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Canadian Solar Inc. (CSIQ)

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  • j
    $PLUG conversation
    For people saying this is not a sector thing, here’s the field:

    $BE -7.71%
    $BLDP - 5.15%
    $FCEL - 3.92%
    PLUG - 7.68%

    $JKS - 19.4%
    $SPWR - 8.73%
    $CSIQ - 9.16%

    $NIO and $TSLA treading water.

    ... and so on with all the other clean energy stocks.
  • S
    $CSIQ conversation
    Buying huge on this when US markets open, as per our broker in Tokyo a big breakout is imminent here soon. I hope $CSIQ breaks to 60$ as they predicted on $JKS
  • s
    $JKS conversation
    Maybe I'm overly optimistic, but over the next 10 years solar could certainly have the same run up that the chip stocks had from 2008-2019. Market caps of ($JKS, $CSIQ, $ENPH, $FSLR, $SEDG, $SPWR, etc) are between $600MM-$5B

    Look at Chip stock Market Caps/Share Price from 2008/2009. Their market caps were close to what solar stocks are today in a similar high growth industry.

    MU 2008: ~$2B / 2019: ~$44B - 2100% increase
    AVGO 2009 ~$3B / 2019: ~$110B - 3566.67% Increase

    $10K on Broadcom in 2009 would be worth like >$150K today. You can see this kind of exponential increases out of many chip stocks that made it out of that era. So do you think Micron or Broadcom can grow another 10-20xs in the next 10 years like they did in the past in the next 10 years? I seriously doubt it, but I think JKS or FSLR easily could. Anyway, something to consider.. Hang in there on solar stocks.
  • R
    $ENPH conversation
    a lot of sunshine ahead for solar energy stocks. $CSIQ $FSLR
  • R
    $CSIQ conversation
    Solar on fire! $ENPH $CSIQ
  • F
    $SPWR conversation
    The bell weather $FSLR has broken the 50 DMA resistance. Which implies the likes of $SPWR $CSIQ will follow
  • C
    $MU conversation
    U.S. trade officials on Wednesday said bifacial solar panels, a new technology t...
    U.S. trade officials on Wednesday said bifacial solar panels, a new technology t...
  • M
    MJ Stock Trader
    $SLQT conversation
    Decided to sell the rest of my shares near $25. Just too high for my blood. I do have some April calls I picked up a few weeks ago that are up 100% that I will hold into earnings. Hoping to buy back at $20. Moved today's proceeds into $CRLBF $CSIQ and $JD.
  • N
    $CSIQ is way better then FSLR if you go for fundamental but the price is way chipper then FSLR . CSIQShuld be trading at least $60 at this time lot room to grow
  • C
    Castalen the Great
    $CSIQ conversation
    Hi guys, is it the right time to short $CSIQ?
  • N
    Canadian Solar Inc.
    Should sell $CSIQ $SEDG and move into $PBW. Not sure why people are not as bullish about this two and have undrtperfomed the ETF even
  • S
    $BE conversation
    I’m thinking with how $BE $PLUG $FCEL $BLDP $SPWR $FSLR and $CSIQ traded the same getting trashed for two week leads me to think a major fund or a few linked were lightening the load. You would have thought you were looking at the same stock with exact up and downswings on the minute. $FSLR pleased someone and the solar stocks broke back up a bit off the overall alternative energy trend. Solid Oxide Fuel Cell leader $BE reports after the bell and the individual companies might start moving on their own again. There is a lot to listen out for on Marine applications, Carbon capture, and their incumbent standard fuel cell that
  • J
    $AG conversation
    Silver and solar energy are the future. $AG First Majestic Silver and solar $SOL $SPWR $SEDG $CSIQ $FSLR
  • W
    Wisdom of Crowds
    $NIO or $AAPL should buy $CSIQ and instantly be leader in solar. CSIQ trades at amazing low 1x sales with track record of under promise and over deliver.....great scale and tech advantages.....much stronger that Solar City acquired by $TSLA. Do your own DD but think you will thank me. This one has a long way to run!
  • M
    JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd.
    Report: China could boost 2020 solar installation target $FSLR, $JKS, $SPWR, $DQ, $CSIQ, $VSLR, $TAN
    Solar names are seeing early strength following reports that China could raise its 2020 solar installation target: FSLR +3.5%, JKS +7.6%, SPWR +2.4%, DQ +5%, CSIQ +2.7%, VSLR +2.2%.PV Magazine reports
    Solar names are seeing early strength following reports that China could raise its 2020 solar installation target: FSLR +3.5%, JKS +7.6%, SPWR +2.4%, DQ +5%, CSIQ +2.7%, VSLR +2.2%.PV Magazine reports
  • G
    $CSIQ conversation
    GUELPH, Ontario, Jan. 5, 2017 - Canadian Solar Inc. , today announced they completed the sale of its 10 MW AC BeamLight LP and its 10 MW AC Alfred solar power plants to 9285806 Canada Inc. and Concord BeamLight GP2 Ltd., affiliates of Concord Green Energy Inc. for over CAD152.5 Million (USD115 Million). The transaction was closed on December 29, 2016 and the Company expects to recognize the difference between the sales proceeds and the book value of the projects under 'Other income (expenses)' in the income statement for the fourth quarter of 2016.

    The BeamLight plant is located in Georgina, Ontario and uses approximately 46,224 Canadian Solar MaxPower CS6X-P PV modules. The Alfred plant is located in Alfred, Ontario and uses about 46,656 Canadian Solar MaxPower CS6X–P PV modules.
  • G
    $CSIQ conversation
    Canadian Solar Inc., one of the world's largest solar power companies, today announced commercial operation of the 60 MWac/78 MWp Barren Ridge solar photovoltaic (PV) project developed by the Company's wholly owned subsidiary Recurrent Energy. The Barren Ridge solar project, also known as the RE Cinco project, supplies electricity and associated renewable energy credits (RECs) to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) under a long-term power purchase agreement.
  • G
    $CSIQ conversation
    Canadian Solar Inc., today announced that it has been awarded US$3.5 million funding from Australian Renewable Energy Agency ("ARENA") for two of its solar power projects, totaling 47MWp in Australia.

    The two solar power projects, located in Longreach and Oakey, Queensland, are 17MWp and 30MWp each in size. With the 20-year government-backed Contract for Difference in place, we plan to start the construction of both projects in Q1 2017 and achieve Commercial Operations Date ("COD") in January 2018 or earlier.
  • G
    $CSIQ conversation
    The Company had a portfolio of sellable solar power plants in operation totaling approximately 948 MWp as of September 30, 2016. Revenue from the sale of electricity generated by these plants in the third quarter of 2016 totaled $24.1 million, compared to $22.5 million in the second quarter of 2016. The resale value of these plants is estimated at approximately $1.4 billion,
  • I
    $DQ conversation
    Should $csiq assume a run up in PPS similar to $DQ on listing in China or is there more to their story? It looks like the dual listing caused DQ to double on the news alone???