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  • The Wall Street Journal

    ‘An Economist Goes to the Game’ Review: Of Numbers and Jerseys

    Every sports star learns to think like an economist. Even Jordan knew the point at which the costs of driving to the hoop outweighed the benefits.

  • The Wall Street Journal

    Churches Move Cautiously on Abortion and Call for Calm Post-Roe

    “Not a time to spike the football,” says one antiabortion priest as Sunday sermons addressed the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade.

  • Reuters

    UK presses on with changes to Brexit deal despite EU opposition

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government will press ahead on Monday with legislation to scrap rules on post-Brexit trade with Northern Ireland, setting up further clashes with the European Union. The legislation, which would unilaterally replace parts of the post-Brexit deal that was agreed in 2020 by Britain and the EU, is due to be sent back to parliament's lower house for a so-called second reading. Foreign minister Liz Truss said London's priority was to protect a 1998 peace deal that Ireland, the United States and other countries have said could be put at risk by replacing parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol.