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Spotify Technology S.A. (SPOT)

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    NIO Limited
    LONG!......$GRWG $CHWY $SPOT $NIO TSLA $ last post...PEACEEEE
  • S
    $PINS conversation
    $PINS valuation has a lot of room to run. Compare $PINS mkt cap (55B) to $SNAP (96B), Airbnb $ABNB (129B), $DASH (71B), or $SPOT (68B). The big 3 $FB, $TWTR, and $GOOG face political/regulatory headwinds, and $AMZN is probably going to get scrutiny too. $PINS stands to benefit.
  • B
    $SPOT conversation
    Monday, October 1, 2018: Mark your calendars 'cause it's D-Day for Spotify as the lockup period for Tencent Holding's 13.5 million shares ends on 9/30/18. If Tencent sells a chunk (very likely) or half of them (like Sony did), $SPOT will be down for the count...
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    $SPOT conversation
    Love, Love, Love $SPOT. Started with disrupting the music streaming industry, now moving onto podcasts, which are huge among younger people. I would love if they added audiobooks and competed with Audible, Scribd, etc. but we will see.

    For younger investors, if you want exposure to the future of entertainment, buy $SPOT and $NFLX. Both the music and movie/show entertainment will be covered.
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    $LSYN conversation
    $SPOT acquiring $LSYN? Is it in the cards? That’s what I am seeing. It has to be at least $10/$12.... Time will tell.
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    Jimmy boy
    $LIVX conversation
    LIVEX is signing and collaborating with every major recording artist in the industry. These guys are nipping at the heels of Spotify $SPOT which is a $58b company. As far as the actual consumer experience, it's way better then Spotify. I have deleted the Spotify app and replaced it with LivexLive's app. Most undervalued company in the entertainment industry. Huuuuge runway for growth. So excited to get in this early!!!!!! Yewwww here we come 2021!!
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    Wall St.
    $P conversation
    Pandora, $P is a much better company to invest in than $SPOT. The Spotify has more paying customers. However, Pandora could have better growth and return on its investment. Pandora is moving in the correct direction. with smart strategies, and Pandora is implementing it. The stock could move easily to $20 level by Christmas time.
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    $SPOT conversation
    $SPOT earnings call on May 2nd @ 4PM Eastern. Place your bets... @Matthew thinks <$132 is "physically impossible"
  • M
    DelMar could be buyout candidate soon. $2 bucks a share would get it done. That’s pocket change for Big Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies. Hold and see if I am $spot on.
  • a
    $SPOT nyse direct listing opens at $165.90 without raising any money prior. I will let this one cool down before any action. A $30 Billion company making 0$ benefit is pretty scary.
  • J
    Micron Technology, Inc.
    Cramer said he likes Skechers..."I hapoened to like particularly that Tony Romo ad. They're doing great...down 22% AH.

    Skechers Is Doing Fine - Cramer's Lightning Round (4/18/18) $WOR, $NUE, $DBX, $SPOT, $QCOM, $MYGN, $SKX, $KTOS, $YY, $EPD, $MMP, $AWK, $NXPI
  • T
    Some implied moves for #earnings next week(1of2):

    $GOOGL- 5.8%
    $DIS 5.5%
    $SNAP 12.5%
    $CMG 6.6%
    $GILD 4.8%
    $MTCH 13.0%
    $MCHP 6.5%
    $SPOT 7.9%
    $QCOM 6.2%
    $TWLO 10.1%
    $IRBT 16.4%
    $PTON 14.5%
    $GRUB 15.1%
    $TWTR 11%
    $UBER 8.7%
    $PINS 12.9%
    $WYNN 8.7%
    $ABBV 4.5%
    $F 6.24%
  • k
    $WWOW conversation
    I cannot with good reason invest in this EFT as long as the have $SNAP, $SHOP and $SPOT in it.
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    $SPOT conversation
    Monness Crespi boosts Spotify(SPOT:NYE) target to $380 on increased user base | StockTargetAdvisor News and Research
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    Sirius XM Holdings Inc.
    Spotify joins Microsoft's Xbox Game Bar $MSFT, $MSFT, $SPOT
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    Wall St.
    $SPOT conversation
    I use Pandora. on my android, and love it. I would rather invest in Pandora. $Spot will collapse in near future.
  • T
    $1500 for $TSLA $420 for $AAPL and $280 for $SPOT
  • E
    Man, it doesn’t get any easier than this, $SPOT and $SNAP like shooting fish in a barrel. So many people investing with no idea how to read or interpret financial statements...should stick with their day job.