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Worksport Ltd. (WKSP)

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    $WKSP conversation
    $WKSP moving powerfully into the thriving $59.5 billion nanogrid market
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    $WKSP conversation
    Could have made an extra whallop before the split but glad I got in early and saw 2x at least. Where is $WKSP headed now? Lost track and stopped following :(
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    $OZSC conversation
    Recovery is in process. $OZSC, $SPOM, $WKSP, $BFCH and many more in the green and next week will be even better. SEC is forcing a correction which in the long run will be beneficial for all of us longs. But they are doing it at our expense!

    Anyways GLTA
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    Worksport Ltd.
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    Old Toad
    $WKSP conversation

    "Fact No. 4

    . Reverse splits are a sign of good things for companies on the way up, but a sign of bad things for companies on the way down.

    In order to meet the minimum share price requirements for Nasdaq, many companies will conduct a reverse split. This is perfectly acceptable to the exchange, and the post-split share price will be evaluated accordingly.

    Using a reverse split to raise the share price and obtain an uplisting is a very positive sign for a company and is much different than companies that use a reverse split to prevent being delisted. Once again, the confusion relates to delisting as opposed to uplisting. Many people who don't focus on uplistings only encounter reverse splits in the context of companies that are trying to stave off a delisting, so in many people's eyes a reverse split is a sign of a troubled company.
    For the relative few of us focused on uplistings, a reverse split is typically the first catalyst that attracts attention to the potential uplisting and is considered a very good event. "
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    Old Toad
    $WKSP conversation
    Heading towards a multi-function/national corporation

    "Rossi is covering all bases for a renewable energy future!

    TERRAVIS ENERGY™ Trademak codes even mention a $WKSP solution for fueling hydrogen gas vehicles.

    IC 009. US 021 023 026 036 038. G & S: Fuel cells; Charging stations for electric vehicles; Uninterruptable Power Supplies
    IC 037. US 100 103 106. G & S: Fueling of hydrogen gas for vehicles"

    Rossi is covering all bases for a renewable energy future!

    "Makes sense now that Lorenzo Rossi was presenting at Americas Hydrogen Summit. "

    Particularly intrigued by these latest clues:

    Fuel Cells
    Charging Stations
    Fueling of Hydrogen Gas for Vehicles

    Perhaps pulling out Hydrogen Gas from water H2O for "Fueling of hydrogen gas for vehicles" since hydrogen gas is emitted as a byproduct of conventional battery charging?

    Multi-function Charging Stations perhaps?
    Sell part of excess power to the electrical grid?
    Produce hydrogen gas onsite or fueling?
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    I Am Your Nightmare
    $WKSP conversation
    Super Bullish on $WKSP

    Auto accessories is a highly under-appreciated space which has immense potential for innovation particularly with the gradual shift towards electric vehicles. Today we are looking to carry out a detailed due-diligence of a company within this space that has immense upside potential – **Worksport Ltd (OTCPK:WKSP)**. The company is known for building unique, proprietary technologies to elevate the modern-day pick-up truck by creating intelligent accessories that enhance and refine its practical capabilities. The management is looking to capitalize on this market by raising capital to retrofit a factory in Mississauga, Ontario, to manufacture the high-tech covers with production expected to commence later this year. It has a strong portfolio of products, a new and improved TerraVisCor battery system (discussed later), and is continuing to expand its private label offerings and growing its customer base. The stock should also experience significantly higher trading volumes and unlock more value as the company executes. Overall, the company is a hot stock and merits a more detailed evaluation.

    **What Does Worksport Do?**

    Worksport has operated as a premier manufacturer of tonneau covers for nearly a decade and has focused on the pick-up truck owners’ segment. The company is gradually moving beyond just tonneau covers into the intelligent accessories space for the same including battery systems having the ability to store solar energy and provide sufficient portable power for pickup truck owners to cover a large amount of distance using this power. The goal of its management is to elevate the modern-day pickup truck by creating intelligent accessories that enhance and refine its practical capabilities. It distributes its products through wholesalers and online retail channels. The company serves private labels and original equipment manufacturers. Earlier, the company was known as Franchise Holdings International, Inc. and changed its name to Worksport Ltd. in August 2020. Worksport is headquartered in Vaughan, Canada.

    **Strong Portfolio of Offerings**

    Worksport offers a full line of innovative products and is poised to lead the market with its strong pipeline of new products. It offers a combination of soft cover (SC) and tough cover (TC) tonneau covers. The company’s first product introduced in 2011 was the SC3, fitted with a powder-coated lightweight aluminum frame and rear cam latches. After that, the company launched SC3pro in 2012 incorporating major product enhancement from SC3 to include a Smart Latch system which allowed the operator to open the cover by simply pulling a release cable.

    In addition, the company's other lucrative offering is the TC3 whose major selling point is that it offers a 14 mm thick aluminum tri-cover panel and is fitted with the same frame as the SC3. It is also worth mentioning that Worksport currently has two OEM (original equipment manufacturer) partnerships with the electric-truck manufacturers Hercules Electric Vehicles and Mesa, Arizona-based Atlis Motor Vehicles, to provide the high-tech covers as original equipment with their EV pickup truck models thereby expanding its product reach. Worksport has an interesting pipeline of products scheduled to be introduced in 2021. The SC4 which is estimated to be launched in the third quarter of 2021 is expected to be the first vinyl wrapped tonneau cover to fold in four sections. This cover is also expected to provide its users with full bed access by being foldable upwards toward the rear window of the truck. To sum up, the company has a promising line of offerings even if we look beyond the recent hype associated with the TerraVis.

    **The TerraVis Upside**

    Worksport is currently developing a two-component system called the TerraVis that consists of a solar tonneau cover and portable core battery which is designed to provide portable power for pickup trucks and add driving range to next-generation EV pickups by generating solar charge power. As per the management, TerraVis cover will be capable of providing enough solar-generated power to provide at least 10 miles per day for the forthcoming crop of EV pickup trucks which is basically a third of the average daily commute of most American drivers. Moreover, all of this comes free of emissions and at no cost beyond that of the system itself. TerraVis can also help reduce the plug-in and range anxiety that many drivers experience with all-electric vehicles.

    It is worth highlighting that by the end of 2021, Worksport is planning to launch its TerraVis COR Battery system which will allow power from the cover to be stored in modular battery packs, storing 1.5kWh
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    $WKSP conversation
    I took my profits back when it was up over .70. The price has steadily continued to drop since then. Probably will go into the .30 range. The reverse split in eminent. I'll wait for the dust to settle after the reverse split. I think $WKSP has potential when it comes to it's tech and worth investing in but for now I'll wait for a more opportune time to get in which will sometime after the reverse split.
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    $WKSP conversation
    Just took a quick snap shot of my post from 13 days ago, hope y'all did what I did:

    roberdm13 days ago
    $WKSP conversation
    Sell - this will reverse 20:1 and drift down, then I will buy back at 4-5 per share
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    $TSLA conversation
    Here is what I like right now $WKSP $WARM $AYRO $FUV $ALYI and $WDLF You're welcome!
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    $HOFV conversation
    I am long on this and holding just like $UAVS $WKSP $HCMC $IDEX $DVD (especially DVD) and $BDRAF
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    Wall St.
    $WKSP conversation
    $WKSP reminds concept of $NKLA. Imagination, but not production. However, why would NASDAQ allow WKSP listing on its System. NASDAQ is stringent on financial structure of potential listing. I am not sure if it's fraud or not. Concept, however, is interesting. I bought 1 share to watch it. Otherwise, it would not be fun.
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    $WKSP conversation
    From the Amended S-1. " (1) warrant to purchase two (2) shares of common stock (81,639,600 (4,081,980 as adjusted for the 1-for-20 reverse split) shares in the aggregate) at an exercise price of $0.20 ($4.00 as adjusted for the 1-for-20 reverse split) per share"

    Hypothetically post split price of Common shares is $8.6. Warrant holders can execute their warrants and buy two (2) shares at $4 a share. $WKSP will need to issue more shares if these warrants are executed. Basically $WKSP will be selling additional shares for $4 which will cause the post split price to drop. With 12 million outstanding warrants that is a potential of 24 million additional outstanding shares available after the Reverse split. Thus I'm waiting for the dust to settle after the split before I jump in. Buying now is not a good option.
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    Beam Global
    next in line $wksp
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    $BB conversation
    I actually got in here, too. $WKSP
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    $ALYI conversation
    I like $WKSP too
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    Greene Concepts, Inc.
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    $NIO conversation
    I was in this, but I am not doing the China ones. I am in $CCIV $FSR $F $ALYI $WKSP $ALYI $FUV $SOLO