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IPG Photonics Launches Six High-Power Diode Laser Solutions Targeted at Industrial Heating and Drying

IPG Photonics Corporation
IPG Photonics Corporation

OXFORD, Mass., Jan. 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IPG Photonics Corporation (Nasdaq: IPGP), the world leader in fiber laser technology, today announced the launch of six high efficiency diode laser solutions providing numerous advantages over thermal ovens in industrial heating and drying applications.

Industry-Leading Energy Efficiency Reduces Cost of Ownership and Environmental Impacts

Six new Diode Laser Solutions (DLS-ECO) from IPG Photonics were designed to replace less efficient infrared bulbs and environmentally unfriendly gas-fired furnaces for industrial heating and drying applications. Extremely high power conversion efficiency along with exceptionally low impact on the ambient factory environment make the cost of ownership and return on investment of a diode heater compelling.


The Next Generation of High-Power Diode Lasers Has Arrived

These new diode laser sources range in output power from 3.5 to 40 kW with industry-leading wall plug energy efficiencies of over 52%. They join IPG’s well-established YLS-ECO series of lasers which incorporate the most reliable laser diodes from IPG operating at the highest efficiencies.

A New ‘Cold Furnace’ Paradigm for Drying Applications

A diode heater operates cold, wasting no energy warming insulating walls or the factory floor. The 100% solid state laser directs energy as laser light onto the media being processed. Between batches the diode heater is off, not idling, so no energy is consumed when it is not needed.

Laser light dries below the surface providing a more efficient process than is possible in a thermal convection oven, meaning a DLS-ECO solution is up to 4X smaller and up to 4X faster. The open and cold environment is inviting to thermal metrology enabling tighter process control benefitting from instantaneous, on-the-fly temperature adjustments. The DLS-ECO is best suited to dry industrial coatings such as battery slurries, paint or powder coatings, and are employed when extremely tight process control is needed, such as semiconductor wafer heating.

High Efficiency Heating for Reduced Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions

“IPG is committed to meeting sustainability targets, and for customers with traditional fossil-fueled furnaces, these new diode laser heating solutions enable them to quickly and easily switch to a much more efficient and environmentally friendly process,” said Trevor Ness, SVP Worldwide Sales and Strategic Business Development. “Our commitment to continuous innovation drives new applications for these products in numerous industries benefiting not only manufacturers with more capability, but each of us in our daily lives with more sustainable, cleaner solutions.”

These new Diode Laser Solutions will be unveiled at Photonics West 2023 in San Francisco in the IPG Booth #327.

About IPG Photonics

IPG Photonics Corporation is the leader in high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers used primarily in materials processing and other diverse applications. The company’s mission is to make its fiber laser technology the tool of choice in mass production. IPG accomplishes this mission by delivering superior performance, reliability and usability at a lower total cost of ownership compared with other types of lasers and non-laser tools, allowing end users to increase productivity and decrease costs. IPG is headquartered in Oxford, Massachusetts and has more than 30 facilities worldwide. For more information, visit

CONTACT: Contact: Eugene Fedotoff Director of Investor Relations IPG Photonics Corporation 508-597-4713