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  • Coin Rivet

    Footprint Analytics: How DeFi Kingdoms powers the Harmony blockchain

    In addition to a good infrastructure, a blockchain needs various qualified projects to grow, and Harmony is an example of a chain with at least one highly promising game in its ecosystem.

  • Variety

    BBC License Fee to be Frozen For Two Years

    The annual BBC license fee of £159 is to be frozen for two years, U.K. Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries is expected to reveal this week. While there has been no official government announcement yet, Dorries tweeted a link to an article in U.K. tabloid The Daily Mail, which reported the news first, along with the […]

  • Motley Fool

    This Could Be the Best Reason to Delay Social Security

    There's a reason seniors are told to choose their Social Security filing age carefully. The earliest age you can sign up for Social Security is 62, but filing at that point will result in a reduced benefit. You may be motivated to hold off on claiming Social Security to snag a higher payday every month.