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Alcoa Corporation (AA)

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    $AA conversation
    11/17 Wolfe Research initiates coverage of $AA Alcoa - Aluminum Company of America with an Outperform rating and 63$ a share.
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    American Airlines Group Inc.
    Really cool and necessary for the market were in right now, seems like now the easiest way to make good money is riding the momentum of whatever pump and dump is popular on the given day $AA L $VENA
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    Investor Racing
    Alcoa Corporation
    $AA $ 50/55 per share
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    $CPE conversation
    I am an optimist. I am looking at a total loss of a 55 Oct 15 Call if there is not a quick total rally. I am down 90% on this one. So I just Sold a 42 Put for the same expiration. It worked for $AA and I made 10$ from what would have been a 100% loss. The premium offsets the expected loss. We will see. The worst outcome is I keep the premium (Wash on the options) and I have 100 CPE shares @42.
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    narendra m
    $AA conversation
    $AA today also it went down without much negative news before earnings. It went to bottom of 28.16 and bounced back. Wait for regular market and watch tomorrow.. Should cross $31
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    $NOK conversation
    A very simple explanation regarding brokerage houses.

    1. free trades = more trades roll in and out of positions.
    2. trading on apps via cell phones. this is the ultimate betting app.
    3. clearing trades. clearing houses must increase capital requirements, more volume = more cash needed.
    4. changing margin requirements.......eliminates (helps) a whole bunch of under water margin calls.
    5. traders are trading stock prices, not fundamentals like valuations (funny)

    when a company like $nok traded well over a billion shares several times, it just takes some time to re group, but they will get it fixed.........and some folks will get hurt.
    none of this is new, just look at year 1999....rinse and repeat.
    $gme $aa $bb $koss
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    $AA conversation
    The new Finance page is bad
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    $AA conversation
    Anyone else hates the new Yahoo finance site or is it just me?
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    $AA conversation
    $AA 5-star analyst Curt Woodworth from Credit Suisse maintained a Buy on Alcoa.
    Price Target $13.00
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    Mr. Handsome
    $AA conversation
    Can someone explian why Alcoa wants to do a 3 for 1 reverse split of the stock? To me, that makes little sense other than to reduce the number of shares out. Does that really help the bottom line and appreciation of the stock? I dont think so. I held on to citi shares in 2008/09 when the biggest CEO idiot ever , pandit took control of citi and did a 10 for 1 reverse split. The stock languished for almost 8 years and still have not recovered. I hope this does not happen to Alcoa.
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    $AA conversation
    1 for 3 reverse split in the making prior to the split. Will have no effect on the market cap. This should be BAD news for the
    shorts. Float will be drastically reduced. Should enhance shareholder value. All very interesting and made possible by the
    briilliant Klaus K.
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    $AA conversation
    Added more shares this morning. Reverse split will be positive for stock. Then split on November 1 will be a further boost.
    Looks like Wall Street is finally waking up to this. Stock reacting positively.
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    $AA conversation
    Just got billed $20 in my Scottrade account for this reverse split. Reorganization fee charge. Anyone else? How about other brokerage firms?
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    $AA conversation
    I speak for me when I say Arconic is cheap now. wait until they report next earning. I maybe too optimistic here but it has to happen or the CEO will be in trouble. Next earning will tell the tail.
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    $AA conversation
    What happened to the AA dividend?
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    $AA conversation
    Count me in as another that absolutely dislikes this new format. Go back to the way it was. Please
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    It seems that the market value for AA is off by a factor of 3; Yahoo may not be accounting for the 1:3 distribution ratio of AA shares for each ARNC share. There appears to be about 130-140 million shares of AA (and therefore 390-420 million shares of ARNC) in the marketplace.
    SInce the entire pre-split AA had a market value of slightly over $12 billion, it is logical to assume that the new AA would have a market value around 1/4 of that. I could believe a market value of $3.7 billion for the mining, refining, smelting, and RCS business of the new AA.
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    $AA conversation
    The when issued shares of Arconic and Alcoa are now trading. AA-WI and ARNC-WI. Based on the math of the company press release of 09/29 which is a bit confusing I come up with the following. If after the reverse stock split in September you have 1000 shares of Alcoa you will have after the distribution on November 1st 1000 shares of Arconic and 333 of the New Alcoa. If you look at the prices of the two WI shares the math adds up. The two new stocks together about equal what Alcoa alone is trading at today.But again the company's release on 09/29 is not exactly all that clear.
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    $SRPT conversation
    AND this from Joe gantos:
    MS: $SRPT FDA neurological guidance documents released today suggest
    that dystrophin is a potential surrogate marker for DMD drugs.
    This will likely raise consensus expectations that golodirsen could achieve approval on dystrophin alone. #GOLO #AA
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    Liberals are true Americans
    Alcoa Inc.
    dollar is why there is a mute function!