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The Procter & Gamble Company (PG)

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  • B
    $SPY conversation
    Bears dominate in strong trading session. Bears make sure you’re reverse investing in some good names today! $PG $COST $aapl
  • Э
    $UPST conversation
    investors buy $pg or $jnj - p/e 35 , and sell $nflx p/e 20 and $fb p/e15 , and sell $upstart f p/e 20 and grow 30% y , very strange logic , oil stock overprices p/e tech stocks, incresable
  • S
    Snoopy with Tan
    $PLTR conversation
    I am out too! Sold everything cashed out and bought $pg and $cost!
  • J
    $PG conversation
    Amazing company, just unbelievable how people can sell this stock, why do traders buy this one?
    $PG is a buy, hold and accumulate stock for decades to come
  • M
    $PG conversation
    The overall market is really hot this month, which is why $PG is trading sideways. A lot of support at this level, so no need to panic.
  • D
    $^DJI conversation
    It was an interesting day to say the least, but the most interesting was that after all was said and done, three DJIA stocks were under accumulation, $MSFT, $PG and $UNH. Only one was under distribution, $BA. This was a function of low volume, indicating more of a lack of buyers rather than panic selling. This was after yesterday where one stock was under distribution and one stock was under accumulation, hardly worth getting excited about. 2022 still looks like a 37,000 level year, so a few good blue chip value stocks are giving long-term investors a good entry point in here.
  • M
    $PG conversation
    This price is a gift to the longs. Time to buy into $PG as it touches down to the 50 day moving average. Market's over-reacting to Peltz's sale. Consider, he only sold 2M of his 32M shares. He's just taking some profits.
  • O
    PROTECT YOURSELF THIS WINTER WITH 84.c Dividend on a stock that is reaching new highs every day $PG
  • K
    Just say NO to $PG
  • M
    $PG volume is so soft today. It’s just down because the whole market’s down. Hold tight.
  • P
    $AAPL conversation
    $AAPL ain’t done yet. Money printer right there. Every year they will be on the cutting edge of consumables. The $PG of our time.
  • D
    $^DJI conversation
    Usually there's good follow through for stocks that are under accumulation the day before. We'll see what happens to $MSFT, $PG and $UNH today.
  • T
    $PCT conversation
    PureCycle Technologies has the ONLY recycling technology for restoring waste polypropylene into virgin resin. The process is more cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable than the traditional process. This process was developed by $PG
  • s
    $PLUG conversation
    Pineville LA New job openings for $PG driving HYDROGEN Forklifts for $PG

    Dated 6-14-2018

    Guess the SOLUTION has been found

    Time to LOAD
  • M
    $BMY conversation
    I also voted against the board. I bought this stock at $56 many years ago. Then bought again around $66. I am up $4k in about 7 years. It was between this stock and $pg. Chose wrong.
  • s
    $TGODF conversation
    Najarian Brothers Cannabis ETF named $THCX

    Pete Najarian Knows Tim Seymour......the Najarian Brothers are predicting THEIR Cannabis ETF will be a BILLION dollar ETF......I’m betting since it’s based on a monthly performance, this FALL it will be their largest Holding by summer 2020......

    It’s all coming together in Cannabis and 99.99% of the world does NOT own $TGODF.......most retail owns $ACB and $CGC , both of whom have spent like drunken sailors on shore leave ......

    THE PREMIUM PRICING will be your friend in summer 2020.......til then ,it’s a GAME to see how many YOU can , we have Pete and Jon Najarian TRYING to accumulate at same time as Valleyfield and Hamilton come online at same time........our 20,000 shareholders ADDED a new shareholder yesterday, a retired $PG exec who has been watching my Facebook feed Keith Bare talking about $ the Najarian Brothers , I’m a REAL PERSON with an identity.......the rest of you just HIDE behind your bashing trashing alias IDs ......the NEW Shareholder is wealthy retired $PG and here because of me and Brian Athaide ......he knows how well Brian worked and he was in Brian’s leadership team ........CPG and $PG retirees will become our friends.....

    You have limited time before that 23 DRY PR streak is broken......
    I thought it would print this week......I was wrong on my #Statistics but I never saw Pete and Jon Najarian ETF Coming have an OPPORTUNITY before the USA CBD Entry and the first of many USA Beverage Partners with Syrmise is announced ..?.....DOZENS of new Beverage Partners will be announced in next 18 months.......DOZENS......and that’s a FACT in #CBD
  • K
    $PG conversation
    Any thoughts on the PG Coty echange offer?
  • M
    $PG green today amidst the sea of red. Seems like investors are running to safety.
  • Y
    $PG conversation
    #PG Rising with heavy volume. Looking for breakout at 96.50 for a run up to 112.71.
  • K
    Waste Management, Inc.
    wow, this has held up really really well. investors probably looking to names like $WM and $PG as safe havens if economy slows from here and other high flyers face gloom.