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    $NVDA conversation
    The following example showed how far ahead Jensen had envisioned and positioned $nvda for ai/cloud/edge computing. Pat Gelsinger, $intc CEO, was the former CEO of $vmw. In a VMware-centric article, Pat Gelsinger highlighted the partnership between Nvidia and VMware. It's very interesting how Pat was challenged by Jensen to think bigger with excerpts below:
    Some of the tech world’s biggest advances often begin with a simple conversation.

    In this case, the two people involved were Pat Gelsinger (pictured), chief executive officer of VMware Inc., and Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia Corp. Gelsinger was interested in capitalizing on VMware’s work with network interface controllers, hardware that connects computers with computer networks.

    “Jensen said: ‘Hey Pat, you’re thinking too small,’” Gelsinger recalled. “’Let’s do the entire artificial intelligence landscape together and let’s make AI an enterprise-class workload from the datacenter to the cloud and to the edge.’”

    Huang wanted to have Nvidia’s graphics processing units work like first-class citizens in the vSphere compute virtualization environment, according to Gelsinger. By using the smart NIC as a data processing unit, the entire network could be connected together in a new and profound way.

    “Now, its CPU, GPU and DPU, all being managed through the distributed architecture of VMware,” Gelsinger said. “We are rearchitecting the datacenter, the cloud and the edge. This partnership is really a center point of that.”

    Happy Thanksgiving!
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    $NTNX bull case:
    1) Accelerating ARR from tcv to acv transition that incentives sales of new products and reduces discount
    2) Subscription business now at 89% of total billings indicating the transition towards subscription is largely completed
    3) Increasing share of renewals leading to more cost efficient revenue generation, basically following Adobe’s recipe for success and driving profitability going forward
    4) Strong win rates against $VMW according to mgmt in the latest conference call
    5) Continued positive revenue revisions after strong earnings report followed by multiple analyst upgrades

    Long NTNX!
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    $VMW conversation
    New SEC filing:
    1. new $2B stock repurchase
    2. date of special dividend is (probably) Nov 1st
    3. special dividend is fixed at $11.5B (that's the lower end of the range given on Apr 14th)

    Hopefully, (1) drives $VMW higher short term, similar to the effect of stock repurchase announcement on $DELL a couple of weeks back (Sep 23rd IIRC?).
    Also, the early date in (2) should put pressure on shorts. I believe they will have to pay a huge dividend for the stocks borrowed. (Can someone confirm?).
    Yahoo indicates there was a big jump in shorts: shorts are now 20.21% of float, which is up 18.5% (from Aug 13 to Sep 15). That's probably related to the unusual higher amount of sells in early Sep.
    Clearly, paying less dividend is good for $VMW, hence (3) is better than the $12B estimate from April.

    Obviously, none of this is any official financial advice. Do your own research. Etc etc. But IMHO, short term looks great. Hold your fingers crossed.

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    $NTNX conversation
    I was skeptical of this quarter's earnings after I realized that $NTNX was reporting after $VMW.
    Now, I feel this earning is implying "Get used to winning more regularly.". :)
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    $NTNX bull case:
    1) Accelerating growth in hyperconverged infrastructure / hyperconverged cloud
    2) Accelerating ARR from TCV to ACV transition that incentives sales of new products
    3) Subcription business at 88% of total revenue and growing
    4) Seeing renewals flow through at more efficient cost for the first time ever reducing S&M spend over the next couple of years
    5) Growing market share as biggest competitor’s CEO is leaving, which underlines the problems $VMW is facing. Customers might want to join $NTNX instead.
    6) New $NTNX CEO coming from $VMW where he was in charge of products. Given oligopoly who better to have to know how to win against $VMW than that?!
    7) New $NTNX CEO looking to cut bloated costs, will be done this year according to last investor conference
    8) Bain involvement with board seats and financing future growth
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    $NTNX conversation
    As software eats hardware phenomena continues to take hold, next 10 years will be very interesting to watch. The need for beefy and custom hardware for specific workloads doesn't arise as software becomes more capable and intelligent.
    Dell, HPE and other server vendors shrink going forward and their margins shrinking much faster. What HPE and Dell are doing right now is to move into subscription model and convert their existing customers into monthly subscribers based on beefy and expensive hardware. Eventually, they will use software and replace expensive hardware beneath with cheap commodity servers. But they will still get paid higher for their hardware. Smart move, if they actually do it. In this next 10 years journey Dell, HPE, VMware and Nutanix will have bright future assuming they can put brakes to big 5 AWS, azure, Google, Oracle and Alibaba.

    In this journey HPE and Nutanix seems far ahead and Dell/VMware has few hurdles to cross.
    This is a very simplistic take, but I am positive that every enterprise will take advantage of innovation already at play with AWS, google, Facebook etc.
    What $csco will do here, I have no idea.
    $dell, $hpe, $vmw
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    $CTXS conversation
    This and $VMW are the only two cloud stocks worth it to buy and reasonably priced IMO (aside from Google and MSFT), everything else is just massive hype and way over-extended.
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    Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    Rosenblatt blames VMware for AMD dip $AMD, $VMW
    AMD (NASDAQ:AMD) shares are down 1.4%, and Rosenblatt analyst Hans Mosesmann blames VMware's (VMW +2.8%) new pricing that doubles CPU licenses for those with over 32 cores.The analyst notes that AMD's
    AMD (NASDAQ:AMD) shares are down 1.4%, and Rosenblatt analyst Hans Mosesmann blames VMware's (VMW +2.8%) new pricing that doubles CPU licenses for those with over 32 cores.The analyst notes that AMD's
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    $VMW conversation
    #VMW A break of 162.58 could move it up to 202.44. Buy rating: 6 at 9trading.
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    $PVTL conversation
    I recently reduced my $VMW holdings and thought about buying some $NTNX, but given the uncertainty raised by management stumbles, I decided to throw the cash at $PVTL instead.
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    $VMW conversation
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    $VMW conversation
    My Investment Checklist
    My Investment Checklist
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    $VMW conversation
    If I have covered calls on $VMW that extend past the special dividend date, does the strike price change to reflect the dividend or does the call just lose intrinsic value? TIA
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    Justin H
    $VMW conversation
    What is going on with this thing? Beat expectations, heavily shorted, and yet...
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    $VMW conversation
    VMware beats by $0.03, beats on revs. Raises Full-Year Outlook.
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    i Stock Stocks
    VMware, Inc.
    they present next week, just wait until Tues
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    $TGT conversation
    Target shares closed Wednesday up more than 20%, after the retailer reported impressive profit growth and a spike in traffic that surpassed analysts' expectations.
    Target shares closed Wednesday up more than 20%, after the retailer reported impressive profit growth and a spike in traffic that surpassed analysts' expectations.
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    $TWLO conversation
    what happened to all CLOUD stocks ? $NFLX $ROKU $VMW $CRM
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    VMware, Inc.
    they beat