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    I feel for our Canadian snobirds. Have many great friend that winter in Arizona. Some have gave up visiting us because of the exchange rate. Though of buying Canada dollars as investment. It should go up in near future. Planning on visiting you country's birthday 150 celebration .
  • A
    It'll lose even more mid March when the US Fed announces another interest rate hike. The Bank of Canada is reluctant to any interest rate hike because of the housing market and high debt to disposable income situation in Canada. The larger the interest rate gap between the two countries, the weaker the Canadian dollar will be seen in the eyes of the world. I live in Canada and believe 2017 doesn't look too pretty for our currency. We could call ourselves winners if we end this year at the current level...
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    $CAD=X conversation
    Crush the stupid American hating liberal leftist canadians! losers! lolz!
  • z
    God bless America as the 45th President is sworn into office. I hope of ALL SUCCESS!!
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    Oliver Kloseoff
    $CAD=X conversation
    It's getting less expensive for me and I'm looking forward to my vacation in a few months to the happiest place on Earth...........MONTREAL!!!!!!!!!!!