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Tyson Foods, Inc. (TSN)

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    $TSN conversation
    Just bought some $TSN for the first time today in premarket... I love so much about the future of this company.
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    Beyond Meat, Inc.
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    $TSN conversation
    $ppc yoy revenue up 1.9% $tsn down 3.5%. Losing market share
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    $SPY conversation
    Dear Traders, if you feel like throwing out a reasonable short out there, take a look at $TSN. Here is my post on that forum:

    The biggest risk is not even being talked about in the media. Just doing a little bit of research you can see that the number of infections at meat plants all over the US is incredibly disproportionately higher than than anywhere else in the state in which they reside. It doesn’t take a genius to see that if we can infect the tigers in the Bronx zoo, we can also infect the animals at these farms. The point is that under older regulations, these companies are not required to disclose coronavirus because they are common in livestock. They are using this old guidance to get away with not reporting it now even when they know that the infection is going back and forth from humans to animals. Tyson foods is a strong sell and an opportunity to buy out of the money puts.
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    $TSN conversation
    $TSN — this is about to have a 10 percent move to $68 before earnings.
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    $TSN conversation
    $TSN just when you think they have a chance to triple test the top and break thru. Bok Bok Bok Bagok, price manipulation headlines. Forget about it. Toxic. People will take profits. Up big.
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    Ricky H
    $TSN conversation
    Their sales are down 1 Billion for the quarter??
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    Spirit Airlines, Inc.
    This will likely drop after opening when profit taking occurs. I'm taking 25% off and may reinvest right back if the drop goes deep enough. Otherwise, I may add to $TSN which is seeing huge margins and the Chinese are doing larger imports due to their swine flu issue.
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    Beyond Meat, Inc.
    For Bulls and Bears.......
    Shorting Beyond Meat: Proceed With Caution $BYND, $K, $MCD, $MLFNF, $NSRGF, $TSN
    Beyond Meat (BYND) is quickly replacing Tesla (TSLA) as the newest cult stock. It's also a story stock with no regular earnings any time soon in a competitive i
    Beyond Meat (BYND) is quickly replacing Tesla (TSLA) as the newest cult stock. It's also a story stock with no regular earnings any time soon in a competitive i
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    $TSN conversation
    beef and egg prices suffering from deflation. price fixing allegations in the chicken industry. tyson near a lifetime high...put the dots together!
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    $TSN conversation
    John, TSN is a $59 - 60,00 value. Unless you buy it for a far, distant investment. Their govt investigation is going to cost a good bit just to play. If they lose its double bad. I do not see any upside for years to come. Their usual 'Spring Summer' upside will be there but at what value? The 'News' is being quashed but it is still real & coming like a silent freight train and your on the tracks if you own it - good luck selling.
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    $TSN conversation
    #TSN A break of 60.95 could move it up to 72.43. Buy rating: 6.5 at 9trading.
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    $JBSAY conversation
    $TSN is not able to supply pork to China with large amount as most of their pigs are raised with ractopamine, the drug China has banned years ago. Chinese New Year is coming soon. The demand for pork will skyrocket in the next several months. $JBSAY will have few more great quarters.
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    Tyson Foods, Inc.
    Tyson Foods, the biggest U.S. chicken company, said it had spoken with representatives from China about visiting its operations and hopes the influenza ban is lifted soon.
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    $K $TSN should form pact with BYND
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    Will be $70 by next week
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    $TSN conversation
    Insider buying: 7,000 shares in May, 2013
    Insider selling: 867,586 shares in August, 2016. $64.9mm. Highest amount in last 10 years, and possibly ever.

    Last sale of this size was September, 2008. 4.623mm shares traded for 58.959mm. average price was 12.75.
    by month end - 9.70
    by october month end - 6.50
    by november month end - 4.51
    (yahoo adj close prices)

    Eyes wide open for opportunistic market timing!!!!
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    $TSN conversation
    Nice gift on weakness to start buying here. Brand presence getting stronger in China- and I like fact they are nixing 'additives' to chicken produce.
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    $TSN conversation
    TSN is a bit overvalued here
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    $TSN conversation
    Why is this stock bleeding so much?