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    How will $MELI react to changes in the Argentinian administration?
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    Coffee Snob
    $MELI conversation
    $shop is a better investment then $MELI
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    $PYPL conversation
    Some Positives about PayPal:
    > Venmo revenue growing every quarter
    > Buy Now Pay Later option added
    > Venmo is now offering goods and services option
    > Honey acquisition is now being utilized on Venmo “DEALS” feature.
    > Acquired Paidy in September which is a Japanese Unicorn. This was a great acquisition. They are a Japanese leader and this will increase market share.
    >PayPal savings account are coming soon. Earn interest and watch your money grow. No minimum amount needed.
    > Crypto part of their business has taken off.
    > PayPal/Venmo has 2x as many active users than Coinbase. And it’s only been around since April.
    > Owns 5% of $MELI (Mercado Libre).
    > 403 Million active accounts and growing. Apple Pay has around 40 Million to put it in perspective.
    > 30 Million merchant accounts. SHOP/Shopify has two million to put it in perspective
    > Venmo had 58% growth in volume last quarter.
    > Venmo is 20% of PayPal and continues to grow along.
    > Goods and services fee has increased from 3% to 3.5% (15% increase. G&S is 15% of their business)
    > 89% conversion vs 50-55% credit cards on check out.
    > You'll be able to pay for purchases with Venmo on Amazon next year.

    PayPal is revolutionizing how we do business/finance online. If you own a small business and you sell a product/service online you most likely get paid in paypal. It’s the king. Millennials prefer to use Venmo, and other demographics use paypal. By getting involved in the buy now pay later space they are taking advantage of one of the growth markets to be in.

    No bad news has came out about PayPal. This is a FANTASTIC company with LOADS of potential over the next 10 years. The king of online payments. Building a super app.
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    $JMIA conversation
    Jumia Q1 Earnings Results:

    TPV 42.9 Million Euros up 20.9% YOY

    Gross profit increased by 11% year-over-year

    Gross Profit after Fulfillment was up 149% year-over-year

    Adjusted EBITDA loss decreased by 24% year-over-year

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    Shopify Inc.
    $SHOP and $MELI look like the 2 juggernauts to own as payments/fintech and eCommerce plays for the rest of the world. Their market caps are still low compared to their long-term growth potential, so longs will do well not listening to posters that spread FUD and panic on these boards. JMTC.
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    Investor Racing
    MercadoLibre, Inc.
    Great Earnings of $MELI. I think will be see 2k per share very soon!!!!!!!!!
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    $JMIA conversation
    $MELI NEWS: Net Revenues of $878.4 million , up 123.4% year-over-year on an FX neutral basis
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    MercadoLibre, Inc.
    At these levels, $MELI, $JMIA or $SE?
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    $MELI conversation
    Analysts have EPS estimates for $MELI rising from $2.85/share this year to $8.41/share next year, and the way MELI has been beating estimates lately it will likely come in well above $10/share in EPS. That is fantastic growth, shares should head back up to new highs soon. MELI just announced today that customers will be able to buy/sell crypto and use it to pay for merchandise, this is a multi-billion dollar revenue opportunity that analysts haven't factored into their estimates. BTFD!
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    $MELI conversation
    $AMZN, $BABA both experienced slow down in the E-Commerce section and revenue missing (very high analyst expectations). Suspect might be the same with $MELI. But I'm bullish and will add if this sells after earnings
  • R
    Alibaba Group Holding Limited
    $BABA is the most undervalued gem I can find. Added 300 shares to my collection. Also adding to $JD $AMZN $MELI $JMIA $OZON when I can.
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    Jumia Technologies AG
    My wishful thinking of the week: I hope $JMIA mimicks $MELI ! $SE
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    $AMZN conversation
    Ozon Holdings: The Main Beneficiary Of The Russian E-Commerce Growth
    Seeking Alpha, Feb. 03, 2021 4:40 AM ET
    -Ozon is one of the biggest companies in the Russian e-commerce industry. It is the
    largest multi-category online store. Ozon provides the marketplace for 3P sellers and
    sells goods independently.
    -The e-commerce industry in Russia develops rapidly and has high potential. It also
    has several differences from the industries of other countries of emerging markets.
    -Previous years were extremely successful for the company in terms of the growth
    rate. Due to a good business model, Ozon can increase its market share and,
    consequently, sales.
    -Ozon managed to start cutting operational and advertising expenses. However, there
    is still a long way to sustainable profitability.
    -Ozon is expected to increase its revenues together with the growth of the market.
    The estimated revenue CAGR for the next 4-5 years is about 40%.
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    $BABA conversation
    Jumia Led ecommerce stocks today:
    JMIA +3.97%
    $BABA +2.82%
    $SHOP +2.42%
    $PPD +1.74%
    $AMZN +1.42%
    $ETSY +1.14%
    $MELI -0.83%
    $OZON -0.86%
    $SE -3.60%
    $CPNG -8.15%
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    MercadoLibre, Inc.
    When listening to $MELI , I get the impression that:
    1) they have multiple irons in the fire. Wonder if they are biting more than they can chew.
    2) For all the initiatives, they seem optimistic and say it is in quite early. I have hard time believing someone who says everything they are working on look promising though they don't have much to show at this time because it is too early.
    3) Anytime, a tiny company starts taking loans on its books in developing countries while serving low to mid income tiers, it is a risky proposition. I know they have offloaded 45% of those loans books through securitization.
    4) Lastly, none of these high growth - high beta companies have seen world wide inflation and higher interest rates in the past decade or so - how do we know they are well prepared for such market conditions?
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    Next $800 stock like #MELI I have been in #BABA for 4 years and have seen the highs and the lows.. Owing 1100 shares I see a bright future ahead of us! #BABA #AMZN #MELI The global Economy and shopping habits are changing more rapidly then ever!
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    $MELI conversation
    Sellers are exhausted. Every dip gets bought. This market is very different to 2018 taper tantrum, precisely because investors learned from the past. Long and bullish $MELI
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    Ozon Holdings PLC
    I own ecommerce over the entire globe. $AMZN $MELI $JMIA $OZON $BABA $JD ... I recommend you do too.
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    $MELI conversation
    Market is bringing down all tech stocks including $MELI :(
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    $JMIA conversation
    Jumia strong pre-market along with all the other Ecom stocks $MELI $EBAY $BABA etc... Great article on JMIA