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Palantir Technologies Inc. (PLTR)

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    $PLTR conversation
    $PLTR has $249.79M in debt
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    $PLTR conversation
    It would be nice to see $PLTR getting a huge slice of the JEDI contract or all of it.
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    First post, This is ready to take off , $PLTR partnership and should be added to $ARKX
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    There were years that $AMZN fell down 70% and 90% and $FB after IPO fell by almost 50% and you know the rest of it. I bought them both and I am in really big profits. Never sold a share and not planning any time $WISH just became public this year. They have $1.5B in cash, MC of $4B and revenue of almost $3B. They had a not great Q and analysts decided to hammer it down. Long term I think it’s amazing opportunity to buy at this levels. Millions of users globally, great management team, and huge potential. Do your DD.. I am adding WISH to my long holds such as FB, AMZN, $AAPL and $PLTR
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    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    $TWLO $WIMI $PLTR volume is not there for all of you who are short! Don’t celebrate to soon!💪💪💪
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    $PLTR conversation
    $PLTR - over to $IDEX buying VIA Electric trucks for $600m only $2's should be at least $8
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    $BKSY conversation
    $BKSY Backed by Peter Theil New Partnership with Palanatir $PLTR
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    Palantir Technologies Inc.
    Congrats to anyone getting in now, we are still early. This is going to be a future fortune 500 company. Like getting into $FB or $AMZN in the early stage. Long $PLTR since $12, still buying, I know what I hold, not selling a single share.
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    $PLTR just secured a deal with black sky $SFTW $RKLB contracts launches with them. Soon we will see a $RKLB PLTR deal
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    $PLTR and peter thiel are partnered AND invested n BKSY
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    $ITOX conversation
    streamlining data optimizing things similar to $pltr and $stem
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    $RKLB $IONQ $DNA $PLTR. A bunch of geniuses backing all of them. The first 3 apparently have 100x potential long term.
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    $SFTW conversation
    $SFTW is backed by Peter Thiel. He also backs $PLTR. Both are analytics companies, and Palintir ha massive contracts with government around the globe. Black Sky allows for the data gathering. Think of it as the eyes and Palintir is the brain. Peter Thiel has brought the two together with contracts and I expect to see more synergies in the future.

    Add in Black Sky, $SFTW being one of the best multiples in the space plays, only bested by $GNPK and we have a great opportunity.. especially the warrants. Theyre sitting at just over a buck.. for one of the premier satellite companies in the world. After September 8th and the despac of $SFTW stays at 10$ the average value of warrants is 2$, if it climbs to 11$ it’s 3$ if it drops to 6$ warrants still typically trade at 1.50$… so we’re looking at 50% to 200% returns on the warrants
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    $PLTR conversation
    We are $PLTR.
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    $PLTR conversation
    Miss Wood is Selling $TSLA for $PLTR
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    Palantir Technologies Inc.
    $PLTR $VENA I won't take pleasure in your loss though. We are the same in the end $ or not.
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    $PBTS conversation
    PBTS is the fastest growing Crypto with Cloud technology integrated and the highest short interest according to WSB. It is about to break out any time.

    $sava $amc $slqt $bbig $gsat $sonn $zm $hood $tsla $spy $kplt $nakd $any $apps $ocgn $sos $sql $aapl $sndl $sava $acst $mrna $xela $ater $pltr $wish $amzn $clov $nio $gme $snh
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    $FUBO conversation
    $NIO $PINS $PLTR Love it !!
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    $MSFT conversation
    Lesson learned, never bet against FANG. bought $pltr for the last 9 months and got stuck in low $22-24 for months,the I sold 3400 shares to buy more MSFT! MSFT to the moon $350 soon!
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    $PLTR conversation
    $PLTR can't even hold $26.. next leg $23