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  • J
    $ZEN.V conversation
    volume here tells a story more of little market awareness

    majority of people I know that are shareholders of $ZEN found out through word of mouth and rumor, curious to see how others here became involved!

    with trading so tight, exposure that reaches even just $5 million of public investor capital sets this trading action into overdrive

    this is why NASDAQ will be so important, much larger wallets available for tight stocks like these, potentially loosening up shares held by high conviction investors and investors who stuck through the period since Zenyatta mining which traded millions of cheap <$0.60 shares which may still need to be churned through going forward,

    shareholders happen to stick tight to this investment by and large:

    a 3-week downturn Nov 25th - Dec 14th for 25% down ($6.5 -> $5.2) - with 2.5 mil shares traded
    a $500 million company rebounds 15% ($100mil) on $2mil volume (<.5% of MC) 200k+ short covering?
    despite having over 90 million shares, trades an average of 300k shares daily (<.5% of shares in daily rotation)
    all trading activity here has always been relatively small, but overall the stock rises much easier than it falls

    a large part of liquidity is provided by short interest, as seen at
    recent consolidation report shows that shorts continue to double down
    3.3 mil short Nov. 30th -> 3.8 mil short as of Dec. 14th

    just my 2 cents, but the chart is primed,
    just like late Oct,
    like late Aug,
    like late May

    this repeat period of low liquidity with increased short interest is very very exciting as people become more aware of this repeating pattern, over and over again - will it break to further upside? lets find out..
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    $ZEN conversation
    $KSS Fake $PINS Fake

    $ZEN for Real
  • M
    $NOU.V conversation
    #ZEN ant #NOU are two Worlds layers of it comes to graphite.
    It's all about "SUPPLY AND DEMAND"
    So anybody who sells now is not doing the right thing.
    Sorry Richie
  • A
    Reported $Zen hired an advisor yesterday and is in the M&A spotlight now… thoughts?
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    $AMD conversation
  • A
    $ZEN conversation
    Target Raised by JMP Securities Outperform USD 143 » USD 193
    Target Raised by Piper Sandler Overweight USD 162 » USD 180
    Reiterated by Oppenheimer Holdings Buy USD 180
  • T
    $ZEN.V conversation
    What’s happening is like the prequel to the movie. Companies with the brightest of futures….will always get that attention and courting but in due time. Just like back in the day when that girl in the movies makes a transformation and then the football player suddenly catches feelings. No different as I see it. #frii #zen
  • R
    Robert C
    FYI: Zen got a Golden Cross today. Very bullish.
  • G
    $ZEN conversation
    Yahoo really messed up the message boards. No one here any more.
  • C
    $ZEN conversation
    ZEN Selloff whats going on?
  • A
    Upgraded to outperform by Credit Suisse
  • P
    Zendesk is raking it in being the outsourced customer service provider for rideshare services like Uber and Lyft. ZEN should continue to for those seeking to profit big when those companies go public.
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