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T. Rowe Price Mid-Cap Growth Fund (RPMGX)

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    $RPMGX conversation
    What is going on with the dividend ?
    It was very low, and I bought more shares back in January.
  • m
    $RPMGX conversation
    whats the point when Morningstar give this fund 5 star/gold and t rowe closed the fund and they turn around cut 80% of the dividen!
  • J
    $RPMGX conversation
    Fire the Fund Manager, if he's changing the fund by 28 % and having results this bad
    then he's making money buying and selling stock and not helping the investors at all.
    What will happen when you get Trumps people in control to ask about your
    unscrupulous methods.
  • J
    $RPMGX conversation
    Morningstar lists this as the greatest etf since the invention of chocolate pudding.
    If the best this mgr can do on a closed fund is 6% while changing stocks by 28%
    he should be fired and morningstar should fire their rating staff.