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Etsy, Inc. (ETSY)

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    $ETSY conversation
    I agreed with William...

    $ETSY conversation

    Etsy (ETSY): Growth in active buyers and sellers remains robust. International markets will support growth along with sustained upside in GMS per active user.

    Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, e-commerce stocks have trended higher. With social distancing mandated globally, shoppers and sellers went online. E-commerce experienced a historic 34.2% surge in activity in 2020. Therefore, the rally in the sector was backed by positive fundamental developments.

    While these are near-term factors weighing on stock sentiment, the long-term outlook is robust. It’s expected that the global e-commerce market will be worth $5.55 trillion in 2022. Online sales are likely account for 21% of total retail sales in the year. This is only expected to improve in the next few years. By 2025, the e-commerce market share is expected to increase to 24.5%.
    E-commerce stocks that have corrected sharply in recent weeks, but remain attractive long-term investments as consumer buying habits have been reshaped by the pandemic. Coupang (CPNG): Has shown healthy growth to sustain with encouraging long-term gu
    E-commerce stocks that have corrected sharply in recent weeks, but remain attractive long-term investments as consumer buying habits have been reshaped by the pandemic. Coupang (CPNG): Has shown healthy growth to sustain with encouraging long-term gu
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    $ONTF conversation
    navid how’s your $etsy doing? it dropt 12% yesterday. Or $pypl you bought at a $100. It’s now $84. Good to know you love those management teams.

    Sir equities, especially technology, have been crushed.
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    The One
    $RVLV conversation
    I did a cash flow & revenue comparison with $ETSY and found that $RVLV is between 50-70% discounted!
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    $ETSY started from $20s, dropped below $7 and within 5 years broke $200. Patience is key!🚀🚀🚀
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    $ETSY just reported earnings posting numbers of EPS of $0.62 beating expectations of $0.54 Rev of $532.4M beating expectations of $518.9M
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    For anyone that $WISHed that they invested in $ETSY when it was below $20. Your $WISH came through🚀🚀🚀
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    $ETSY conversation
    Amazing how two stock treated completely differently.

    $TSLA S&P 500 inclusion hoax (Which done by fraud street very openly and yet no one even asking to inquire about clearly & perfectly coordinated stuff which not possible without billions on table by powerful group.) bring it 50% higher in just few days.

    $ETSY hardly moving
    $TER hardly moving
    $CTLT hardly moving.

    Amazing yesterday they gone solid negative as well similar to other stock. First trading day.

    What S&P 500 inclusion means nearly 30% of stock get brought by various different fund (14% directly by ETF /Other funds tracking S&P 500 100% accurately, Other 19% also try match S&P 500 performance but not always follow 100% so I put 30% total.)
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    Remember when $SNAP was at 4$ and $ETSY was at 7$. Don't miss this opportunity.
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    $WISH conversation
    $ETSY revenue less than $2.5B, market cap 20B+
    WISH revenue around $3B, market cap should be $24B
    At this price, market cap is only less $6B - so the price should be today $40

    Do your own DD.
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    CWEB Media
    $GRPN conversation
    One of the Best Position company for rebound.
    Groupon already announced that will continue with shopping deals and know with the Economy coming back. Institutional Investors and Company Insiders are Buying also. All indications are positive. Comparing to online retailers like $EBAY , $SHOP , $ETSY , $BABA Groupon is way way cheaper. Strong Buy!
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    Wisdom of Crowds
    Morgan Stanley top stock picks are oil companies. In retail they recommended Lululemon in December....good brand but way overvalued. MIK will jump higher on Q4 holiday earnings beat.....the new management team has momentum. This stock will double in 2021. Potential target for $etsy but multiples will drift upwards over next few earnings beats.
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    $PBI conversation
    Another failed Certified Flunky Analyst (aka CFA): Goldman Sachs analyst Heath Terry raised the firm's price target on $ETSY to $286 from $178 and keeps a Buy rating. Stock down by 40%, hitting $154 today.

    Ouch! Ouch, ouch!!

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    $WISH conversation
    Etsy is acquiring Depop (fashion re-seller market) for $1.63 billion $ETSY

    Young demographic, 90% under 26

    considering they did $70 million in sales last year
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    $ETSY conversation
    Perhaps this popped today because insiders needed to sell:
    $ETSY reported 2 new insider trades to the SEC in the last 2 minutes.
    $105,641.00 of shares sold by Simeone Jill (General Counsel & Secretary)
    $166,012.35 of shares sold by Fisher Michael T (Chief Technology Officer)
    Is Monday going to be a big haircut day?
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    Wall St.
    $PINS conversation
    $PINS is a combination of $EBAY $ANZN and $ETSY to name a few. People do not realize it yet.
    Pinterest, is a platform for all. Every retail wants to be there.
    It's just a beginning. Pins is in the basement build up, of a skyscraper. Profit is growing. DAU are irrelevant. Pareto effect states, 80% of wealth belongs 20% of people.
    20% of Pins users generate 80% of profits.. the rest are just browsers. Pinterest is not a good company, it is a Great company, Company with great concept. It is branding itself now, worldwide
    Buy it now in circa $50.Put it away for 5 years, then look it up.
    Best regards to all.
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    $SHOP conversation
    It's funny to see how all these money-losing ecommerce companies like $SHOP, $ETSY get a super high valuation while profitable ecommerce like $FLWS gets a low valuation while building cash every year.

    When water goes out, we will see the same pattern as 1999, 2007, 2014...
  • j
    Asensus Surgical, Inc.
    my big winner of today is $etsy with a good earnings🚀
    now eyes on $asxc 🥳 I really love this company's business😋👍
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    $BABA conversation
    Jumia Led ecommerce stocks today:
    JMIA +3.97%
    $BABA +2.82%
    $SHOP +2.42%
    $PPD +1.74%
    $AMZN +1.42%
    $ETSY +1.14%
    $MELI -0.83%
    $OZON -0.86%
    $SE -3.60%
    $CPNG -8.15%
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    $WISH conversation
    The pattern of Shorts is always the same.

    They compared $SNAP, $ETSY, and $SQ to $FB, $AMZN and $PYPL and said they would no longer grow.

    Think about it. When you sell stocks, Hedge funds are buying.
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    CWEB Media
    $GRPN conversation
    $GRPN This is a great company. Lots of cash and solid deep bench of people with experience. $ETSY is at $50 and is not even close to Groupon valuation. Online Shopping will be huge. Strong BUY!