the uncertainty. Keeping dry powder to add when I see fit. Also holding and adding other financial related.. $SOFI $BRKB $TFC $BK $IBKR $CG $NYCB $JEF $APO $BX $PYPL $TPG $NDAQ $SQ staying long.
  • N
    $COF conversation
    $COF $SYF $DFS with the consumer credit crisis looming in the darkness , would avoid these names as they hold too much exposure to large downfall with minimal upside
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    $COF conversation
    Capital One is under valued, should be worth about $ 80 a share.
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    Paul Likes
    $COF conversation
    I'm not sure you people know this but Capital One is shuttering branches all over the place in the Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC area. That's also a a well to do area. Not good news.
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    $COF conversation
    new Yahoo Finance format is awful! Please revert to prior one, which was great
  • D
    Capital One Financial Corporation
    Bad subprime car loans will sink profits for years.
  • w
    $COF conversation
    Question for COF board...

    What percentage of their loan portfolio is 'atuo-loans '

    thanks in advance
  • M
    $COF conversation
    COF held its head above water and I wonder why it did not falter an fall after the Feds keen remarks. A lot of sharp traders have purchased several thousand September $68 & $69 put contracts noting COF's inability to breach $70 pending all the financial headwinds COF is facing. I think we can see further weakening of this company heading into the tricky September weeks, especially with all the Brexit uncertainty rearing its ugly head. So be prepared for a big sell-off as I am.
  • T
    $COF conversation
    COF loans are mostly subprime and if they have to increase interest that means a collapse is coming .COF will drop to $50 range ..subprime crdit cards & sub prime Autos are 90% of COF business...
  • G
    $COF conversation
    COF is worth about $ 120 a share, it should be a strong buy for everyone !
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    Discover Financial Services
    $COF $AFRM
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    Assessing Capital One's Post-Earnings Valuation (COF)
    With year-to-date gains of only 1.27%, shares of Capital One haven't gotten the credit they deserve for improvements management has made.
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    Capital One Financial Corporation
    great week for $cof!