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Consumer Discretionary Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLY)

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    Auxly Cannabis Group Inc.
    historically, $XLY does well after christmas. this time, I'm hopeful for a longer bull run.
  • N
    SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust
    confession: I bought the dip at the open. $XLY and $XLK. Things are going well so far
  • P
    The stock has finally seen a few constant days in the green ! Looking good finally , hopefully another license for Robinson will keep this baby climbing ! Long $XLY
  • O
    I enjoy when people talk about me, the OG of longs. Quite flattered.

    In since the beginning. Have seen about 300 different short accounts created during this boards time of existence.

    They come and go like the wind.

    They make new short accounts to troll once their old ones get proven wrong time and time again. No sense keeping an account around if you’ve been bashing for 3 months straight only to have the price rise they make a new one to (hopefully) gain some credibility, after losing it all repeatedly. ( they’re the same people saying TRIP was a fail at .07 cents, remember that ;)

    At the end of the day, nobody on this board is holding the stock that the shorts actually pump, which is Auxly Cannabis.

    Thankful for that. Auxly is known for literally stealing money ( literally ), and if people invested in $XLY, they wouldn’t have any money for TRIP lol.

    One thing I can tell you, is I know plenty of Auxly holders ( close friends who simply made a bad decision, I don’t judge ) who have used TRIP successfully to hedge their $XLY losses.

    In fact, TRIP and MMED are hedging many investors losses with heavy profits; that’s why diversification is key. Soon stocks like APHA, NM, and CYBN will be another hedge against their $XLY losses; so don’t worry shorts, you will have another opportunity to clean up your portfolio, just have patience.

    In the mean time, I’ve most likely angered some Auxly investors with this post, so I’ll sit back with a smile and let them down vote and show their frustration below ;)

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    $ACB.TO conversation
    I was about to pull the trigger last week and buy my first shares of ACB, have I missed my chance? Anybody think its too late to get into the game? Also has anyone else been interest in $XLY.V (Auxly) they are also a very interesting company but the stock has done nothing but fall lately which I truly can't justify reasoning behind it
  • J
    $AMZN conversation
    I don't have amazon share but I want it to rise, and so $TSLA. I have shares of $XLY which amazon and tesla combined for 36% holding.
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    Poison Girl
    Happy New Year from London, UK 🇬🇧 $ACB $APHA $CRON $XLY $NBEV
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    Roaring Kitty
    Today is going to be amazing for the portfolio. Major indexes hitting new highs. Markets are rallying. I think the only stock that ends up red on a day like today is AUXLY $XLY hahaha GO TRIP!
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    Auxly Cannabis Group Inc.
    historically, $XLY does well after Christmas, for a short period. but I think it will be different this time around
  • Y
    Green day tmrw for

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    $SPY conversation
    Sold $XLK and $XLY. Made $$$$. Still have some postions in $XLV and $XLU. I hope those rise in price so I can sell them off and get as much cash as possible. I'm either going to buy $ERY if $XLE rises or $TECL if $XLK continues to drop.
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    $CBWTF conversation
    No surprise that $XLY.v has lost another make believe stream partner in $VIVO.v. ... $8.8m impairment related to expected gains from streaming with $VIVO.v. Their deal has fallen through after submitting budget & they are trying to arrange for terms without litigation.
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    Auxly Cannabis Group Inc.
    Auxly Cannabis @AuxlyGroup will ultimately get 200 million grams per annum from FSD Pharma @FSDPharma. ➸

    #InvestInCannabis #InvestInAuxly $XLY $XLY.v $CBWTF #CannabisNews #MarijuanaNews #CannabisStocks #MarijuanaStocks #WeedStocks #PotStocks
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    Auxly Cannabis Group Inc.
    Get into their warrants $XLY.WT . 2019 will be a great year for us!
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    Poison Girl
    Smh this is why I drive a smart car! No mercy $APHA $CRON $ACB $XLY
  • M
    Sold at $202.30/share with 37.55% profit. Thank you $XLY
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    Tante Hilde 
    $HUGE.CN conversation
    LOL, quoting someone from Auxly board "I have never seen a company as top heavy with management as this company." Hilarious, must be a newbie who doesn't even know about $HUGE.CN the HUGEst SCAM IN THE UNIVERSE run buy Antony Durak and his secret boyfriend, a quack from RaziSCAMistan and his whole hockeyteam of money grabbing GANGSTERS. LMAO $XLY.V, $PUMP.CN, $LOVE.CN, $PILL.CN, $BUZZ.CN, $SVS.V, $HITIF, $GRAT.V, $TRIP.CN, ... etc etc, they are all VERY VERY HUGE SCAMs ........
    Everyone should stay ***********FAR AWAY*********, all of them do one thing best, OVERPROMISE + UNDERDELIVER ...... they've literally written SCAM all over them, check their charts and financials, all of them are they are rotten carcass shell companies created with the sole purpose of ripping honest people off of their hard earned money.....
    How Kool-aid drinkers think
    How Kool-aid drinkers think
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    $XLY.V and $FIRE.TO are the new sundial, I’m getting in before they blow up to, thank god for these money making w33d stocks
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    $HUGE.CN conversation
    Volume not as big as yesterday, take your 44% gain, move it to XLY, we broke 1.20 resitance this morning. next stop is $1.60 CAD. #XLY
  • K
    Kaiser Soce
    AUXLY is going to lead this horse race! Just wait. $XLY