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Texas Instruments Incorporated (TXN)

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    Biden PUMPS Oil Prices!
    $^FTSE conversation
    NASDAQ Composite Ponzi Scheme was 4800 in 2016 with much better fundamentals and better economy.
    How that Fraudulent NASDAQ Composite index got PUMPED from 4800 to 15000 in no time, Despite Collapsing Economy, Tanking Corporate Revenues, Record high corporate Loss, Record Number of Bankruptcies, Astronomical Record High Debt levels, increasing international competition for each $1 revenue, Skyrocketing Inflation, Spreading Pandemic, Political Polarization, Limited Real Resources and most importantly Insane Overvaluation in the US Stock Market?!!!
    Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI) was 17,000 in 2016, with better economic fundamentals and higher corporate earnings. However, thanks to the Collapsing Economy, Coronavirus Pandemic, Tanking Corporate revenues and earnings, Skyrocketing unemployment, Trade Wars, Record INFLATION levels, and Heavy Stock Dilutions, Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI) PONZI SCHEME has almost Doubled!
    S&P 500 (^GSPC) was at 1600.00 with better fundamentals and higher corporate earnings in 2016. Now it is sitting at ABSURD 4300.00 with TERRIBLE Fundamentals, Collapsing Economy, HEAVIER Corporate and National Debt and way lower corporate revenues and earnings!
    The World Economy is Collapsing, people are starving, but the US Government is too busy in printing money and PUMPING the Stock prices Artificially to make insiders trillionaire without working!
    ENJOY ABSURD COMPANY VALUATIONS, While the Economy is COLLAPSING and Corporate Revenues are TANKING!
    Enjoy Free Capital Gains in the US Stock Market while the Corporate Revenues are tanking and the Economy is Collapsing! US Stock Market is a “GET QUICK RICH” Scheme!
    The World Countries are refusing to accept the US Dollar as international reserve currency due to the HEAVY Dollar PRINTING!
    US Stocks are INSANELY OVERVALUED and OVERBOUGHT! US Stock Market is a MEGA PYRAMID SCHEME right now!!!

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    Lam Research Corporation
    Just take a step back and take a look at what is going on....fabless companies $NVDA $AMD and now $QCOM all reporting incredible ER's with tremendous growth WITH very positive guidance going forward. Semi manufactures like $TSM $TXN all reporting beats with significant growth and constantly guiding upwards with positive outlooks going forward. Other manufacturers like $QRVO and $SWKS will likely reports similar strong ER's this week. Semi equipment companies like $ASML (destroyed earnings) $LRCX $AMAT are and will likely continue reporting even more significant earnings and growth due to unprecedented demand. The semiconductor industry is looking outstanding right now and has an even brighter future. ER's are reflecting this nicely. I'm severely bullish on this industry right now and many of the stocks, particularly semi equipment stocks are looking like value plays ($AMAT and $LRCX especially undervalued).
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    Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited
    The entire semiconductor sector appears to be under fire from so called "analysts" that are actually jack-of-all-trades but masters of NONE. Their archaic thinking in traditional cyclical rotations of the semiconductor industry is forcing stocks prices lower. Even when most chip and equipment companies are crushing earnings, are producing at max capacity, increasing prices, and raising guidance. Global demand would be high regardless of any shortage. 5G, AI, EV, crypto, data centers, cloud tech, gaming, eSports were already ensuring this growth and demand. Now add the new infrastructure spending and the global "arms race" that's taking place. We are in the beginning of a super cycle like never seen, likely lasting many years. Semiconductors are the new #1 global resource....the new oil.
    (Fabless) companies like $NVDA, $AMD, $MRVL, $AVGO, $QCOM design the most advanced and sought after semiconductors in the world. (Fab-owning) companies like $TSM, $TXN, $ADI, $QRVO manufacture the chips. Companies like $AMAT, $ASML, $LRCX, $KLAC, $UCTT, $ICHR make all the equipment and materials used by those chip manufacturers. High tide raises all boats! .....and many of these companies are already currently undervalued. GLTA
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    Gary A
    $NVDA conversation
    If it looks, feel, tastes and smells like mid-summer market churn, it is mid-summer market churn which has the appearance in many sectors and price consolidation which is a price correction against time. Most semiconductor and semiconductor equipment stocks are range bound and have been for a trading range since late April/Early May 2021 with $TXN, $ADI, $AMAT, $LRCX, $AMD, $KLAC and many others as examples. Enjoy your summer and seek buying opportunities near the lower end of the price range bound from early May onward. There is nothing new here just typical summer market action. The demand for semiconductors will only increase with time and that demand curve doesn't appear linear but rather more exponential.
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    $AMD conversation
    $txn beats top and bottom and are up after hours. Texas instruments os making very different chips than amd making mainly analog chips and embedded processors. Yet they did ok and didn't withdrew the outlook just expanded the range!
    AMD is pure gold not only beating Q1 but giving high Q2 guidance based on the news we've seen!
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    It’s up to $TXN to save the semi-sector. Let’s hope that the questions and answers don’t dig us deeper. They had a good report; $LRCX and $MU should reap these benefits.
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    Time to Lock in Profits
    $AMD conversation
    If you were a major cloud customer like amazon Microsoft google Facebook etc. which datacenter server would you buy today ? On Monday Amd will announce their Long awaited 7nm epyc datacenter server at computex. A demonstration of a SINGLE cpu 64 core 128 thread beast was shown to trounce intel’s FASTEST DUAL cpu Xeon and this was BEFORE the disclosure of the latest intel security hole the mitigation of which further drops the performance of the server by at least 10%. Buy Amd and hold for 4 trading days until next Tuesday 27.40 as I write this watch where it is next Tuesday $bb $txn $tsm $xlnx $qcom $Msft $goog $fb $amzn
    There's a clear winner when AMD and Intel go head to head in performance comparisons in Linux with all Spectre, Meltdown, Foreshadow, and other fixes applied. Intel loses a lot of performance in these comparisons.
    There's a clear winner when AMD and Intel go head to head in performance comparisons in Linux with all Spectre, Meltdown, Foreshadow, and other fixes applied. Intel loses a lot of performance in these comparisons.
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    $INTL >>> $AVGO >>> $QCOM >>> $NXPI
    It’s a great story but have a look who’s gonna be a winner in connected car industry. It’s $TXN $MU $NXPI $INTL in my opinion!
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    Time to Lock in Profits
    $AMD conversation
    etc are really FEELING the SLOWDOWN of their servers with Intel ZOMBIELAND PATCH which must be turned on
    for security Purposes..
    Meanwhile AMD launches a completely vetted and Totally Immune Secure Replacement Server where one CPU is faster than 2 Intel XEON servers with probably 50% less power and heat. There is no Way AMD does not get 50% of any NEW servers bought and they will all be equipped with the AMD RADEON INSTINCT GPU.
    buy with Confidence APPLE Macs are slowed down 40% can you imagine this Can you imagine the next APPLE MAC which processor will they use ?,39367.htmlAND Dept of DEFENSE JEDI contract how can they choose Intel now after Boeing FAA COLLUSION FIASCO ??
    Yet another Intel vulnerability is discovered, and yet again AMD is immune.
    Yet another Intel vulnerability is discovered, and yet again AMD is immune.
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    Time to Lock in Profits
    $AMD conversation
    If apple is seeing 40% hit on their testing with this zombie patch and they already are installing it think of the gravity and implications of this to future intel cpu sales and Amd cpu sales. This is so big whoever gets in now will make huge $$$
    Watch and see I know what I am talking about...
    $intc $aapl $msft $Txn $mu
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    $INTC conversation
    POLL: Guys, what happens with intc this week? If up, press 👍, if down, press 👎. Thanks in advance for your participation, and feel free to give your best reasoning for your vote.

    🔥 📈 🆙 ⬆️ ⤴️ 🔼 or 📉 ⬇️ ⤵️ 🔽 🤦🏻 🤷🏻 😭

    $amd $nvda $brcm $TXN $qcom $amat $mu $adi $lcrx
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    $KLAC conversation
    $TXN also (along with $INTC) announced enormous capacity expansion plans for 2022. Good for WFE again.
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    $AMD conversation
    Remember that $txn Texas Instruments ER conference call has VALIDATED the surge in datacenters and PCs revenues! If TO counted revenues in their Q1 so will AMD for a BEAT! Not as AMD, TI makes chips that other companies make used for power supply servers etc. AMD x86 is only source with $intc the second. But EPYC Rome is clear choice for datacenters and in laptops Intel's shortages allowed AMD to sell more even 12nm chips before the new 7nm mobile Ryzen were launched!
    Why TI widen its Q2 guidance for earnings per share? Because they see COMPETITION lowering prices at higher volumes the corona demand has created! Remember TI has no unique chips like the x86. Its competitors reduce prices to take a piece of the datacenters and laptop demand surge! So profits and revenues for TI could be lower with lower prices! But AMD is different no other choice. EPYC Rome is clearly cheap better higher performance than anything Intel's. Laptops 12nm AMD are very cost attractive for kids at home etc. Intel's shortages in Q1 hurt them too. So amd's Q1 is clear BEAT! Q2 with mobile 7nm and EPYC Rome, cloud gaming by Google Stadia will be over $2B revenues and the 2020 outlook higher because of additional TSMC's capacity available for AMD! So easy $70 after ER and of my insight is shared by institutions, analysts, will be $60 before the ER too as upgrades from analysts may come out ahead of the ER! Let's see. ..
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    Nice beat by ASYS, profitable, big backlog and nice projections. The stock price should pull an AEHR up move soon. It is a better play at this time than the big semiconductors co’s such as $AMD $NVDA $CREE $QCOM $INTC $TXN or other large caps $SMH.
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    CNA Finance just twittered $AMD gains on potential takeover interest from $TXN… you can go there twitter account
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    Mr. Logic
    $^DJI conversation
    $TXN is considered a good bellwether of conditions in the semiconductor sector because they produce such a large variety of semiconductor chips and have such a vast clientele. It is getting creamed today on a disappointing forecast for the 3rd quarter.
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    $^IXIC conversation
    What a JOKE! Even $TXN is getting PUMPED from 6% AH drop!
    The company stock is at all time high, while the expectations are at all time lows, yet the company MISSES all time low expectations and the stock price is not falling properly. In a rational market TXN must be down by 45-50%.
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    Real Ameircan
    $TXN conversation
    TXN should buy NVDA
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    Micron Technology, Inc.
    $TXN Not doing us any favors with forcasts!
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    $TXN conversation
    don't worry about $TXN slow down. It is exposed to several categories, like analog chips, which already weren't growing. $MCHP $ADI $NXPI.