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    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    Everyone by now had a chance to buy in at a good price $WIMI $DOCU
  • J
    $WIMI conversation
    Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well. $DOCU $WIMI $AMD
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    $XELA conversation
    Will likely squeeze to $3-4 and people will be surprised, that would put it at a 1 price to sales while the rest of the sector is at 5 and $docu 20
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    $DOCU conversation
    Short Squeeze in $DOCU maybe later today, just like $GME and $AMC?
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    DocuSign, Inc.
    $DOCU as some debts
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    Hybrid work is here to stay. People prefer it. Companies save on utilities and travel expenses. Doctors offices prefer meeting patients over zoom for non emergencies because it enhances efficiency. Zoom has five billion in cash and no debt. Market has already priced in 75% chance of recession. Has much more broad use than $ROKU, $TDOC, $DOCU. This stock should be in the mid 100’s. We need vocal guidance from management in order to shoot this up. *cue angry responses from Nathan/AlsoNathan/Jonah
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    $DBX conversation
    My opinion and observation. People are freaking out. I am not. I am still holding at 38.00 and 31.00 and I have ZERO worries. A) Being a dropbox user that has used other cloud sharing programs including Google Drive, it is my preferred. B) Dropbox is a beast on it’s own but its attachment and the two new integrations into Salesforce CRM is only going to turn it into a Monster Beast.
    Salesforce has ownership, acquisitions and investments of many private companies. (Business Insider has another listed I did not see on the website. ($DOMO)

    If you are NOT familiar with Salesforce ($CRM) then do your DD on this company. Unicorn performance. Marc Beinoff made a 100 million dollar investment into Dropbox prior to going public. Which according to business insider this is one if it’s largest strategic investments ever. Prior to the 100 million, Salesforce invested 5 million. Salesforce owns more shares in Dropbox than any other company. It is also the 2nd largest investment by value. The highest value is in Docusearch but with less shares than Dropbox. Dropbox two newest integrations with Salesforce is only going to continue growth, in my opinion.

    Salesforce invested publicly traded companies.
    $DOCU Docusign which IPO last April with a 52 week range of $37.00-66.00 currently at 57.74,
    $TWLO Twilio with a 52 week range of 52 Week Range 23.25 - 79.47 current 76.04.
    $DBX Dropbox 52 Week Range 26.61 - 43.50 current 29.04.

    Look at Salesforce financials, revenue and growth. The 52 Week Range $CRM 90.09 - 149.35

    “Salesforce expects to post $20 billion to $22 billion in revenue in its 2022 fiscal year. If it hit even the low end of that range, its revenue would be more than double the $8.4 billion it posted in fiscal 2017, which ended in January.
    To get there, Salesforce expects to offer a wider range of products to a broader set of customers worldwide. The company expects its total addressable market — which is the combined amount of money spent globally with Salesforce and all of its competitors on the products it offers — to grow from $72 billion in 2018 to $120 billion in 2022.” (Source: Business Insider)
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    $CMG conversation
    $DOCU -37% .
    $CMG day of reckoning will be here in Jan, 2022.
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    $DOCU conversation
    AS a retired Realtor builder/developer I cannot express enough how much of a time saver is to not have to jump into your car and drive across town to have some paper signed. $DOCU may not grow as fast as before, but I think it will continue to a great investment and will only get bigger, what say you.
  • D
    Excellent article about DOCU on Seeking Alpha today by a respected writer. I recommend reading it soon before the pay wall goes up in a few days.

    DocuSign-A Tale Of A Growing But Stealthy Competitive Moat $DOCU
    DocuSign shares, despite a recovery in the last month, have seen one of the greater valuation compressions in the IT space over the course of the late valuation
    DocuSign shares, despite a recovery in the last month, have seen one of the greater valuation compressions in the IT space over the course of the late valuation
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    DocuSign: Understand The Real Opportunities The Company Is Addressing $DOCU
    DocuSign reported another strong quarter with substantial beats in terms of revenue, operating cash flow, and reported EPS. The company raised guidance notably
    DocuSign reported another strong quarter with substantial beats in terms of revenue, operating cash flow, and reported EPS. The company raised guidance notably
  • M
    I’m long $DOCU ...
    GREAT QTR EPS / And Fwd guidance
    Solid growth / sales , growing internationally as well , as US.

    Looking at the charts there Hight Prices throughout in AH. , then a sell off, I believe influenced by the China trade war. I “think” the Chinese Index , that slid ~5.7% as of last close.
    The Volume on DOCU, AVGO is Very Light Volume - selling ...
    IMO we’ve seen this before-Around End Summer 2018... steep dip...after a large run up and etc...
    Also I think the Shorts , def took advantage of today lol.
    It’s a zero sum game.
    I think this correction may be a lil much , esp as of recently.
    GTLA Longs
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    $FSLY conversation
    FSLY chart identical to $DOCU from one day ago. 20% next day move
    -This week looks to be set up to be a major move to the 55-60 area
    -Check out the chart from $DOCU on Thursday. Bollingers converging exactly to the top of the last month's high. Midline Bollingers crossed for 4 days then DOCU blows to the top.
    -Stochastics prior to the upside explosion on both above 80 which means very bullish.
    -Prior to explosion both were being accumulated after a major drop although FSLY drop was more and multiple times and its accumulation is twice as long as DOCU.
    -There's lots of #reddit and yahoo message boards chatter on FSLY this weekend.
    -Huge 25%short interest
    -Bigger than normal call buying.
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    Visonary, inc.
    CRM brilliant $work buy, CRAMER said CRM will double... Read the ACRX press release out this moring, game changer yet ACRX under the radar... long $snow $zm $docu too all game changers
  • L
    Tesla nice rally up tomorrow , but check out $DOCU ready to rocket
  • K
    $zm $docu $snap $NFLX all proved re-opening is not negatively affecting their growth. $Nvda proved gaming industry is soaring. Why T F is everyone so afraid of this company not exceeding expectations?? Forward p/e under 15. This is a joke and an outright buy!
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    $DOCU conversation
    $DOCU is way oversold after a great earning report. Time to topup!
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    $XELA conversation
    $docu revenue/earning compared to $xela revenue/earning. $xela should be atleast $20 ps
  • J
    $ADBE conversation
    Same happened recently for $DOCU after earnings next day it was up more than $30. Hope the same will happen tomorrow with $ADBE
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    $SFOR conversation
    Ankura Group & Forrester Research last week both gave the nod to StrikeForce's software & each have about 1800 skilled workforce. StrikeForce & Blackberry are the only noteworthy in Forrester 25 most secure communications providers $TDOC Teladoc $SFOR has the most secure patented videoconferencing & has medical device makers & Hospitals interested & Lawfirms. $TWLO Twilio Strikeforce also has API for their most secure videoconferencing. $DOCU $OKTA StrikeForce has the most secure videoconferencing platform with Out of band login, facial recognition & more.