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Dollar Tree, Inc. (DLTR)

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  • J
    Josh SoCal
    $DLTR conversation
    I don't know about you but this selloff of $DLTR today is just more cheap stock for me. Yes I read the reports of them withdrawing earnings guidance but we all know this company is going to be a staple shop for the millions of our newly minted unemployed.
  • N
    Five Below, Inc.
    Whether we want to admit it or not, the trade war is going to land punches on retail. Discount stores ($FIVE $TJX $GO $OLLI $DLTR $DG) can thrive in environments like this. Wholesale like $COST will likely be fine as well. You're rolling the dice on anything else though.
  • S
    $WISH conversation
    Wish kind of positioned itself as an online dollar store and clearly stated multiple times that their #1 focus will be price. I have not idea what people are expecting from it when the product prices are so low lol.

    When I used Wish as a dollar store alternative, it actually offered better product selection & service than my local dollar store. Remember what you see on the dollar store receipts? "All sales are final, no return"...But for once when I needed a refund on Wish I actually got it.

    If $DLTR can be profitable, so is $Wish.
  • P
    Dollar Tree, Inc.
    $DLTR reports better than expected earnings. BUT misses on revenues AND provides DOWNSIDE GUIDANCE. This stock will drop to new low and have as price target of $65
  • L
    $LOW conversation
    Large Consumer cyclical + largest US import companies had great quarters.
    $DLTR (don't like Dollar Tree Fundamentals, two of the above companies have beat earnings.)

    These big Five retailers have little "middle man" expenses + anticipation of tariffs results in increased Import Volume at cheaper costs.
  • S
    $WISH conversation
    People say wish is like the dollar store, and there is only cheap stuff available that no respectable person would ever want to buy. With that I would like to tilt my head to the new $DLTR 2.0
  • B
    $ADT is looking good. Always beating all EPS estimates. Big Agreement w/ Dollar Tree to provide security tech. $DLTR now with + 15k retail stores nationwide. More agreements to come for sure.

    People who wear masks feel more enabled and empowered to do things that they normally wouldn’t have done if their face was seeing in public. Security concerns under new normal rules?
  • R
    nlName a public bargain/discount store that hasn't done well in public markets. $ROST $TJX $FIVE $DG $DLTR all come to mind as winners. $GO (Grocery Outlet) seems interesting, growth narrative easy to believe.
  • K
    $DLTR conversation
    Trump cutting food stamps will only send the lower income recipients to Dollar Tree more! not less, food prices in regular store are now insane, even well off people shop in Dollar Tree, I was just there is morning, bought cards and candy
  • S
    $DLTR conversation
    Why is it down over $3 today? I see no news for the decline.
  • K
    $DG 對話
    In terms of sales, Dollar Tree is a close second, generating $21.5 billion annually compared to $23.3 billion at Dollar General ($DG), according to Moody's. However, Finstead believes that the company’s commitment toward better price management, cost containment, private label offering, effective inventory management, merchandise and operational initiatives should drive sales and margin trends. Moreover, in order to increase traffic, Dollar General is focusing on both consumables and discretionary categories, and items ranging between $1 and $5. The rollout of tobacco has been a key factor in driving up traffic. ( ) How do you think, $DG or $DLTR?
  • E
    $DLTR conversation
    #DLTR Rising with good volume. A break of 88.33 for a run up to 103.17.
  • C
    $DLTR conversation
    Bought today. This sell off is silly. DLTR is positioned very well and is being thrown out with all the troubled retailers like M, KSS and TGT since its in the retail ETF. At these levels its a strong buy. Stock should see $90 again in late 2017.
  • K
    $DLTR conversation
    why the heck is this tanking?
  • A
    Dollar stores will do well. They are just overvalued. Some brick and mortars will disappear move chains and some concept restaurants. What retail will excel?
  • K
    $DLTR conversation
    people jumping out now are idiots, food stamp recipients DO NOT order things online like food even IF they accept food stamps at Amazon, most don't have computers or knowledge to do so
  • K
    $DLTR conversation
    Dollar Tree hasnt paid some of the Family Dollar landlord their reimbursements for property tax and insurance and CAM fees and are past due 9 months. My question is are they not showing these expenses on their books yet, so they can show a better profit? I think this is a big warning flag for the stock. Meaning 8,000 Family Dollar stores landlord are owed $15,000 each, that 120 million not showing as an expense. This is how Wallstreet props up their books, when they what to show a profit.
  • S
    $DLTR conversation
    Vetr downgraded shares of Dollar Tree Inc. (NASDAQ:DLTR) from a buy rating to a sell rating in a research report report published on Monday. The brokerage currently has $74.00 price objective on the stock.

    I bought on the downgrade this morning. Normally that will signal we are close to a bottom. Love it at $77,
  • S
    $DLTR conversation
    Earnings in line, but revs missed. I thought earnings would be a bit better. Stock has already sold off. Do we bottom at $75 or head lower?
  • c
    cat fish
    $DLTR conversation
    just went short dltr does not look good