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Power REIT (PW)

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  • P
    $PW conversation
    Check this $IIPR gap over $100 pre market albeit low volume … could be massive short squeeze there and then we have 1m float $PW at $12 that is about to have approx. half the FFO of $IIPR …half of the $100 share price of $IIPR would be $50 for $PW for high level perspective imo
  • N
    $PW conversation
    I didn’t receive any mail from $PW. I only received the certificate and instruction from my brokerage. According to the instruction I needs control letter with the control number.Does anyone have the same issue?
  • h
    $CUV.AX conversation
    Up we go on nothing news. Down this afternoon? definitely tomorrow??

    Is this a just another head fake to entice some real investment to bump up the SP so they can profit further from some new CUV short positions ??

    Fundamental change in authorities understanding and rhetoric must take place in regards to sunlight and skin tanning

    (Sunlight exposure is essential to human health, toxic suncreams are vit d blocking only and are causing much harm AND there really is such a thing as a safe SCENESSE tan!!)

    before the glacial pace of Clinuvel will end.

    #PW push back against this fraud!!
  • P
    $PW conversation
    With most stocks overextended and overvalued $PW has just told the market that in the near term their FFO run rate will be $1.50-$2.00+ , or 200-300% growth. $IIPR has over a 30 FFO multiple, apply that to $PW and it would be a $45-$60 stock . 1m float.
  • S
    $DXBRF conversation
    The long game still but shorter than before! Get the banking act passed that will raise all ships. (This will also cause a modest pull back as those that leave the "WEED REITS" (looking at you $IIPR, $PW etc ) buy in to get there 20% or better) Marys continues to expand, a little high profile marketing from BR, maybe a reverse split to get it off the floor. Get it into the OTCQX top 50 like GTBIF... and then we can make rain!
  • K
    Karma Trader
    $MSOS conversation
    I have been loading up on $MSOS (options), $TCNNF, $IIPR, $PW, $CRLBF over the last few months and have made decent profits so far (thanks mainly to MJ Trader).
    If the over all market does go through a correction, what do you guys think will happen to the cannabis sector?
  • M
    MJ Stock Trader
    $MSOS conversation
    FYI the June options are now available up to $45. When they first came out the limit was $35. Going to buy some $45 calls on the next dip - happy with the $35 calls I have now. $CURLF $GTBIF $TCNNF $CRLBF $IPRR $PW
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    MJ Stock Trader
    $TCNNF conversation
    $PW is my best performing Cannabis play the past week. Give it a look - could be the next $IIPR. Noticed it a few weeks ago when looking at what assets $MSOS owned. $53 million market cap right now but buying up properties and turning them into MJ greenhouses at a rapid pace - mostly in Colorado. Check it out and do your own DD - I suggest starting with their last earnings report. $GTBIF $CRLBF $CURLF
  • R
    $PW conversation
    It would appear that this stock is under accumulation by one or more entities or individuals! Would be nice if PW would provide more timely updates to shareholders?
  • A
    $PW conversation
    For further comments regarding Power REIT go to the Investors Hub web-site:

    When using the symbol PW, the board lists the Company as Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railway. Hopefully, the board name will be updated to “Power REIT”.

    I look forward to substantive dialogue regarding Power REIT.