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Sasol Limited (SSL)

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  • A
    $AYTU conversation
    I have been a bull for 3 months, but this is dead money til warrants are filled or healight news, no denying this bulls. There is tremendous upside.

    Testing for healight, will not be for another 3-6 months at least.

    To create an injection mold in the medical device industry takes 2-4 months at the fastest pace... making sure parts fit, work, proper materials etc. etc. etc.

    Oil is down today and some really nice entry points - here are some ideas:
    $BORR $PACD $FET $SSL - all track CL=F

    I will be back AYTU Fam.
  • R
    $OPTI conversation
    I've lost more money selling stocks too soon, than I've lost hanging on to stock for too long.

    Just had my golf buddy tell me this. He is worth a lot $$$$ and been in this game much longer than me.

    I think it's fitting in all my long holds. $OPTI $GTLL $HQGE $GTEH $JETR $BBIG $EWLL $CTRM $VISL $VCYT $SSL $M and $F

    Good luck to all....
  • R
    $NSR.TO conversation
    Over burdened mine now. $ELE.V gets a 1% NSR, $EQX.TO a 2% NSR, $NSR.TO holds a silver stream (initially 100% of silver, later 30%) and now $SSL.TO receives 4.4% of the gold at 25% of spotprice.
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    Optec International, Inc.
    Hope everyone has a great weekend with family and friends. $OPTI $GTLL $BBIG $GTEH $HQGE $HCMC $EWLL $SSL $DIIBF
  • 해운대k
    $CPE conversation
    What do Americans think about hydroxychloroquine? In Africa, the death rate from Corona 19 is very low. This is because they usually take malaria pills. The president of Brazil is also taking hydroxychloroquine and his symptoms are improving very quickly. I've seen an article in the U.S. that one of the Democratic Party's female congressmen has taken hydroxychloroquine since she was infected with Corona19, and that her symptoms have improved very quickly and have been completely cured. Is there a lot of negative media coverage of the drug just because President Trump recommended it?

    $cpe $cdev $nymt $pvac $ssl $pvac $gild $pfe $mrna $appl $tsla $nflx $amzn
  • 해운대k
    $CDEV conversation
    How serious is the U.S. demonstration now? Is it enough to shock the economy or the stock market?

    $cpe $cdev $ssl $nymt $mfa $appl $tsla
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    $NMHLY conversation
    RenaeRenae14 hours agoReplied to a reaction
    $SSL conversation
    Wrong -- There is not going to be a bankruptcy lol.
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    $STLHF conversation
    $SSL Halted?
  • R
    $OPTI conversation
    @rett I also bought $100k of $diibf, and $150k of $ssl in February 0f 2020 which I'm holding LONG. Along with $50k of $VISL, $50k of $VYST and $50k of $SPOM which those companies I took profits near highs. Just FYI. It's been a hell of a year.... And my LONGS like $OPTI are at beginning stage in my opinion...
  • 해운대k
    $CDEV conversation
    Does anyone know when the Trump press conference will be held today?

    $cpe $cdev $hlx $ssl $appl $tsla
  • 해운대k
    $CPE conversation
    Is there anyone who can explain to me about Distressed exchange?

    $cpe $cdev $qep $oxy $pvac $lpi $ssl $hlx $oas $apa $ar
  • 해운대k
    $CPE conversation
    What words will Powell use today to lower the stock market?

    $cpe $cdev $ssl $nymt $mfa $appl $tsla $appl $gild $oxy $msft $goog $amzn
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    $SSL conversation
    12$PT before October 2020 $SSL
  • R
    $SSL conversation
    SSL is on the rise. Has anybody noticed? I think it's a great dividend paying company.
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    Warren of Wall St
    $SSL conversation
    Analysts expect 80.1% earnings growth in 3 years from Sasol $SSL
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    What's wrong with it?