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Northrop Grumman Corporation (NOC)

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  • P
    $PLTR conversation
    Almost $1T in defense spending announced. PLTR, $KTOS, $BA, and $NOC - companies like that will benefit greatly. Whether cyber security, tech, or actual aero/defense manufacturing.
  • T
    Northrup Grumman $NOC and Lockheed Martin $LMT were both awarded contracts with the U.S Missle Defense Agency for the development and risk reduction of the Next Generation Interceptor

    $NOC was awarded a $3.9B total value contract

    $LMT was awarded a $3.7B total value contract
  • M
    $NOC conversation
    I'm sure there are lots of dividend portfolios being built here.
    Hit me with your top 4 high dividend / safe plays!
  • J
    $LMT to $NOC ratio seems low.. both great companies though and bullish on both.
  • S
    This buybacks will make shareholders so rich. $LMT and $NOC are winners for the coming years
  • F
    $NOC conversation
    #NOC Looking good for higher prices. MACD, Stochastic oscillator and RSI are turning up, according to stoxline. Long over 337.90 for a run up to 394.67.
  • J
    First time in awhile $LMT seems to be outperforming $NOC and $RTX.
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    Farzad Mansourbeigi
    $LMT conversation
    Everything go up except $lmt, $noc, $lhx anybody knows why?
  • d
    Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc.
    Reports: Senate near two-year budget deal with higher defense spending $LMT, $KTOS, $TDG, $BA, $NOC, $HRS, $RTN, $UTX, $TXT, $LLL, $GD, $FLIR, $COL
  • N
    $LHX conversation
    Joe Biden has gone on record saying he would like to see defense spending increase. And, of course, if Trump wins, Republicans are the defense industry's best friend. I strongly believe the defense sector presents the best value overall. $LHX and $NOC are going to be winners after this ill-advised sell off.
  • Z
    Maxar Technologies Inc.
    Northrop's up today. USA is going to need strong defense contractors. Where's that new CAO from again.. $NOC.
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    $NOC conversation
    Mission Systems, headquartered in Linthicum, Maryland, is a leader in advanced end-to-end mission solutions s and multifunction systems for DoD, intelligence community, international, federal-civil and commercial customers. $NOC annual filing with SEC
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    Wu Ping
    $ASTR conversation
    As far as the price tanking; I'd like to remind people of the Cygnus ORB-3 resupply mission back in 2014, whose launch ended explosively 15 seconds after launch. In the proceeding months, $ORB stock dropped from the low $30's to the high teens, and there were even doubts about whether $ATK (the shuttle "O" ring folks) would proceed with the planned merger. The $OA merger *did* happen and the price did recover. And after the $OA and $NOC merger in 2017, today's $NOC price is about $367. Honestly, I sometimes wish I kept those share.

    Having said that... I'm surprised the computers did not automagically terminate the launch, when they detected one of the five engines not igniting. It speaks volumes about the safety culture at $ASTR. And as far as the "paying customer" (Space Force) goes; they really didn't have that much faith either, since the payload was a mass simulator.

    As far as the SpaceX comparisons go... SpaceX is still a private company, and Elon really doesn't give a frack about what everyone thinks, LOL. If Astra wants to go the iterative development route; they should've remained privat, for the time being.
  • J
    $RTX outperforming $LMT and $NOC yet again..
  • A
    Buying more $MAXR from $CGC money, MAXR is hot buyouts target by $AMZN. $NOC. $LMT $RTH as Space Force getting hot
  • C
    $LMT conversation
    nATO enters Ukraine.

    As bearish as we are on many stocks in the market, we remain bullish on defense contractors.

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    Speak with love
    $NOC conversation
    Do you guys think NOC can trade in the 230's in November?
  • c
    Congrats holders. New ATH coming. I’ll trim the sails but remain long. $NOC, $PH.
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    $VXRT conversation
  • D
    $NOC conversation
    LMT is the defense stock that everyone fawns over. I've owned NOC for years and am very happy but I was truly shocked when I compared the 2 on a chart for 1, 3, 5 & 10 years. NOC way outperforms LMT appreciation wise as well as div increases.

    I'll changed my plans and will fill out my NOC position first, before moving to establish a LMT position.