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Duke Realty Corporation (DRE)

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    $MNKD conversation
    Folks, $Dre has a cost average above $2. Does anyone care about this underwater long’s opinion? ...didn’t think so
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    $IDEX conversation
    Ideanomics $IDEX subsidiary(focusing on real estate), Liquefy smart contract templates for different asset classes(something that is difficult to trade such as expensive stocks, real estates) converting illiquid assets into digital tokens (in a similar way of bitcoin or blockchain tech). Through its tokenization platform, illiquid assets can be traded on exchanges, have fractional ownership(for example you buy Amazon stock and real estate by fraction, make it easier to buy). The company’s primary focus is real estate. Related real estate Stocks($MOGO, $XLRE, $KIM, $NLY, $DRE, $PEI, $BPY, $SRG)
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    $DRE conversation
    Five, ten and twenty day short information for $DRE all put together
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    $DRE conversation
    Does anyone think we will get a .01, increase in the dividend??? If it happens, should be in the next 30 days.