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    Death note
    $NKLA conversation
    $hyln $ride $xl $rmo $vldr $clov let’s me introduce you a new friends $spce $sofi $dkng these 3 will join the lists
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    $HYLN conversation
    Here’s the thing with
    they have these “group” of fleets (big names but not that big) that we’re willing to take a free truck and use it with ZERO commitment or cash down for orders. Then they take pre orders from a company with a vested interest (shares) in the company, again with ZERO cash deposit. Then they state they will be doing testing by giving away the hybrid for a year, to then never sell a single one but create version 2 which they then state they aren’t sure what the market is for them due to new competition in the marketplace…..
    Now the ERX is being tested, for a a year plus. To be redesigned in late 2022/early 2023? Probably since that was game plan with the hybrid.
    Now with a long list of big companies claimed to be getting it to drive around, the CEO is now tweeting for retweets to see who wants to “test” drive these things like there’s ALEADY open time for that!
    What happened to Budweiser or the other dozen fleets?????
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    $HYLN conversation
    Is it just me, or is $HYLN stock down almost 70% since it's high of $20.78 on 2/11?
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    $CLNE conversation
    $CLNE $HYLN …. Where is WALMART?

    “We’re also working to transition long-haul/heavy-duty Class 8 tractors, where the technology is still in early stages and infrastructure to support these vehicles is currently not in place. To overcome this barrier, we will work with trusted equipment manufacturers and others on testing solutions. We believe we can act as an industry leader to articulate the necessary changes that will lead to a zero-emission business future.”

    It’s fair to say, Walmart is kicking the can down the road on their climate responsibilities as one of the worlds largest retails! Amazon, their biggest competitor has shown leadership with 100’s of RNG long haul trucks now on the road….where is Walmart?

    Everyone knows there are solutions for long haulers NOW -

    CLNE (RNG) and Cummins Nat Gas Trucks
    HYLN (EV) and RNG

    Walmart chooses to put their head in the sand and sell their customers they need Innovation and Infrastructure (RNG 700+ Stations) Good enough for Amazon!
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    $RIDE conversation
    $ride $xl $rmo $nkla $vldr $hyln
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    $HYLN conversation
    The Build Back Better plan getting canceled means Hyliion is currently the top dawg of EV now. Every single one of the competition requires extreme amounts of infrastructure dollars, $HYLN already has infrastructure in place. RIP $NKLA $HYZN $TSLA
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    #NKLA, #RIDE, #FSR, #HYLN, #WKHS. Reminds me of the 3D printer run up. These companies were all too late to the party. Say bye bye to your investment.
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    JW Vulture Capital Group
    $NIO conversation
    I’m selling all my $1.20 NIO shares and going all in on both #NKLA and #HYLN.
    They have a future folks!
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    $WPRT conversation
    $CLNE $HYLN $GTLS Just released Q2 2020 data from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has confirmed that the energy weighted carbon intensity (CI) value of California’s natural gas vehicle fuel portfolio in the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) program was below zero—at -0.85 gCO2e/MJ. This is the first time in the history of the LCFS program that any low carbon fuel portfolio has achieved a carbon negative status.

    “Given the large and growing volume of heavy-duty natural gas vehicles already hard at work on California’s roads, this is an extremely significant milestone,” said Todd Campbell, chair of the California Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership (CNGVP) and vice president of public policy and regulatory affairs, Clean Energy. “Both the short- and long-term climate benefits of this achievement are extremely significant. When combined with the fact that most natural gas vehicles recently placed into service are powered by near-zero emission engines, the natural gas vehicle industry is providing the most substantial and cost-effective contributions towards California’s goals to reduce criteria and greenhouse gas emissions while eliminating the use of diesel in favor of renewable, low carbon fuels.”
    California Air Resources Board data reveals the average carbon intensity of all natural gas vehicle fuel in the state’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard program was negative for the first time in program history.
    California Air Resources Board data reveals the average carbon intensity of all natural gas vehicle fuel in the state’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard program was negative for the first time in program history.
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    $HYLN conversation
    According to Barron's, Republic Services cancelled its 2500 EV truck order with NKLA. Most likely Republic Services will go to $HYLN or $CIIC for a new contract.
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    $HYLN conversation
    POLL: Guys, $hyln now seems like real a bargain at these levels. Do you think it is a worthy investment at the current PPS? Press 👍 for Yes 📈 🆙 ⬆️ ⤴️ 🔼, press 👎 for No ⬇️ . Thanks in advance for your poll participation, and please feel free to give your best reasoning for your vote.
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    $WPRT conversation
    $XBC.V $HYLN $CLNE Québec’s renewable natural gas target has doubled to 10% by 2030
    Within the plan, a minimum of 10% renewable natural gas (RNG) content in the pipeline is targeted by 2030, a doubling of the previous target which was set at 5% by 2025. This was combined with the announcement of a $213 million investment in the financing of renewable natural gas production and distribution projects, which are important indications of the scale of the Québec RNG market over the next few years.

    This builds on the government’s previously announced support on July 3, 2020, through its organic material management plan to recycle or recover 70% of organic waste in the province by 2030. At that time, the province had earmarked $1.2 billion in funding to build out organic matter collection services and processing facilities. Concurrently, the funding for the PTMOBC (Programme de traitement des matières organiques par biométhanisation et compostage) program also increased by $308 million, and focuses on the treatment of organic materials by biomethanization (renewable natural gas production) and composting.
    - The Québec company is well positioned to provide local solutions for renewable natural gas and hydrogen projects in Québec - MONTRÉAL, Nov. 18,...
    - The Québec company is well positioned to provide local solutions for renewable natural gas and hydrogen projects in Québec - MONTRÉAL, Nov. 18,...
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    Every question Mark Deleany (GS) had , Healy answered them with precision and technicalities , I see an upgrade coming soon. Obviously Mark was not aware that $HYLN generator can be replaced with Hydrogen generators in the future. I’m super excited..!!
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    $HYLN conversation
    $HYLN released their first 2021 quarterly report (10-Q)
    Net loss per share, basic and diluted $(0.10), versus expected $(0.19). Let's goooooooo!
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    $HYLN conversation
    I've invested long term in the 2 intelligent young CEOs of our generation who have invented best in class technologies in engineering. Thomas Healy of Hyliion $HYLN and Austin Russell of Luminar $GMHI (LAZR). 28 and 25 year old phenoms who have lots of patents under their name. We just need to be patient.
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    $HYLN conversation
    $HYLN Thomas Healy's interview yesterday. He did follow investors' requests of not mentioning Nikola.
    Watch at 6:15.
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    Hyliion Holdings Corp.
    Shorts want me to Sell...but I just keep buying $HYLN...👊💰🤫
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    $WPRT conversation
    $CLNE is up 35% in premarket, additionally to the already astonishing 26% of yesterday. Not huge volume but still meaningful. The question is, as it tends to be correlated with Westport, will Westport follow with a +30% price increase in a day? $HYLN If I were short, I would be very very VERY worried
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    Natural Law
    $TOSBF conversation
    Thomas Healy from Hyliion #HYLN just announced they are using Toshiba batteries in their ERX Hyper truck and can take a full charge in 8 minutes, and are 1/20th the size of current EV batteries!
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    $WPRT conversation
    Switzerland: Parliament gives impetus to biogas propulsion in freight transport $CNHI $GTLS $HYLN

    Currently, only trucks with an electric drive have benefited from an HVF exemption. With the motion that was also adopted by the National Council today after the Council of States, the Federal Council now has to regularly adapt laws and regulations in the field of commercial vehicles to the new technological developments. As a result, other commercial vehicles with alternative drives should benefit from a reduction in the HVF.

    This also brings great advantages for trucks that are on the move with #biogas #biomethane or #LBG #BioLNG. This is shown by a small calculation example: A 40-ton truck with an old diesel (Euro 0, 1, 2) has to calculate HVF charges of over CHF 99,000 with an annual mileage of 80,000 kilometers. And even a diesel truck with a modern Euro 6 diesel and thus significantly lower emissions still costs almost 73,000 francs per year. #carbonemissions #decarbonization
    Parlament gibt Schub für Biogas-Antrieb im Güterverkehr
    Parlament gibt Schub für Biogas-Antrieb im Güterverkehr