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  • Coin Rivet

    Footprint Analytics: How DeFi Kingdoms powers the Harmony blockchain

    In addition to a good infrastructure, a blockchain needs various qualified projects to grow, and Harmony is an example of a chain with at least one highly promising game in its ecosystem.

  • Motley Fool

    Crypto Is Crashing: Should You Invest Now?

    Cryptocurrency has been having a rough year so far. Major cryptocurrencies have watched their prices plummet over the past two months, and the crypto market as a whole has shed nearly $1 trillion since its peak in mid-November. Expensive cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) and Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) are essentially on sale right now.

  • Variety

    BBC License Fee to be Frozen For Two Years

    The annual BBC license fee of £159 is to be frozen for two years, U.K. Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries is expected to reveal this week. While there has been no official government announcement yet, Dorries tweeted a link to an article in U.K. tabloid The Daily Mail, which reported the news first, along with the […]