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Grayscale Litecoin Trust (LTCN)

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  • E
    $ETHE conversation
    $ETHE is the lowest premium Grayscale offering. ETH is ready to blast off. We have until Feb for increased supply. If you understand the above, I know you bought the past 3 days and are adding now, Congrats

    $GBTC Premium: 26.4%
    $ETHE Premium: 23.3%
    $GDLC Premium: 33.1%
    $ETCG Premium: 50.0%
    $LTCN Premium: 2233.0%
    $BCHG Premium: 836.8%
  • M
    $SPY conversation
    Look at how these ETFs and Trusts are getting people to overpay for BTC... does anyone have any idea what they are buying?
    Noobs are getting fleeced in fees and paying over NAV..

    $GBTC Premium: 17.6%
    $ETHE Premium: 83.4%
    $GDLC Premium: 86.5%
    $ETCG Premium: 40.8%
    $LTCN Premium: 6390.0%
    $BCHG Premium: 1123.9%

    $GBTC: $21.2
    $ETHE: $99.7
    $GDLC: $21.58
    $ETCG: $9.05
    $LTCN: $510.0
    $BCHG: $37.5
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    $LTCN conversation
    I'm trying to learn about all cryptos including Litecoin. That said, can anyone explain why $LTCN is so volatile in relation to the underlying coin while others like $GBTC and $ETHE seem to move more in line with their coins? I've seen others ask similar questions but nothing I've read has made any sense. Thanks in advance. GLTA
  • i
    $LTCN. Way better than GBTC. TRUST ME. LTCN TO THE MOON.