Italia markets closed
  • The Wall Street Journal

    Value Investors Bet Recent Market Leadership Is Just the Start

    and say value stocks finally have room to run after years of lagging behind. Although few corners of the stock market have emerged unscathed in 2022’s dizzying selloff, value shares—traditionally considered those that trade at a low multiple of their book value, or net worth—have held up better than most. The big technology stocks that propelled the market’s gains for much of the past decade, meanwhile, have fallen as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates in a bid to tame high inflation.

  • Motley Fool

    Down 56%, There Has Never Been a Better Time to Buy This Growth Stock

    Surging demand for programmatic advertising isn't going to disappear the way this stock's previous gains did.

  • South China Morning Post

    'Made in China, Sold on Amazon' community faces gloomy future amid Covid-19 lockdowns, geopolitical tensions

    The "Made in China, sold on Amazon" community in Shenzhen is bidding farewell to the freewheeling growth of recent years as it focuses on compliance and brand building amid an ever-complex market with tighter regulations, geopolitical uncertainties, and logistics disruptions from pandemic lockdowns. For Zou Xing, sales manager at food thermometer maker Shenzhen Goldgood Instrument, business has thrived in recent years through his clients' online stores on Amazon, but growth started to slow this