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    $OXY conversation
    Global Oil Demand Is Back Above 100 Million Barrels a Day - BP

    So, demand is back to pre-COVID levels while jet fuel is still far from full recovery. Sweet!

    I remember Citi saying in mid-2020 that oil demand will NEVER again reach pre-COVID levels. Their humble pie is served.

  • ẞeyhmus
    $XOM conversation
    it is a good sign that $XOM, $CVX, $SLB, $COP all finished green even though oil pulled back significantly.
  • ẞeyhmus
    $XOM conversation
    Interesting fact: $30.38 in 2000 (Average Closing Price for Brent) is equivalent in purchasing power to about $48.39 today.

    I wonder if the cost of production has increased or decreased since 2000.

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    $CDEV conversation
    GS is advising all their elite clients to move towards overweight on ENERGY
    especially NG/CRUDE exploration co's.

    Enjoy the ride - they're pointing to a $90+/bbl b4 yrs end & $8+/NG
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    $OIL conversation
    oil is the #1 performing sector in the stock market this year and its going higher. There's not enough supply and demand is increasing - simple as that. Im invested in #FANG (+23%), #PXD ( +18%), AND #COP (+15%) in the past TWO WEEKS. These are three of the best oil plays and they're going to go a lot higher bc oil company's are not drilling for more oil; keeping the supply down. They are taking the massive profits and buying back billions of dollars of stock; further causing their share prices to skyrocket. By the way - inflation is good for oil stocks. Cheers!
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    $XOM conversation
    For anyone that has been sitting on some cash, today is a great day to buy $XOM, $COP, $PSX, $VLO, $SLB, $HAL, $BKR, $MPLX, $SHLX, $PSXP. Look at microsoft. Algos are haywire. Reset before tomorrow open. Always great to get in at bargain basement prices!!!
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    $COP conversation
    Maintains Credit Suisse Outperform USD 74 » USD 80
    Maintains Truist Securities Buy USD 78 » USD 84
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    Cenovus Energy Inc.
    Oil demand is recovering faster than previously expected, and unless OPEC+ puts additional barrels on the market on top of the plans to restore 2 million barrels per day (bpd) by July, oil prices will be heading higher as the gap will widen, the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency, Fatih Birol, told Bloomberg Television in an interview on Tuesday.. $ENB $COP $BP $OXY $CNQ $SU
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    Cenovus Energy Inc.
    Demand is coming back faster than supply and we're going to need more supply to meet that demand," said Phil Flynn, senior analyst at Price Futures Group in Chicago.

    The International Energy Agency (IEA) said in its monthly report that the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and allies, known as OPEC+, would need to boost output to meet demand set to recover to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2022.

    "OPEC+ needs to open the taps to keep the world oil markets adequately supplied," the Paris-based energy watchdog said.

  • N
    (Bloomberg) -- Gasoline demand surged to a a record high as Americans took to the road for the July 4th holiday weekend.
    Gasoline supplied, a proxy for demand, rose to 10 million barrels a day the week ended July 2, the highest in data going back to 1990, according to the Energy Information Administration.
    Demand has regained its footing as vaccinations and easing economic restrictions propel more Americans to resume their pre-pandemic lifestyles. Oil prices have risen almost 50% this year as U.S. refineries run close to full-bore to keep up with fuel demand. While the U.S. recovery quickens, the world’s largest oil producers can’t agree on how to supply the market with Saudi Arabia advocating for tempered supply increases given the potential headwinds that still exist.
    “Demand is bucking with the price spikes and summer driving, but with high gas prices and inflation, the picture in September may look different,” said Trisha Curtis, co-founder of PetroNerds.
    The moving average for demand also climbed higher, reaching the most since late 2019. But on a seasonal basis the figure was still about 150,000 barrels a day short of July 2019, suggesting the market still has some room to recover.
    U.S. motorists hit the road in large numbers despite contending with the highest gasoline prices since 2014. The average pump price Thursday was $3.14 a gallon, according to auto club AAA.
    © 2021 Bloomberg L.P.

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    Cenovus Energy Inc.
    "Even if Iran is able to add to global supply, Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) still feels confident about the oil market."
    "Even aggressively assuming a restart in July, we estimate that Brent prices would still reach $80 per barrel in fourth quarter 2021," the bank said in a note.

    Goldman Sachs sees it now. $80 is in my opinion a conservative estimate.

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    Cenovus Energy Inc.
    OPEC+ abandoned its meeting without a deal, tipping the cartel into crisis and leaving the oil market facing tight supplies and rising prices.

    Several days of tense talks failed to resolve a bitter dispute between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, delegates said, asking not to be named because the information wasn’t public. The group didn’t agree on a date for its next meeting, according to a statement from OPEC Secretary-General Mohammad Barkindo.

    The most immediate effect of the breakdown is that, unless an agreement can be salvaged, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies won’t increase production for August. That will deprive the global economy of vital extra supplies as demand recovers rapidly from the coronavirus pandemic.

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    Cenovus Energy Inc.
    The cartel is on our side. Even though Saudi Arabia has one of the lowest oil production costs, their fiscal breakeven price is much higher since they need approximately $83.60 oil for a balanced budget. This is further proven by the fact that Saudi Arabia lost an estimated $12 billion in April 2020 compared to the previous year as a result of depressed prices .

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    $REI conversation
    I'm reposting Jim's post from the SU conversation. It is extremely interesting to understanding the price movement in oil yesterday:

    $SU conversation
    Short data: March18 ,2021

    Today, Short sellers employed all of their tools in order to bring oil stocks and future contracts down.After failing to create a sell off in oil stocks ,they started to shorting April and May contacts for future oil.They brought WTI to 59$ from 64$.Biggest single drop since April2020.

    As you see in below data, compare to share price drop, the volume was extremely low.
    This volume does not match with share price drop.
    That was just a pure and irresponsible manipulation.

    Most media in the World censored this extraordinary event in capital market.
    We are talking about tens of Billions of $ contracts and options which they are trying to kill them, plus covering their short position with creating fake sell off(scaring shareholders).

    So far, we haven’t had sell off.Low volume.
    They prefer spent and burn few billion dollars and sell stocks at discount, but meanwhile save tens of billions of money in other side.

    Extreme and irresponsible manipulation which will have consequences in future of oil market ,especially in next OPEC+ meeting and their next policy.

    Explanation about below data:
    Vol: The total volume numbers of first hand shares which is coming into market for trading.It is different than total volume that you see in yahoo or elsewhere.Because in total volume one share can change many hands between traders.But original amount of coming shares and shorted shares are constant for day.

    For Canadian Stocks the volume is just for US market.
    SU : (Vol 2.326M shares), (Short 0.769M shares ), (33% of coming shares for trade)SU :
    XOM (Vol 12M ), (Short 5.715M ), (48% )
    CLR (Vol 1.129M ), (Short 0.703M ), (63% )
    CVX (Vol 3.363M ), (Short 1.784M ), (53% )
    OXY (Vol 8.277M ), (Short 5.32M ), (64% )
    CPG (Vol 0.693M ), (Short 0.314M ), (45% )
    CNQ (Vol 0.664M ), (Short 0.217M ), (33% )
    ENB (Vol 0.885M ), (Short 0.57M ), (64% )
    BP (Vol 3.458M ), (Short 1.265M ), (37% )
    CVE (Vol 1.543M ), (Short 0.978M ), (64% )
    CDEV (Vol 7.627M ), (Short 4.025M ), (53% )
    FANG (Vol 1.087M ), (Short 0.505M ), (47% )
    CPE (Vol 1.615M ), (Short 0.697M ), (43% )
    MRO (Vol 10.09M ), (Short 5.662M ), (56% )
    SLB (Vol 4.484M ), (Short 1.632M ), (36% )
    HAL (Vol 2.948M ), (Short 0.971M ), (33% )
    RIG (Vol 12.58M ), (Short 7.285M ), (58% )
    TOT (Vol 0.553M ), (Short 0.378M ), (68% )
    PXD (Vol 0.859M ), (Short 0.51M ), (60% )
    COP (Vol 2.865M ), (Short 0.808M ), (28% )
    BKR (Vol 1.79M ), (Short 0.659M ), (37% )
    LPI (Vol 0.417M ), (Short 0.181M ), (44% )
    PDS (Vol 0.054M ), (Short 0.02M ), (38% )

    #XOM, #CLR , #CVX , #OXY , #CPG , #CNQ , #ENB , #BP , #CVE , #CDEV , #FANG , #CPE, #MRO , #SLB, #HAL, #RIG , #TOT, #PXD , #COP, #BKR , #LPI , #PDS
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    Cenovus Energy Inc.
    coalition led by Saudi Arabia and Russia believes that the glut created during the pandemic has nearly gone, and that oil stockpiles will diminish rapidly in the second half of the year as lockdowns ease and travel gathers pace. $SU $OXY $BP $COP
  • F
    $EEENF Since April:
    1. Now owns 100% of Peregrine
    2. Extinguished all their debt.
    3. $COP in their investor meeting mentioned the surrounding oil fields which include 88E.
    4. Getting closer to additional core sampling results. 5. David Wall doubled his position from 120,000,000 commons to 240,000,000
    5. Top 20 Shareholders (Institutional Ownership) went from 36% to 64% of the total O/S 8,000,000,000 Shares locked up for much much higher. O/S 12.5 Bil
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    Dude Love
    $CVX conversation
    Everyone in the world is realizing that $CVX $XOM $BP $COP and others are vital for the next 10 to 20 years. Where does $CVX go in the next 12 months? Back to 130s?
  • G
    $CPE conversation
    Big and medium sized oil companies up today with BP leading the way and CVX and XOM bringing up the rear:

    $BP +6%
    $XOM +0.84%
    $RDS +2.1%
    $CVX +0.75%
    $TTE +2.5%
    $E +1.65%
    $COP +2%
    $MRO +2%
    $DVN +1.6%
    $CLR +2.3%
    $OXY +1%
  • R
    I remember when $DAL bought a refinery from $COP to hedge pricing flight tickets. I wonder if $QCOM $160B market cap could buy $GSAT $2B market cap to hedge pricing its phones. It’s peanuts for QCOM after all.
  • T
    $BP conversation
    Not sure why one would buy $BP, $COP, $XOM etc... at these prices. How often does the market give a clear signal for shorting with terrible news and corresponding declines in the price. This week, which has a already started with today's decline, looks like it will be brutal. Even the yield won't make up for the depreciation is principal that right on the horizon. I guess I must say congrats to shorts. Looks like this is their week.