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Henry Schein, Inc. (HSIC)

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62,90-2,11 (-3,25%)
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    $AYTU conversation
    Ive been here for a bit and just wanted to let people know about $HSIC seems like it isnt getting much attention yet and has similar news to AYTU
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    $HSIC conversation
    Listen to the conference call. Lots of "uncertainty" and "caution." Brexit is a negative (and these folks are all from England I believe), there is going to be restructuring that they can't determine at this point and they are lower guidance (although very modestly). This is the kind of stock that is priced for perfection and there is just too much uncertainty. They also said dental in the U.S.A. is "soft". So overall, not good. This could be a good time to take a position - since I have been watching this stock forever and have never owned. Thanks for any feedback you may have.
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    The Silent Majority who says nothing will propel Trump to a landslide victory. Of course Russia Sanders interference happened. Putin wants The Don to have a guaranteed victory, yet the blind can’t see.
    $amzn $rtn $hsic $ba $nvda $spy
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    Tomorrow Morning:
    1. Snap one off.
    2. Make coffee.
    3. Give birth to a car salesman.
    4. Shower
    5. Watch market timber another 444 points.
    6. Take those pills from Exxon, again. Rock hard.
    Back to step #1 following day.

    Make America Poor Again.

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    $HSIC conversation
    No dividend, so why buy this stock? Doesn't care about the shareholders as business partners. Won't attract buyers who believe dividends are important.
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    $HSIC conversation
    That's what I hate about Yahoo now.... Can't get any information!! I hate the new format!
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    $HSIC conversation
    why the drop?
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    $HSIC conversation
    Still a toilet floater!
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    Why dropped over 7%?
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    $HSIC conversation
    I took a position on the drop. I think the company is strong and I've seen MM drop this stock a few points to get in cheap. This is larger drop due to lower guidance is overdone I think. The stock will be back in 175+ range in weeks.

    I trade this stock on and off. It's been good to me.