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The Dékuple Group acquires a majority stake in the consulting agency Le Nouveau Bélier, asserting its expertise in advertising strategy for Retail


The Dékuple Group acquires a majority stake in the consulting agency Le Nouveau Bélier, asserting its expertise in advertising strategy for Retail.

Paris, September 19, 2023 (8am) - Le Nouveau Bélier, an advertising strategy consultancy specialized in retail, is joining the Dékuple Group, a European player in data marketing. This alliance, which brings together the data-driven skills of the Dékuple Group and the branding and advertising expertise of Le Nouveau Bélier, will enable to create a unique global support offer for retail players.

The retail marketing sector has been expanding rapidly since 2020 and is undergoing major changes due to the impact of health and economic crises, the emergence of OUI PUB and the integration of social and environmental issues. This context requires retailers to constantly rethink the way they conduct their marketing strategies, thanks in particular to digital and data technologies.


Today, the Dékuple Group supports over 120 major players in the retail sector in their marketing transformation through its digital and data-driven approach. Aware of the crucial importance of branding and advertising for retail brands, which are the biggest investors in these areas, the Dékuple Group has chosen to develop its expertise in strategic advertising consultancy by joining forces with Le Nouveau Bélier, a leading player in this field. Founded in 2008, this 25-talent agency is recognized for its ability to build strong brands and develop innovative, high-performance advertising strategies, adapted to the changing context of retail, while anticipating consumers' evolving expectations.

By joining the Dekuple Group ecosystem, Le Nouveau Bélier will benefit from exclusive access to the Group's expertise and advanced data-marketing solutions. The integration of digital and data-based advertising and cross-channel marketing strategies will enable the agency to considerably increase its scope of services and reinforce its status as a lead 360 consultancy for retail players.

The Dékuple Group, which aims to become a leader in data marketing in Europe by 2025, is taking another step forward in its ambition to provide extensive support for retail advertisers, covering brand, advertising and marketing issues and leveraging creativity, data and technology.

"In the changing requirements for advertisers, we are observing a need for convergence between strategy, creativity, technology and data. Marketing and advertising standards in the retail sector are being redefined to build and sustain brands and provide remarkable experiences for consumers. Our aim is to address these brand-building issues, as well as the branding and marketing requirements for retailers and point-of-sale networks. With this in mind, we are delighted to welcome the strategic and creative strengths of Le Nouveau Bélier into the Dékuple Group. This alliance is a major additional step in our quest to provide retailers with a fully integrated and effective approach to addressing the complex marketing challenges. Together, we will be able to offer highly personalized advertising and marketing strategies, perfectly calibrated to meet the needs of each customer", says Bertrand Laurioz, CEO of the Dékuple Group.

"We're delighted to be joining the Dékuple Group and bringing our strength in advertising strategy consulting to retailers. We will also be able to extend our consulting role thanks to Dékuple's skills and data-marketing solutions. Today's advertisers are looking for strategic, creative and operational responses to implement campaigns and programs that integrate digital, data and, more broadly, technology. These are the differentiating and transforming strengths in the responses we can provide with Dékuple's experts that we want to serve brands with", adds Stéphane Duverger-Nedellec, CEO of Le Nouveau Bélier.

Le Nouveau Bélier is a profitable company, with an annual gross margin of over €3 million. The company will be consolidated in the Dékuple Group accounts from July 1, 2023.

About the Dékuple Group:

DÉKUPLE is a major European player for cross-channel data marketing. Its expertise combines consulting, creativity, data and technology, enabling it to support brands in the transformation of their marketing, at the service of business performance. The Group designs and implements acquisition, loyalty and customer relationship management systems for its partners and clients across all distribution channels. Today, the Group works with more than 500 brands from major groups and SMEs, in Europe and abroad.

Founded in 1972, DÉKUPLE recorded net sales of 181.2 million euros in 2022. Present in Europe and China, the Group employs over 1,000 people driven by shared values: the spirit of conquest, respect and mutual support.

DÉKUPLE is listed on the regulated market Euronext Paris - Compartment C. ISIN code: FR0000062978 - DKUPL -

About Le Nouveau Bélier:

Founded with a bold vision in 2008, Le Nouveau Bélier has established itself as one of the undisputed experts in retail advertising strategy. Combining creativity with in-depth market expertise, Le Nouveau Bélier has built a solid reputation by developing successful advertising campaigns for major retail brands (Darty, Gamm Vert, Interflora, Supermarchés Match, METRO, Euromaster, Florajet, Histoire d'Or, Lapeyre...). The alliance with the Dékuple Group opens up new perspectives for the creation of advertising and marketing strategies, designed and made reliable by data and guided by innovation.


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