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Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc. (DPWW)

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    $CBDG conversation
    hopefully the last dip b4 the rise
    can we start a new green trend after all the red ?! $cbdd $cbdl $cbds $cbgl $dpww $exdc
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    Sundial Growers Inc.
    great opportunity to get in a solid company with winning awards with extremely low o/s at 217 million. check out #dpww
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    $RMHB conversation
    sounded good a year ago ...
    colorado / arizona cannabis was on the rise while canadian cann took a dive !
    what is up with that ?
    $myhi $turv $grso $dpww $cbdl $cbdd
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    DENVER — After selling over the counter for years, marijuana dispensaries in Denver are seeing a budding opportunity. Stores are submitting applications for delivery permits and city officials say residents can expect to get their weed delivered to their front door within the next few weeks.
    In April, Mayor Michael Hancock signed two council bills into law to create a social equity program for marijuana licensing in the city. For the next six years, Denver will only hand out transporter licenses to people who fit the state's social equity criteria to make the industry more equitable.
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    $DPWW conversation
    Monday watchlist - $MDCL, $GSRX (newly listed, projecting $28M in revenue), $DPWW
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    Puration, Inc.
    $DPWW is gearing up for a big run.. up 50% over past week or two... good news should be coming out next week... get in while its under .02 bcuz its thin up to .05
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    Buy now
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    $GAXY conversation
    $GAXY signs with the 7th largest school district in the USA! 🚀

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    New dispensary in Colorado next month opening
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    $DPWW conversation has an alert for $DPWW. Did anyone happen to see it as well? Looking for some good positive information from the company! "hhse" Making money trading stocks.
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    Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc.
    What's the guess for 4th qt report?