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Iridium Communications Inc. (IRDM)

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    $AAPL conversation
    ASTS (AST Space Mobile Inc.) is the true niche play for satellite mobile like $AAPL $GSAT $IRDM
    Analyst price target $30 SP $12
    This is the squeezer
  • S
    The Boeing Company
    Arion subsidiary of $IRDM satellite data use to track and get flight data.
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    $AAPL conversation
    ASTS (AST Space Mobile Inc.) is the true niche play for satellite mobile like $AAPL $GSAT $IRDM
    Analyst price target $30 SP $12
    #400M cash vs a $600M market cap...Huge short interest.
    This is the squeezer like $BBIG $RPHM $KPLT $RNXT $SPRT
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    $IRDM conversation
    The SpaceX rocket explosion this morning is not good news for the Iridium lauches
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    2 for me 1 for U
    $IRDM conversation
    Curious why gsat has been speculated as take out talks for their spectrum and not iridium. Iridium is a much better company with better financials and they replenishing their satellites with true low orbit satellites that relies less on ground station
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    $IRDM conversation
    your new sats
    (note: "ZOOM OUT" on the screen to find them......then "zoom back in" after centering them)|41918|41919|41920|41921|41922|41923|41924|41925|41926
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    $IRDM conversation
    Does anyone understand why Iridium's stock is down given the success of the space x launch on Saturday?
  • N
    Stable Road Acquisition Corp.
    Dawn Harms was just named as the new CEO of Momentus $SRAC her history includes VP of Boeing and 11 years of space experience! Buy Buy Buy $spce $ajrd $noc $nok $ufo $rokt $irdm
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    GreenSAT ChessMaster
    I guess that it is good for you me to add to my position in $IRDM
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    $IRDM conversation
    Congrats to Space X and Iridium for believing!
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    $IRDM conversation
    Shares in Iridium, who was scheduled to launch its first ten Iridium Next satellites on a Falcon 9 later in September, also fell. NO PROBLEM...WE'LL JUST TRY AND GRAB GLOBALSTAR'S
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    $IRDM conversation
    Wonder why ARK keeps buying $IRDM to their portfolio 😏
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    $IRDM conversation
    So those birds will go up ..........WHEN? Jan 15; Jan 16?
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    $IRDM conversation
    SpaceX Rocket Launch: Falcon 9 Flight Delayed To January 9
    SpaceX rocket launch scheduled was moved from Jan. 8 to Jan. 9. The comapany was not able to do its engine test on schedule.
  • R
    $IRDM is for Cathie $GSAT for MS the race for a double.
  • S
    70% of their business isn't phones anymore; it's tracking ships, trucks, planes, weather stations, soldiers on the battlefield, etc.
  • r
    Iridium Communications Inc.
    Bought more yesterday, bought some today. Book values over $13.00. Someone will buy them out.
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    $IRDM conversation
    This is bad news for sure. I am selling now and buying back in a lot lower, if they finally get the NEXT satellites launched. They are already loosing customers who are tired of the poor service.
    SpaceX's ambitious rocket launch schedule just blew up
    The explosion of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket at a Cape Canaveral launchpad is going to throw a serious wrench in the company's flight manifest.
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    $IRDM conversation
    Does globalstar's GSAT activities effect irdium's stock price?
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    $IRDM conversation
    was trying to get this bd from yahoo finance -- it took forever with all the ads-so went to google and typed irdm msg bd and got right in