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Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. (RS)

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  • J
    Will TWLO #rs AH hurt APPS?
  • T
    Three blind mice
    $ACBFF conversation
    BUD , what #rs are you referring to with TLRY AND AURORA?
  • P
    “ 8/12 Will there be another r/s? Yes, probably a small one, eventually. But only if it is in the best interests of the shareholders. Don't forget, I am one. A big one. Running a company, especially an emerging one, requires money. And HUMBL has some of the top minds in blockchain.”

    Mr Sharpe mixing the good news with the obvious 🤭
    #RS incoming - who saw that coming! Fairly sure the ‘best interests’ line was used somewhere before 🤔
  • C
    $RS conversation
    $RS world wide steel mammoth ex div date Great entry point infrastructure super play with dividend Bound to bound up
  • K
    $IPI conversation
    welcome to the week $IPI longs haha


    look at other stocks

  • W
    Warren of Wall St
    $RS conversation
    50.8% earnings 🌱growth🌱 in 3 years.. What’s your opinion? Reliance Steel & Aluminum $RS